How to assemble the door frame with their hands: step by step instructions, diagram and recommendations


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When purchasing a new door, the buyer receives not the finished design to installation. It does not have the space to install the hinges, the locks are not embedded. The buyer the inevitable question arises - how to assemble the door to build a door frame

You Can use the services of professionals or to assemble the structure yourself. For this it is necessary to prepare tools and to study the characteristics of the technology.

Doors sold in the market are mostly complete with the box, but sometimes they need to find each other.

For the most part the new doors do not fit in the old box neither the size nor style. In this connection, you need to completely change the old design.

The Choice of material of the door frame

Now the market is dominated by products with striking appearance and low price, such as MDF composite of pressed to build a door frame out of MDF

How to assemble the door frame of MDF that lasts no worse than a wooden structure? The advantages of the new material a lot, but it is important to dwell on the shortcomings. Despite the greater strength, the box may be deformed, if the door leaf is heavy. In addition, in a humid environment panel MDF can flake off and swell, leading to disruption of the geometry of the opening.

Despite its flaws, the affordable cost, good mechanical properties and a wide range of MDF parts make them a priority even in the configuration of the door premium class.

Required tools

Before assembling the door frame, first you need to prepare your tools:

  • Hammer;
  • A set of chisels;
  • Knife;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Square;
  • Hacksaw or with small teeth;
  • Level;
  • Dowels, screws, hinges.
  • A mitre box - the tool cuts at right angles;
  • Screwdriver.

The Work was greatly facilitated in the presence of power tools: screwdriver, jigsaw, drill, punch, mill.

Preparing the door opening

It is Important to choose the right door the width of the opening to it was subsequently less work fitting. The minimum clearance should be at least 15 mm on each side.

Before installation, verify the evenness of the opening. It is measured in several places vertically and horizontally.

How to assemble the door frame interior doors, if the opening is too large? To do this around the stuffed strips of the required width or the space is laid with bricks. how to build a door frame interior door

Other options are glazing opening, making the frame of wood or metal and sheathing drywall.

Part of the door frame

The Box is made of timber and consists of fragments:

  • Looped rail and porch;
  • The lintel (top beam);
  • The threshold.

So, to collect a door box, (it comes only for heavy fabric, used mainly on the entrance to the apartment) is required to properly connect its component parts.assemble door frame threshold


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For interior doors thresholds set rare.

Methods of Assembly of the door frame

Reassemble very carefully to avoid damaging the decorative coating. Even one little chip or scratch to ruin the appearance of the structure.

To install the required doors in the box loop. In the interior structures only two, and the input is often installed third.

The Main difficulty in assembling the box lies in the right execution zapilov and connecting horizontal beams with vertical. They profiled structure makes it difficult for beginners. The installer needs all the elements to fit exactly the right size. Before you assemble the door frame, you should choose the technology installation. The timber is secured in several ways.

Shipovoe connection

The Most durable and reliable, but the most difficult is tongue and groove connection. To this end, the junctions of beams, their thickness are made grooves and ridges. Here need a manual mill and the ability to use it. The connection is made without fasteners, but many masters do extra reinforcement galvanized nails.

Not so important, what details to make a groove or a thorn. In any case ensures a rigid connection.

Frazier is a tool for professionals and purchase it to install even several doors are impractical. When being assembled door frame with his hands, the most readily available method is the docking angle of 450 and 900.

collect a door box sovimi hands

The Assembly of the right angle can make even a beginner, if properly perform all operations.

How to build interior door frame with a connection 450

At the junctions of horizontal and vertical beams are produced by cuts. After a few times are measurements not to err in the calculation. Especially it is necessary to precisely adjust the horizontal bar to the right to choose a gap of 3-4 mm, and the width of the door. The rack can then be cut off from below after Assembly of the boxes as they are made with a stock length. Aftercutting the surface is leveled with a chisel.

Bond timber is usually done by screws, at an angle of 450. So wood is not split, they made holes with a drill bit whose diameter should be less than that of the core of a screw. Drilling depth is less than the length of the fastener so that the connection was reliable. At one joint requires two screws from one side. You can add one more in the middle, with the other side of the angle.

How to collect a door box with a connection 900

Assembling Method is best suited for beginners. First of all, measure the door leaf into a consistent rectangular form. Often observed that one of the parties is slightly different in size from the other. This deviation is necessary to take into account when sawing the pillars. Also tested slices from the ends of the beams, which should be strictly under the angle of 900. Plant harvesting can come from an uneven cut.

how to assemble the door frame

The Connection of the horizontal slats with vertical is also available with screws.

Validate connections

The Test is performed by placing the box on a flat horizontal surface and overlaying it on top of the door leaf. If it enters with a small gap, so it is assembled correctly.

The Lower ends of the uprights rasp, as they should rest on the floor. Pre-checked the levelness of flooring in the doorway. Deviations should be taken into account when sawing the pillars.

Important! Blanks are cut from the veneer sheets to prevent delamination.

Install loops

Before installing the door, you need to choose a side, where it will open. Depending on this, selected loops of a certain kind is right or left. The canvas for the attachment loops is selected the more massive, without defects and cracks. The installation site is marked at a distance of 15-25 cm from the door end. Sheds are disconnected in large part for boxes and small - for door leaf. Then the loop is applied to the end face of a door and with a pencil, and then with a knife. Similarly, make markings on the box. In this case the door leaf to the box and put a check mark under the loop.

The Edge of the door leaf and hinges combine straight. The hinges should be facing the door opening. When marking must not be confused the top and bottom of the door. It depends on how it is installed after attaching the hinges. If the doors have glass, their location should also be considered.

With the use of a chisel and hammer to cut a place under loops to a depth of 3-5 mm, so that they were flush with the wood surface. Seats for accessories are made with great precision and accuracy. Then follow the loops are laid out and are rolled screws. Labels should coincide with the centers of the holes to not split the wood when screwing of the fastener. To prevent the strap hinges with screws pencil marks are additionally marked with an awl.

With the attachment line is of the correct landing loop. If the bulging area under it increasing, but not more than the required level. If the hinges are installed properly, doors should open to 1800. Load door must not exceed. It is usually 50 kg.

Installation of the boxes in the doorway

In moments, describing how to assemble the door frame, the work does not end there. It still needs to be installed so that the door is well opened and closed. This box is set gently into the opening and temporarily fixed by packing pieces of cardboard or foam. Level checked vertical hinge beam. Then cut into wedges.

They are installed under the hinges. In the upper corners of these parts are also clogged. To prevent displacement of the carton from opposite sides hammered two wedges with overlapping each other with sharp parts. The provisions of the sidewall and the ceiling above the door level checked, because of possible misalignment with the wedging. Box should be placed on a par with the room wall. Wedges should not speak out.

Questions, how to assemble and install door frame and hanging the door leaf are solved together, since everything is a single to assemble and install the door frame

A Door frame attached to the wall for the dowels in the pick-up loops. There are wedges to prevent deformation of the rail. Make-believe aspect is not yet issued.

For greater stability exhibited elements of the box they need to partially saponite. Surfaces previously cleaned and wetted with water, which increases the adhesion of the foam.

The door panel is attached in a loop, after which it is mounted to the lining in the doorway. Then the door hinges are attached to the beam box: first top, then bottom.

The Door closed and with wedges exposed porch. When all gaps are exposed, should be saponite box around the perimeter. It is recommended to install braces to prevent expansion of parts.


If you have the necessary tools to set their own doors. This is particularly important to understand how to build the door frame. If properly and consistentlyto perform all operations on the installation, will succeed.

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