What is remarkable about fusion cuisine?


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In all times people have tried to combine at first glance, incongruous things. Not always something good, but sometimes the result exceeds all expectations.

What is fusion?

Sushi, Mediterranean salads, Chinese noodles and many different delicacies - there are so many delicious meals, but why is all this separate from each other? Do I really have to select every time? And that instead of connecting all the most beautiful elements from cuisines around the world? In fact, everything is possible.


Fusion Cuisine (English fusion - melding, mixing) - one of the most new and old directions in cooking. However, the term refers not
Only to this region, it can be found literally anywhere. In relation to cooking the feature of this style is the connection of incompatible. But it's not a hodgepodge, as it might seem, every dish is carefully calibrated and is literally a masterpiece of cooking art. Only highly skilled chefs can filigree to combine elements of European and Asian or Mediterranean and Pacific rim cuisine. However, on a more or less simple level this area is available to all.


what is fusion

Of Course, at all times there were people who sought new tastes and combinations.
They gave the world the wonderful meals, now seem familiar and do not cause surprise. But when something unimaginable combination seemed wild, and therefore terribly popular.

However, the fusion cuisine got its name not so long ago, despite the fact that its existence clearly has hundreds and likely even thousands of years. It is not known who first returned to this area. One version - the French chef who wanted to rekindle fading interest in its culinary traditions. Another option is the Americans, angry at the world for the fact that their national cuisine is considered to be fast food. In any case, the rebirth of this direction gave a powerful stimulus to experiment, including in the home.


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How to do it?

The Talented chefs self-taught, unfortunately, rare, but it does not mean that the kitchen in
Fusion is inaccessible to ordinary mortals. The first steps in this direction can be done according to the following principles:

  • Add to traditional dishes with unusual spices;
  • To replace the usual ingredients more exotic (instead of the Apple - mango or pineapple);
  • Combine European dishes with Oriental sauces;
  • To experiment with the design;
  • Adapt the recipes to local tastes.cuisine fusion

Make charm touch can be absolutely any dish, however you need to remember that in any case all ingredients must be fresh and of high quality. Even fusion does not allow the use of cheap cheese instead of Parmesan in recipes
In the Italian style.

You can Easily vary the diet if one is not afraid of experiments. At first, it can only slightly change the usual recipes, adding unfamiliar seasonings, making the dish a little spicier or to focus on the sourness. The taste of each ingredient must be felt individually, but in General the composition should be harmonious. This is real fusion cuisine.

Other styles


In the fierce competition in the restaurant business, the chefs have to invent new directions to cater to discerning guests. Perhaps one of the most unique styles of molecular gastronomy. Its peculiarity is that all meals are served in a very unexpected form: cream, salmon, ice cream, beets, spaghetti spinach, foam strawberries. Talented cooks believe that it is a return to basics, pure tastes. But to repeat this at home without professional equipment is almost impossible because of special conditions of preparation. So while the cooks, following the fashion trends, is to develop fusion cuisine.

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