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The Natural habitat of chestnut Castanospermum are the wet forests of the Eastern coast of Australia, where the plant is called chestnut shores of Moreton or black beans.

Today bred the chestnut room, which is very terbutalin to the conditions of detention. For the plants need plenty of light, high temperatures throughout the year and very dry air. On the windowsill grow southern varieties of chestnut, which is the only representative of the kind of castanospermum.

The Plant belongs to the legume family and natural conditions reaches a height of twenty meters. At home, the chestnut room has a more modest size and, unfortunately, not in bloom. There is no possibility to admire the beautiful orange-red flowers of great size, gathered in long inflorescences that within six months, stand out against the evergreen foliage. Flowering chestnut begins in November, the length of the buds reaches four inches, pollination is accomplished only birds and bats. In may there is the maturation of the pods, which is 3-5 beans. Each weighs about thirty grams.

Whatever it was, chestnut – indoor plant is also beautiful and exotic. The plant requires special care. The room should be maintained at a temperature not below 18 degrees, and optimal – 23-24C. Castanospermum need to keep in fishnet partial shade, they cannot tolerate direct sun, whose rays leave on the leaves burns – scars. Watering should be settled water home temperature, which should not be present in excess in the pot.

In Winter, the leaves of chestnut need to be sure to spray the supernatant with warm soft water. Not necessary to put the plant close to the heating battery. On hot summer days the chestnut room also need to be sprayed frequently, leaving the tree to dry away from sun.

Soil for flowers should be loose and air- , moisture-permeable. It is prepared from equal parts of leaf, compost, loam, and large grained sand. The substrate can also be added lumps of clay, pieces of crushed charcoal and brick chips.

As castanospermum – a plant with a developed root system, then the capacity for landing will require deep and sustainable. To feed the chestnut room starting in early spring with organic matter once a week and continue to late autumn.

The Reproduction is made beans, which are sold in the flower centers. Before planting seeds it is necessary to hold a day in warm water, and then put it in the ground. Shoots appear at temperature from 18 degrees.

Seeds are not killed, it is impossible to plant them too deeply. Without air in a wet soil they will quickly rot.

For planting the plants will need a medium size pot in which future pet will live for years. In a pot you need to fill seedling soil, mixed in equal parts with perlite and peat. The beans should be placed on the soil surface, not forgetting to moisten it regularly, and next with the seeds sprinkle of crushed charcoal. You want to ensure that the seeds are not moldy. If chestnut is not wrinkled, not moldy and not germinate, it is worth it to soak in the solution of Alpin. You need patience, as the process of emergence of sprouts can last months.

If you managed to purchase the fresh beans, the flowers–chestnut is supposed to push out two months later. After the appearance of the first leaves should start feeding. After the full impact of the cotyledons of all the nutrients, they frown and disappear. This is the signal to start the transplanting of the young plants. While "chestnut" does not disappear, the plant to be transplanted is prohibited, otherwise it will die.

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