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Construction of the mixer along with the screwdrivers, punches and grinders is a good helper in the implementation of projects requiring the preparation of the binder solutions and mixtures. It doesn't have to be a professional sphere in which the device of the base or screed – everyday working stages. Easy repair at home is not always complete without the preparation of grout, mastic, paint or plaster for the walls. In these and other operations come to the aid of a drill-mixer with the electric drive. Not to say that it is an indispensable tool, but its function will improve the quality of the desired solution and to speed up the whole process of installation or cladding.

What is special mixers on the base of the drill?

Working with drill-mixer

In the market of construction equipment for several years dominated the fashion for broad functionality, versatility and multi-tasking. In one model can integrate several different operating modes – for example, can perform drilling and screwdriving. To this multitasking tool includes a drill-mixer with electric motor. By changing nozzles, you can use this same device as a screwdriver for working with mounting material. Technically this is achieved by using high-speed gearbox, the pistol grip and the clamping cartridge which integrates the desired nozzle. If we compare this drill with the usual models without mixer functions, the main working difference is high power with low revs. Such a tool is rather good for the household, since the mixing of large volumes of solution requires a higher structural reliability, and performance. The specialized mixer is not combined with the characteristics of drills as such – it is an irrational combination.

Key features

Operating voltage directly determined by the motor power. This parameter defines which solutions are in principle able to handle a drill-mixer. The characteristics of the power of the filling in the middle range can be expressed as: 700-1000 watts at a torque of 50-70 Nm. Actually, to work with light paint solutions will be enough and 500 watts. Ordinary paint, grout or finish putty require simple kneading for 5-10 minutes and indicated power are sufficient for that. If you want to work with viscous solutions and in large volumes, the 1000 watts will be the minimum rate of Targoviste. For example, the creation of mixtures of bituminous mastic or concrete solutions for the Foundation efficiently implemented by a mixer at 1500 watts or more.


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Drill-mixer Makita

Special attention is given torque. It is determined and the features of the engine and the gearbox characteristics. Low speed increases the natural frequency of the spindle, which minimizes heating of the power base and increases traction. The high speed is optimally suited for varnishes and paints. But, of course, a comprehensive assessment will be important and performance qualities that will allow more precisely to select a drill-mixer. The review of models presented below, reflects the best deals from the major manufacturers of this tool to date.

Model DeWalt DW 152

Drill-mixer of DEWALT

Balanced in characteristics and in General a fairly powerful machine, suitable for professional and domestic work. Mixer design is based on the all-metal casing, which adds to the tool's strength and resistance to physical impacts. As for the engine, the model DW 152 is provided with a two-speed power plant on 1050 W with a torque of 118 Nm. Although a drill-mixer that has a wide functionality, high performance and intelligent design more than compensate for this defect. First, weight 7.5 kg ensures the stability of the device when performing various operations, although, of course, for a long time to work alone with such a weight too difficult. Secondly, the design is secured with two multi-position arms that allows locking the tool in the process. Also with the rear of the case provides shoulder support.

Model Metabo RWE 1100

Drill-mixer protein metabolis

An Optimized version of multi-functional drill with the possibility of mixing mortar. The standard capacity 1100 watts model is calculated on generic maintenance tasks cement and gypsum solutions in small volumes. For the household sector this version is often used in putty, polishes, and compounds for insulators. Unlike the previous models, the construction of RWE 1100 mixer has an aluminum gearbox housing, which gives the ability to support efficient heat removal. In terms of functionality this device is also nothing special, not surprising – is that soft start and electronic adjustment of the speed can greatly simplify the working steps for beginners. But missing useful mode reversestroke, which is often used when mixing mortar, and when working with fasteners.

Model Makita 6013 BR

Drill-mixer MAKITA

The Japanese manufacturer Makita is known for sturdy in terms of structural quality tools characterized by durability, reliability and endurance. In this case, you should consult a unusual combined version of the mixer D-shaped handle, which rotates 360 degrees. That is, to work with this tool is possible in any position. The unit also has two-way isolation, Chuck key and support reverse the course. But it is important to note that the capacity of 620 watts significantly reduces the range of tasks that can be solved drill-mixer 6013 BR. In any case, for daily intensive work with heavy mixtures it just will not do. But thanks to mass 2.8 kg this model it is possible to engage in painting works, required delicate preparation of high-quality putties and sealants and resin floors.

How to choose a drill mixer suitable model?

By and large, the stirring of the liquid building materials requires the connection of identical units, is able to lead the mass in motion at a sufficient speed and to support optimum revs for a long time. The difference in approaches to the choice of instrument will be caused by the characteristics of the mixture. Accordingly, the heavier the solution, the higher the power. We should not forget about the function of drilling. For this task, you may prefer a drill-mixer with the design of the pistol type. Solovinye same model with handles in the D - or U-shaped form is often used in works with dense mixes. This is more ergonomic in the physical appeal of the design.

The Nuances of attachments

Nozzle for drill-mixer

Not always drills come complete with a nozzle mixer. Directly stirrer – it is a separate functional part, which has its own characteristics, features and operational focus. So, the first thing you need to consider the format of the thread, and of fastening – the standard is M14, but for a light tool that can come and M12. It is also recommended to give preference to the mixer, optionally provided with a movable coupling. This fixture gives the possibility to regulate the length of flight and strength of fixation. Of course, of great importance, and the device of the working part. Ramatou nozzle mixer for a drill should be selected if you plan on mixing adhesives and self-leveling fillers for floor screed. Such mixers eliminates the ingress of air into the solution, which is a necessary condition for the formation of grout. Demand and screw model, mixing lower and upper layers of the solution by swapping them. The spiral design pushes lighter components to the bottom, and the heavy lifts to the top.

The manual

Before using the tool should be checked for mechanical integrity to evaluate the quality of the wiring and reliability of fastening elements. In the first stage of mixing, use low revs – this will eliminate the risk of failure of the nozzle and will allow us to estimate the optimal rotational force for a particular team. After some time (5-15 minutes), you stop the drill-mixer. The user need to do small breaks for natural cooling of the engine. After the end of the workflow, you need to clean not only the head but also the body of the instrument – special attention is paid to cleaning the ventilation holes from mortar, dirt and dust.


Drill-mixer with agitator

Modern mixers to work with construction solutions are fundamentally different from the models of the first wave. It is not even about the power with the number of revolutions, providing sufficient traction. Today is not difficult to find the right machine for mixing of solutions with different viscosity. The principal features of new generation construction mixer rather from the functionality. It would seem that the stirring of the mixture – a simple task, but it implements a complex tool with an electric drive. Therefore, to improve safety, ergonomics and performance manufacturers provide these mixers with a speed switch system, speed control, electronic overload protection, etc.

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