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For the Russian company “Monolith” the raw material comes from Germany, Switzerland and Finland for the manufacture of electrodes for modern high-quality equipment.

Electrodes "Monolith T-590" manufactured with a special coating. Used for hardfacing of parts and restoration of iron and steel products that require high hardness. Perfect for arc welding.

electrodes т590Application Area

The Electrodes of T-590, the characteristics of which are given below, have a wide applicability.

They are well suited for krupnomasshtabnykh works, for example, welding of bucket teeth of excavator, which operates in sandy soil, and cheeks crushers, chisels plows and more. Ispolzuyutsya they repair small appliances. Such restoration helps prolong the life of metal products.

The Electrodes of T-590 are used for arc welding by hand wear of machine parts. Type belong to the high-chromium cast iron.

Terms of use

To produce a surfacing, must connect the work piece to clean away dirt, oil and rust. Also, do not make the surfacing more than two layers on steel parts and on cast iron - in one layer.

If the wear is significant, for the lower layers it is better to use other electrodes, depending on the composition of the metal product.

electrodes т590 feature

It is Possible to apply a preliminary layer electrodes "Standart RC", "Monolith RTS" steel such as low alloy carbon . For steels alloyed with manganese, it is possible to apply the electrodes SSSI 13/55 "Plasma".


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Electrodes fused metal with high wear resistance. He is prone to formation of various small cracks about the size of 2 mm. However, this does not reduce the quality and durability of the restored details.

The Wide use of electrodes T-590 found mining, agricultural and transportation industries.

Special properties

If in the coating composition to enter the special alloying elements, it is given a very high hardness. However, it turns out less ductile seam, if not subjected to further heat treatment.

The Calcination before welding can not be done if the conditions and periods of storage were observed. In the case of humidity – bake 60 minutes at a temperature of 240-260℃.

Surfacing must be made in the lower and inclined positions with small fluctuations of the electrode or narrow roller. The current must be constant with straight polarity.

The Electrodes of T-590 is allocated with special characteristics and properties from others. They provide resistant of the deposited layer, which has a high resistance to abrasion of various solid particles.

monolith electrodes т590

The Advantages of electrodes for welding

  • High wear resistance and hardness surfacing.
  • Ability to weld iron products.
  • Corrosion Resistant seam.


Welding electrodes T-590 are very popular due to its universal properties. The quality of this brand is proven by multiple tests and confirmed with positive customer reviews.

The Products are Packed in special packs weighing 5 pounds. On the corrugated cardboard printed marking with the technical parameters of welding. Wrapped in a special shrink-wrap for maximum safety.

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