How to choose a disc for a circular saw? Where and how you can sharpen the disc for a circular saw?


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Circular saw is a versatile tool that can work with a variety of materials – from wood to plastic and sandwich panels. But the cut was smooth and without chipping requires a correctly selected drive for a circular saw. Note that the universal disc, suitable for all materials is not, as each product serves its purpose. Besides, it's not worth saving, buying products of unknown brand – it is primarily insecure.

Types of saw blades

disc for circular saws

All of the drives for the blade are divided into two types:

  1. Capless created from solid metal and feature sharp teeth. They are popular with an affordable price, the possibilities of recovery, i.e. re-sharpening. On the other hand, a monolithic product wear out faster.
  2. Carbide discs for circular saws are more reliable and durable, as the teeth they are equipped with sharp-tipped cobalt or tungsten carbide. Through the use of carbide materials products are more durable and reliable, however, if the discs are blunt, to recover them will not be easy.

Form of the teeth matters!

circular saw blade for circular saws

Choosing the drive for the saw, you should pay attention to the design features of products, location of teeth, their form:

  • Direct same teeth suitable for cutting chipboard, wood, plywood or aluminium;
  • Variables of alternating teeth handle of wood sawing of soft and hard textures, or plywood, as well as when cross-cutting;
  • Disc for circular saws with trapezoidal teeth can be used when working with particle Board, soft nonferrous metals, plastic. Due to the special form of the material does not split, and the cut is performed in two stages – first performed a rough cut, then trim the edge;
  • The teeth can have a positive or negative bias: the first need when cutting fat, the second – with thin walls;
  • Rare teeth with deep valleys between them provide a good longitudinal section of the wood, thus easily diverted sawdust;
  • Small, closely spaced teeth allow you to perform cross cut materials. The most convenient among these types is the disk for the circular saw, each tooth of which has a special behind the ledge. Due to this design, the cutting is performed quickly and evenly.

Before you choose a particular disk, you need to decide for yourself a few questions.


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Meet technical specifications?

circular saw disc for metal

Each saw blade is chosen for a certain kind of circular saw. But because if the choice is to take into account the capacity of its engine, and the speed of rotation of the spindle, and the diameter of the pin. Disc for circular saws with a high number of revolutions and teeth with a negative tilt angle will provide a greater load on the engine. But be sure to know what the capabilities of your saw. It is also worth remembering that each saw has bore diameter, and therefore the drive must correspond to its size. The choice of the saw blade involves attention to such information, as a series drive, its design and external size, the diameter of the bore.

How are you going to cut?

Circular Saw blade for circular saws is to choose the type of cut – it may be transverse or longitudinal. In addition, an important role is played and the materials you plan to cut   wood, plastic, chipboard, non-ferrous metals, pipe… Note one – each series of discs designed specifically for certain types of work.

drives for handheld circular saws

The Quality of a cloth disk directly affects the efficiency of sawing. A good painting is created by laser cutting, and balancing is performed on the computer. Grinding each disk individually. High quality cloth in the light, will reflect traces of the grinding tool. If the blade is rough and looks rough processed, such saw blade for the circular saw will not provide the efficiency and faster blunted.

Consider the diameter

Each saw has its size, and therefore the snap-in it is necessary to choose taking into account this parameter. Diameter of disc is important because if the diameters are different, this will lead to losses. So, from the outside diameter determines the depth of cutting. Experts say that the depth of the saw over the workpiece should be minimal: in this case, the cut it will be better, heat will be reduced, and the load on the engine will be minimal. It is important that the disc is firmly fixed on the landing pin.

Consider teeth

sharpening disks for circular saws

Among the most popular tools in the Arsenal of DIY circular saw. Disc for metal should be chosen taking into account the number of teeth depends on the speed and cleanliness of cut. If teeth a lot, and the cut is fine, however, the engine load will increase, but the chips will be made more difficult. For a small number of teeth cut coarse and rough, but the chip is easily removed, and the cut is faster.A large number of teeth is considered to be 80-90, little – 10-40.

How to sharpen?

Like any other tool, a saw needs timely maintenance. The crucial moment – sharpening disks for a circular saw. Experts note that a carbide tooth wear on the main top also, but if sawn solid billet, then quickly wear out and the edges. Excessive blunting saws should be avoided, as it will be less productive, and not the fact that you can sharpen the disks.

The Correct sharpening involves simultaneously providing a sharp cutting edge. If to sharpen them one at a front plane, the amount of sharpening will be less. Many owners are interested in such tools, how to sharpen a circular saw blade. And it depends on the material of the teeth. Sharpening is often done on the round CBN or carbide or green based on diamond wheels. CNB wheels circles appropriate to use in the sharpening of saws of high-speed steel, and diamond-for cutting tools made of hard alloys. So sharpening was fast, but less impact on the degree of wear, you should choose diamond circles with the highest granularity.

how to sharpen a circular saw blade

For sharpening you can use the machines, which have different functionality. The most complex and expensive models to provide automated sharpening. When sharpening, dilute teeth: if this is done correctly, then during the cut to appear a smell of burning, the noise, and the material will move smoothly, which is not very convenient.

In General, the status of the disks should be closely monitored, as their wear will affect high load on the mechanisms and sooner or later lead to its complete failure. Regular sharpening can extend the useful life of equipment, improve performance and reduce time in the process of cutting. If after sharpening the cut remains sloppy, and the material moves unevenly, you should pay more attention to the location of the teeth.


where to sharpen circular saw blade

How to choose saw blades? To make it simple, if you follow a few rules:

  1. Learn the label bore and the outer diameter of the disc – they have to meet the requirements of the characteristics of your saw.
  2. Pay attention to the thickness of the disk: thin and provide a good clean cut and is then applied to the valuable wood, and thick are useful when rough cutting materials.
  3. On the disk must be specified, what is the maximum allowable number of revolutions. A small rpm will allow to develop high speed cutting, but will cause deformation of the disc and low-quality saw.
  4. Assess the quality of the leaf of the saw blade: if it is good, the cutting plane is smooth without rough edges and flaws.

And most importantly – follow the security and choose saw blades that are designed for specific saws. And think about where to sharpen a circular saw blade if its forces you can't do that.

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