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Grafting fruit trees is to connect one culture with another. After this event, the two parts grow together and continue to live as a single organism. The best period for budding is considered to be spring, and it's better to carry to full awakening plants from hibernation, when the young shoots are formed the ovary. If to instill in the spring did not work, then is the grafting of Apple trees in August.grafting Apple trees in August

Causes budding of trees

There are some factors that indicate the grafting of culture. Here are some of them:

  • The low quality of the fruit;
  • Plants often suffer;
  • In connection with age, the tree ceases to bear fruit;
  • Not enough space in the garden;
  • To increase the vitality of the tree to low temperatures;
  • Badly damaged the trunk of the culture.

Basic methods grafting

Inoculation of Apple trees in August Produced in several ways:

  • Handle;
  • In the stock;
  • Kidney;
  • The root.grafting Apple trees in August with the handle


In the Summer of budding falls to the middle of July and beginning of August. At this stage the second phase of the SAP flow. As the kidneys are used annual cuttings with well-developed scions. To take them requires only with subjects of healthy trees with good annual growth and high yields. You need to prepare a one-year increase, tying it in bundles, attach to them labels with the name of the class and put them in storage. Usually, cuttings are prepared in the beginning of winter, but they can also prepare to swelling of the ovaries.

For grafting of plants used sliced from the center of an annual gain of 3-4 buds from the scions. Length of cuttings should be about 25-45 cm Superficial cut is always shorter “at the kidney”, and the inner part of the Scion is cut depending on the method of inoculation. Grafting Apple trees in August cuttings and grafting must be done with a very sharp knife. The length of the sloping cut must be larger than the diameter of the kidney in 3-3,5 times, and his appearance – smooth. Between the edge and the flat surface of the knife blade gleams invalid.grafting Apple trees in August by the kidney

How to store?

The Finished grafts are placed in cellars with a temperature of 0... +2 degrees and keep them there until budding. The lower berth the cuttings are placed in moist sand or sawdust. If cellar is missing, then the kidneys are wrapped in wet burlap and store in an unheated room before the formation of permanent snow cover. Then remove them from the packaging and bear in the snow piles.

In the spring the cuttings were not melting so rapidly, they are placed on the North side of the building and is covered by any insulating material (pine needles, peat, sawdust). After a warm winter Privolnoe raw material can be prepared and early spring, but you should know that sprouts with frozen wood is not suitable for budding.grafting Apple trees in August in the butt


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Grafting Apple trees in August in the butt

Vaccination in this way gives the opportunity to extend the terms of budding. When it is executed possible incomplete separation of the bark. A positive feature of this method is the lack of swimming holes.

For vaccination in the butt at the plant cut the tongue of bark: initially at an angle of 45 degrees, producing the diametrical incision, and then moving away from him at 3-3. 5 cm up and make a longitudinal cut. However, the tip of the knife slightly deepen, not reaching 1 cm to the cross podraza. In the end there is a notch (wedge) that provides the fixation of the flap and facilitating the strapping of grafting.

The Technology of grafting Apple trees in August goes in the following order. To bleed flap kidney held in the left hand top of myself. Under the selected stalk to 1.5 cm from it and at an angle of 45 degrees with a knife make a cross incision of the bark, a bit buried in the wood. Then set the knife at 2 cm above the graft and perform an axial cut of the flap to the diametrical cut. The flap is mounted on the prepared location on the plant and firmly of grafting Apple trees in August

To be safe, budding often produce two eyes. After three weeks after grafting in control of their survival. If successful, grafting or rootstock is no longer easily separated. On the kidney with neprijima handle perform secondary budding from the back side of the rootstock by sliding the height or lay in the spring.

How to plant a kidney?

Inoculation of Apple trees in August by the kidney is the most popular method of inoculation. She's even good at it from those who previously never had to do this.

The survival rate of the scions under ideal weather conditions is quite high (95% and above). Mid July and August are the best times for summer grafting. In what month to carry out the procedure, everyone decides for himself, studying the branches of the cultures from which to collect cuttings.

The Processes should be ripened, ovary - developed. During the vaccination is necessary that the bark on the plants were easily separated from the wood. For this you need to take a knife and try to cut it to “unnecessary”shoots, to get the expected grafting Apple trees in August. Pictures illustrating the process are presented below.Apple tree grafting on the root in August

Before the event can be trained to trim buds. First making the incision on the rootstock (the flaps should learn to cut quickly to dissecting not weather-beaten). You need to use a very sharp knife. Next, remove the leaves from scions, keeping them from the stalks (they are very comfortable to hold the flaps with the kidneys). The stalk should be shortened simultaneously with the flap at 0.5 cm in width and 2.5-3 cm in length. You need to catch and bark, but only a thin layer – better no thicker than a sheet of paper. Too thick pads poorly accepted.

The Process of budding

To Instill is only required on a sturdy branch, developing perpendicularly upwards. This growth will be the trunk of the tree, so the heavier it is, the better. Next, carefully insert an escape in the prepared T-shaped incision (permissible in an ordinary dissection, but it is more difficult to fix the eye). The edges of the bark should remove the tip of a knife, then close to compress, gently holding the handle, and a good wrap with electrical tape.

Grafting Apple trees is held in August usually, in dry weather, and for a better separation of the bark of the plant 2-3 days before budding abundantly watered. You can still wipe with a damp cloth trunks to get rid of dust and dirt. The area of grafting tape as well as below and above the place of budding ideal to cover it with clay or garden pitch, then there is no appreciable volatilization of moisture, which is essential to a good survival rate.grafting Apple trees in August photo

That the vaccine has taken root, takes about a month. Then you can remove the bandage. To find out safely if we were vaccinating, we can only kidney of the leaf. If it dries and it will be difficult to detach from the stalk, then the budding has failed. If a positive effect of the Scion does not dry up after some period easily disappear.

Grafting Apple tree on the root in August

This method is a lifesaver in a situation where the wrong time was acquired kidney new varieties and plants for this tree. Cuttings of Apple trees entirely possible to oculonasal on the root system of each other, and be planted in the deeper places of inoculation and a further hilling growing branches.

The very roots of the right thing to cook in the fall, immediately after leaf fall. But also allowed and early spring, simultaneously with the thawing of the earth. Better if the roots are with the lobes and branches. Their length should be 15-20 cm, thickness - not less than the thickness of the grafted kidney. Prepared in the autumn the roots are tied in bundles and remain in the same environment as conventional plants.

In August, the vaccinations are planted in the open soil in the tracks that the degree of development of the stalk is covered with soil and then hilling. With sufficient care, copious irrigation, and fertilizers for the autumn formed the wonderful children of the same age who have removed stock, as the kidney has already formed its root system.

Produced by grafting the Apple trees in August will be the first of the year to demand greater care. The tree must be constantly watered, thinned their leaves, to mulch the land and feed with organics. But if everything is done correctly, then after 2-3 years, the plant will delight owners with their fruit.

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