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Tile materials are used in those cases when you need to make a strong, durable and attractive coating. This coating is not suitable for laying in the living room or the bedroom, but kitchen is the optimal solution. Especially for outdoor surfaces, which are constantly acting physical, chemical and thermal threats. In the sale of tiled kitchen floor are presented in different ways, differing in size, texture, materials, and other parameters.

Material Requirements

Even tile products for the formation of the outdoor flooring is not always cope with the operational loads in difficult conditions. The use of this covering in the kitchen has its own requirements in various properties. First and foremost, this concerns the strength properties. It is desirable that the tiles on the floor and the kitchen and corridor were able to cope with heavy loads and without losing the original appearance. So, by labelling PEI should choose the material strength class not lower than III. It should be added resistance to chemical agents and thermal resistance. With regard to moisture resistance, the specialized tile series for floor installation, usually by default, are characterized by their ability to repel water and not absorb moisture.

Special attention is paid to texture. The choice may stand between matte and glossy surfaces, which have their pros and cons. So, the safest option is considered to be the rough tile on the kitchen floor with anti slip coating. Some models does have a special ribbed surface, eliminating the risk of the slightest slip. But these coatings get dirty faster and are harder to clean.

Varieties of kitchen tiles

Glossy tile on the kitchen floor

There are three popular options tiles that are appropriate to use in this room. This is a ceramic product, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and granite. Ceramics in this case remains the most common solution due to the balanced combination of strength, moisture resistance, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity. To this should be added, and the large variety of design solutions. For example, the color of the tiles on the kitchen floor in the case of ceramic looks more natural and complements the furniture made of natural materials. This applies especially to neutral and pastel shades in particular.


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Patterns of tiles made of PVC is also resistant to the adverse effects of aggressive environments and able to withstand severe mechanical impact. To unique the advantages include flexibility, lightness and flexibility from the point of view of the different mounting configurations. But there are weaknesses in vinyl products. The most important of them – the artificiality and the presence of unsafe chemical components.

Granite is not a good material for houses in principle. He is coarse in comparison with the above varieties of texture, the large size format of the items and high cost. But what is the tile on the floor in the kitchen would look better on all types of floor coverings according to the criterion of durability, the experts will primarily consider products from porcelain. It is the most resistant to shocks and other physical influences of the material that can serve for decades without requiring repair operations due to cracks or searchasia plots.

The Choice of tile size

A Versatile and fast rule for calculating quantity of material for outdoor laying in the kitchen argues that the focus should be on small sized products. Normal tile has parameters 20x20 and 30x30 cm, but in this case, such solutions should be abandoned. At least if we are talking about a small room. Optimal tile for kitchen floor has a mosaic form or size 10x10 see This approach, on the one hand, due to the complexity of the configuration of this room with a work area, and on the other – the presence of many communication channels, connectors which are easier to draw small fragments. For this reason, and the volume of the waste material as a result of cutting tiles will be less.

Tile coating on the kitchen floor

At this stage of selection it is necessary to consider the requirements for the form elements. It may be different depending on the design. Laying can be made on the diagonal, vrazbezhku and street. The configuration of the location will determine what should be the edges and the ornament of the elements of the coating. Also today, the popular concept of zoning, in which one square is divided into several different functional areas. Thus it is possible to obtain a combined kitchen floors. Tiles laid out work area, and, for example, laminate panels – dining room. In the selection it will be important to take into account the characteristics of the edges from the point of view of information, the two disparate materials. For example, there are series of undulating edges providing a seamless transition from one coverage area to another.

The Selection of optimal texture

At this stage it is important to follow two directions. First, to sustain the overall design composition, and secondly, notforget about practicality coverage, as the risks of contamination will quickly find the shortcomings of the light floor in the kitchen. Black tile, however, is not the best solution for home premises itself – as a maximum it is suitable for giving contrast in the contours delineation of zones.

In its texture tile materials seriously lose the natural wood and stone. Despite the proliferation of artificial analogs of granite and marble, similar to use in the kitchen is not recommended. However, the tile on the kitchen floor and corridor functions as a stylistic imitation. Many manufacturers are experimenting with the series, which are the tiles with drawings of natural wood and stone. But in this case it is important to consider the practicality of the outer coating of the material itself. So, it is advisable to give preference to models with enamelled wear-resistant layer, which not only protect the structure from damage, but keep the texture with designs and patterns in the long term.

Black tiles for kitchen floor

Common mistakes when buying tiles

It Often happens that the material is purchased strictly end-to-end according to the executed calculations. As practice shows, even upon thorough examination of the target sites remains a high probability to exceed the consumption of the tile. This may be due to the execution of complex Assembly operations, which will require trimming of whole tiles with rejection. For example, can be scheduled the same as the combined configuration of the device floor in the kitchen and tile and laminate will form a single coating with the joints. In this case, to assess in advance the volume of consumables unlikely. So you need to do a stock for 10-15%. He'll be needed in case of repair.

Another serious error is associated with primary defects of the tiles. It concerns the test material during the purchase. It is not necessary to examine every element separately – enough to produce a random sample, as in most cases the flaws of one party cover several related products. Do not rely on the factor of low cost. High-quality tiles on the kitchen floor, the price can be around 1000-1200 $ /m2. On average, for example, ceramic and vinyl models cost 600-700 $ /m2. Cheaper deals are likely to lose in terms of strength, wear resistance and durability.

Tools and consumables for installation

In the process, you will need the installation crosses for the tile adhesive to fix the material and composition for grouting. With regard to the first accessory, it is a plastic cross piece with equal size blades. Crosses put in between elements of the cover, ensuring equal gaps between them. Also with this addition, tile for the kitchen floor can give without bursting open and wedging.

Very important and the choice of a suitable adhesive composition. There are following offers in this niche:

  • Cement tools. Is the glue with the addition of special pigments, resins and plasticizers, which is based on cement. Such compositions are suitable for large format tiles, they provide a good and durable adhesion, but are more expensive than others.
  • Synthetic glue. The basis of this tool is formed of epoxy or furan resins. Composition is practical and functional as it can be applied as a rubbing means. However, the present resin can not be attributed to safe from the point of view of ecology components.
  • The Sealing adhesive. Silicone is a versatile tool for laying tile in the kitchen on the floor, which ensures reliable protection against moisture, but in terms of mechanical reliability isn't the best option.

Now you can go directly to the grout. Is it necessary to seal the joints between the tiles. Quality grout resists and before physical influences, and the abundant contact with chemicals and water. The most stable mixtures of this type are made of Portland cement. In particular, the solution with the addition of sand allows you to efficiently and quickly wipe the seams with a thickness up to 5 mm.

Combined laying tile on the kitchen floor

Floor Preparation in the kitchen under the tiles

The Basis for the decorative coating should be smooth, treated and reliable. In the first place structural reliability surface. In this respect, much of the examination will depend on the material of the subfloor. If we are talking about concrete screed, you can run a leveling primer. In the case of deep cracks renew coverage due to self-leveling compounds.

Special attention is given to the wooden base. Checked wooden flooring and supporting joists with the sheathing. In case of detection of damaged segments are replaced or fix with the help of special primers. Weak and flimsy the Board is also strengthened with additional metal fasteners and clamps. It is important that the Foundation was stable and sustainable. If tile is laid on a wooden floor in the kitchen followed by the integration of heat transfer, it is necessary to provide for appropriate detention facilities. This layer can be performed with mineral wool, expanded polystyrene orother refractory slabs. Laminated panels should be laid on the damping substrate. The best option is flooring made from cork panels. Natural cork material also provides noise reduction effect.

Laying tile on the kitchen floor

Mortar for tiles on the kitchen floor

The mortar is prepared in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer. As a rule, two-component mixtures, which are diluted with water. The solution must be stirred thoroughly and if necessary add modifier components. Apply the mixture to the work site preferably serrated trowel that will leave grooves that increase the strength of fixing of floor tiles in the kitchen. With your hands, carefully place the covering elements so that their position is consistent with the planned laying pattern. Again, for the exposure of the smooth joints you need to apply the installation crosses. It is important not to forget about the time of curing the adhesive mass. As a rule, the period of crystallization (finding strength) of such compounds lasts 30-45 minutes, so stacking it is recommended to perform separate areas.

The next stage was to do the grout. This operation is performed with a spatula with a smooth surface. After applying sufficient to fill the joints of the quantity of grout mortar, the job will consist of careful removal of the external mass. How to put tile on the kitchen floor, not to leave excess grout? There are two methods – wet and dry. In the first case, applied moistened with a sponge. Circular motions of the joint surface is subjected to external cleaning. Removed from the tile adhesive trowel weight. The dry method uses a jointing tool or installation wand that will ensure the evenness of the seam line with the laid solution. But in this case you will need a wet cleanup of contaminated surfaces.

Grout tiles on kitchen floor

Recommendations for the care of the tiles

Aggressive detergents, use undesirable. The best option – apply warm water and a few drops of Windex. Wash the tile surface with a rag or soft brush. Main – to avoid strong abrasive effects which may result in minor cuts. Tile ceramic manufacturers recommend to clean the chalk, diluted with water. After the completion of the surface traversed dry suede cloth. In the case of a glossy finish, this way you can make the tile sparkle and updated look.

To remove grease, you can use vinegar in the ratio of 2-3 tablespoons to 1 liter of water. For stubborn dirt apply the vinegar undiluted, but after cleaning, rinse the area with distilled liquid. If the tiles on the floor of the kitchen is arranged with the expectation of countering chemical agents, it is recommended to apply special protective coating. To prevent small damages, for example, used lacquer based on urethane polymer. It is a kind of solvent which, after drying, hardens and increases the mechanical resistance of tiles. Such compositions it is recommended to apply immediately after installation and update every six months.


Decorative tiles for kitchen floor

The Tiles, even of high quality, you can't use “blind”, without regard to specific operating conditions. Even for the kitchen, given its special features, there is no universal coating that would meet all individual requirements. In one series, the manufacturer focuses on the resistance to elevated temperatures, another focuses on mechanical strength, and the third implements the special stylistic properties to the detriment of water repellent abilities. In addition, one should consider the pairing of the material with the other coatings of which are formed the floors in the kitchen. Tile and laminate – the classic combination of diverse decks in which choice is important to consider and the way to physical bundles. Scarf joint laminated panels will not affect the binding properties of ceramics, but the shape of the solid material may adapt the model of the wooden cover. But this should pick a series that will fit into the overall style of the kitchen interior.

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