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In terms of country or suburban area quite often to solve problems connected with arrangement of a system to drain excess rain and ground water. Drainage HDPE pipes are the most suitable products for the installation of such a system.


HDPE pipes drainage

HDPE pipe used for the equipment of the drainage system at the facilities of forestry and agriculture on the territory of sports complexes, road construction, arrangement of landscaped areas and to protect basements and foundations of buildings for different purposes.

Key features

drainage pipes

The Drainage pipe of HDPE SN4 belong to the class of stiffness. They deepen to 4 m. One Bay can weigh up to 30 kg, the minimum value of the mass is 24 kg. the pipe Length is 50 m. the Height and diameter of coil is equivalent to 0.7 and 1.5 m, respectively. The drainage system is laid in areas where soils characterized by high groundwater levels.

These pipes are dry the top layer of soil. Asbestos cement products often recently replaced by plastic, as HDPE – a material that is more durable, reliable and economical. Drainage pipe HDPE does not rot, is not exposed to chemical substances and allow for them laying even in the cold without damage to the drainage system.

Characteristics from the point of view of the type of perforation

corrugated drainage pipes

To date, the described pipe for sale with a different degree of perforation. If it is on the surface, you will see the marking in figure 360. These products are used in those areas where a substantial amount of groundwater.

When Selecting a pipe with perforations 240°, you get the product, the holes on the surface of which are arranged in a certain circle segment. One part of the pipe will be thus perforated, and the other will remain intact. If you equip the drainage system with these pipes, you will be able to direct the flow of water from the slope.

Additional specifications

HDPE drainage pipe with geotextile

Drainage HDPE pipes are manufactured from polyethylene brand PE80 SDR 17. It corresponds to GOST 18599-2001. According to the standard described by the SDR products have a certain dimension, wall thickness and diameter. For arrangement of drainage systems, the minimum diameter is 50 mm, while the maximum value is equal to 200 mm.

Today on the market of the relevant equipment, you can find several varieties described pipes, they may have partial or complete perforation. The pipes are insulated with geotextile or other filter material, but may be deprived of it. If we are talking about two-layer products, they are performed according to the method of coextrusion.


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The Corrugations are arranged on the upper layer and is endowed with the ribs. This gives them high strength. The inside of the pipe smooth, it ensures the slide. The drainage pipe of HDPE can have a different degree of perforation, which is subject to the operation of the pipeline.

If the soil needs to drain and control the humidity, use products with large area perforation. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that the holes will be located from 240 to 360° on the surface. If the drainage system is equipped to drain moisture from the soil surface, the holes may be located in a sector with an angle up to 180 °C.

When the soil at the site is clay, it will lay insulated pipes. The geotextile at the same time eliminates flooding of the pipeline and makes it more efficient. Corrugated drainage pipe of HDPE can have a small perforated area on 180°. These products are used in areas where snowmelt and groundwater accumulated in large quantity.

For surface drainage, use pipes with perforations 120 °. This car is specially designed for such systems. Pipes: polyethylene of low pressure can remove atmospheric water from the site and to eliminate the rise of groundwater to the base of the house. The buildings on site would not form mold, and basement floors will not be flooded.

Characteristics of pipes with geotextile

drainage pipe HDPE 160

HDPE Drainage pipe with geotextile are presented of single and double products. The diameter can be equal to the limit from 50 to 200 mm. intermediate values are:

  • 90 mm.
  • 110 mm;
  • 125 mm;
  • 160.

In the basis may be different grades of polyethylene, imported and domestically produced. Among the physical and mechanical properties should provide resistance to shock, which is 10, and the ring stiffness, it is equal to 4 kPa.

Yet to be mentioned and density, which is equivalent to 0,93 g/cm3. Consumers when choosing products, pay attention to the yield stress in tension, it reaches to 16.7 MPa.

Weight and width of bays will depend on the outer diameter of the pipe and the outside diameter of the Bay, as well as the number of meters of pipe. For example, if the outer diameter is 90 mm and the outer diameter of the Bay is 1.14 m, the Bay will weigh 20 kg with a width of 0.5 m In one Bay while supplied 50 m pipe.

Purpose of the pipe in the filter

HDPE drainage Pipe with perforations in the filter is a product that comes in the Bay for 50 m. inside diameter is 110 mm. pipe is Designed for arrangement of horizontal subsurface drainage in terms of plots that are irrigated and drained lands. Drainage found its spread in road construction, as well as the need to protect basements and foundations of buildings from the water.

The Pipe is used in agriculture and in the regeneration of landscapes. The geotextile is necessary to avoid clogging of cavities and pipe openings with particles of soil and sand. This helps to prevent the siltation and clogging of the products. Perforation facilitates the flow of water in the pipe. Drainage is laid to a depth of 2 m to Know you by the abbreviation DHT, which stands for drainage corrugated pipe.

In conclusion

Drain pipe HDPE 160 mm, which costs 5800 rubles per one roll of 50 m, serves as an indispensable element of the system, diverting excess water from the site. Mentioned product comes in the filter that allows to establish in the soil and not be afraid of what will happen clogging.

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