The tips for the novice gardener. When to transplant to the host?


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Host refers to the decorative shade-loving perennial plants. Nature has given its inconspicuous flowers, giving preference to the bright and varied in form. Landscapers practicing the use of shrub plants in garden compositions and making flower beds.

When to transplant HostCare hostoi does not require much effort. The plant is undemanding. Dwells on any type of soil. With proper care quickly enough grows. Completely dig the plant only when transplanted to the host, in principle, necessary. As a rule, it is heavily overgrown shrub with intense color and excessive number of closely set leaves.

Host Transplanted in spring or early autumn. In summer, it is allowed only when transplanted to the host – step absolutely necessary. For example, to move it from sun to shade. In this case, you need a good watering so that the plant could adapt to the new location. Blooms transplanted the Bush just across the season.

Host home

Popular among the gardeners classes:

  • Sort by “albo marginata of”. Bright green leaves and lavender forms with irregular white edging.
  • Sort by “the night before Christmas”. The leaves are dark green with a dense texture and a narrow white stripe that starts from the stalk.
  • Sort by “Alex summers”. A large plant in the shape of a vase. Over time, it forms a perfect sphere. Leaves blue-green, dark. Each bordered with Golden strip, the width of which depends on the age of the plant. His name got from the name of the first President of the American Hosta club.
  • Sort by “the moon August”. Large thin leaves have a yellow-green color. Flower high, white, large.
  • Sort "bedazzled". Hybrid of Hosta varieties “Alex summers”. Also has a wide edging of the sheet, but not white, and Golden brown.

A Host is considered the Queen of shady areas. Using a variety of colors and leaf varieties alternating hosts, you can create a unique arrangement on the plot. In its design always raises a lot of questions. For example, what measures are being taken, when to transplant, the host needs in adulthood? In this case, the plant is transferred to a new place with a lump of basal land.


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Hosta varietiesThe host Reproduces by simple division of the rhizomes with a sharp knife.

  1. From the parent plant and remove all leaves. It partially dig.
  2. Identify and cut off part of the root with the child's kidney.
  3. Place the cut-off child of the Bush smeared with green paint or with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. The Parent rhizome back to sleep, and the child is placed in a pot with garden ground and put into the fridge until the beginning of March.
  5. At the end of this period the pot is removed from the refrigerator, and cultivated host of the house as a houseplant.
  6. When the host gets stronger, it planted in the open ground.

And yet there are exceptions. Hybrids can be transplanted in the autumn. These sorts hosts the formation of new roots begins after all the leaves bloom. The ideal period when to transplant to the host hybrid can be safely considered to be the middle of August-beginning of September. Intense root growth of hybrid varieties in the autumn, will allow plants to adapt before the onset of the cold season.

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