The "thermal barrier", fire-retardant paint: consumption, specifications, characteristics


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Load-Bearing metal structures – the most durable products able to stand against many disasters, but not against all: unfortunately, even metal could not stand against the pressure of fire. This is very dangerous because in an emergency, the building can collapse even before coming fire team, which is fraught with death. To avoid this, the metal structure is treated with substances that prevent the fire. In particular – fire resistant paint ‘Thermal”.

fire retardant paint ‘Thermal”


The Production of various types of fire protective coatings in the firm “Ognjiste”. Among its products and fire retardant paint ‘Thermal”, which was developed taking into account the latest achievements of science.

To check the quality of the product, it is tested in practice. The basis of testing – carefully studied the requirements of the fire requirements of different structures.

Use the product to improve the fire resistance of steel structures in the construction of civil and industrial purposes.

The material Features

‘Thermal” fire retardant paintWhen burning treated substance surface under high temperatures emit gases. They perform dual function: prevent strong fire, and contribute to the formation of a coke layer. It has a low heat-conducting properties, so does not penetrate to the metal to high temperatures.

Because of this structural failure or slow down, or not happening – it depends on the power of the fire.

The benefits of this substance include the following features:

  1. The Use of paint does not lead to weighting and, as a consequence, to deformation of the structure.
  2. After the fire protective layer can be quickly restored.
  3. Easy to Apply paint regular roller, brush or sprayer.
  4. Material retains its vitality after applying for 20 years and more – it depends on operating conditions. To extend in an open space, preferably on top of paint to apply additional protective layer.

In addition, the coating has decorative properties, which is important.


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‘Thermal” fire-retardant paintThe Main feature of fire-retardant paints ‘Thermal” - the possibility of its application throughout the year: the material retains its performance and properties at temperatures from +35 to -35 degrees. When applying the substance forms a dense layer that does not drip even on vertical surfaces. Acquires fire resistant characteristics of the paint after 40 minutes - 2 hours after application: the exact figure depends on the ambient temperature (the warmer it is outside, the faster the drying process).

Due to rapid drying and high flame retardant properties, object construction can significantly reduce the time for construction and installation of fire protection systems.

The Distinctive technical characteristics of fire-retardant paints ‘Thermal” are the following characteristics:

  1. White.
  2. Matte surface.
  3. The Intumescent type.
  4. According to GOST R 53295-2009, depending on the type of paint, it may belong to the 2-5-th groups of fireproof efficiency.
  5. The Limit of the working temperature -45/+45 degree C
  6. Fire resistance occurs after a maximum of 2 hours.


‘Thermal” fire-retardant paint consumptionManufacturer of fire-retardant paint for metal ‘Thermal” should be observed when working with the substance of the following rules:

  1. It is Unacceptable to carry out work near an open flame.
  2. When the need to use personal protective equipment.
  3. If work is carried out indoors, for safety is required to provide the ventilation.
  4. We Cannot allow the substance got into the digestive organs, the respiratory tract.
  5. If the paint gets on the skin, it must immediately be washed off with any soap and warm water.


To Apply fire-retardant paint ‘Thermal barrier" is possible only on the surface, which was pre-primed. While the base coat shall have a minimum thickness of 50-55 microns. Spraying a dye only after primer is completely dry and the surface will be areas with corrosion, delamination, damage. In addition, the surface must be dry and free of vapors, frost, snow.

Prior to construction substance mixed with a mixer until smooth. After the procedure, material needs to stand for at least 30 minutes to got out all the air bubbles.

Consumption of fireproof paint ‘Thermal” depends on the thickness of the applied layer. For example, when a coating thickness of about 0, 60 mm will need in 1 sq. m about 1 kg of paint, with the layer thickness of 0.85 mm more than 1.25 kg. If the coating thickness will be equal to 2.45 mm for each square meter will need 3.6 kg of paint.

Working with different surfaces

fire retardant paint ‘Thermal” specificationsWorking with metal surfaces:

  1. To Prepare the surface. Degree cleaning – to clean metal. If there are areas that hold fragile or on the surface there is rust, carefully cleaned by abrasive blast or mechanical device. Then carry out the degreasing solvent.
  2. Apply the primer.

Working with primed surfaces:

  1. Assess the condition of the primer coating. If defects – they need to be addressed.
  2. To Eliminate the dust and degrease with solvent.
  3. When completely dry primer spray paint fire resistant ‘Thermal”.

Work in the repair of coatings:

  1. Remove all Mechanical damage. If there is corrosion, clean them.
  2. Prepared surface blow and degrease.
  3. Primed prepared surface.
  4. After drying of soil (minimum 7 days) to apply paint.

Recommendations for paint application

‘Thermal” fire-retardant paint manufacturerApply fire-retardant paint ‘Thermal” the manufacturer recommends airless spray when carrying out fire protection works large amounts. If requiring processing sections are small or are in remote places, you can use the brush. After drying, the coating will have a thickness of about 0.7 mm by airless spray and brush work – 0,5-0,6 mm.

If you are using airless spraying, it is recommended to follow the rules:

  1. Spray the paint at an angle of 30-50°.
  2. Level of pressure - 20 to 25 MPa.
  3. Spray nozzles must have a diameter of from 0.50 to 0, 68 mm.
  4. If necessary, add thinner, but not more than 5% of the total.

Storage, transportation

It is Unacceptable to keep the fire-retardant paint ‘Thermal” next to the open fire. The maximum permissible temperature during storage from +45 to -45 °C. All the time of storage, during transport, during loading and unloading operations it is necessary to protect containers from damage and from overturning. To keep the paint must be Packed in its original packaging. The best place save - indoor room where misses moisture and sunlight.

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