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If you have been dissatisfied with the quality of power supply, which is sometimes accompanied by power surges and interruptions, you are thinking to buy the generator. However, before visiting the store, it is necessary to consider what criteria should be used to make a selection.

Consumer Reviews of diesel generators

generators Vepr

Generators “hog” is very popular today, before purchasing such equipment, you must determine the source of electricity that can be temporary or permanent. In the first case the source of electricity is presented in the form of a diesel generator, it can be operated the entire season. According to truckers who use the station without any interruption for the winter, the most suitable option for this will be that diesel generator “hog”, which is most fitted for smooth operation. This cannot be said about petrol types.

The Margin of safety of diesel equipment above, this indicates that the device will last longer than one that runs on gasoline. If you are interested in alternators “hog”, you should take into account the point that the diesel variations is presented by a line, where you can find more powerful models compared to gasoline power plants. If you purchase such device, you will be able to connect a large number of consumption points. When buyers see generators “hog”, they choose diesel variants of stations, as this type of fuel can be purchased at a low price. But the operation of the petrol generator sometimes results in a lot of money.


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Negative reviews about diesel generators

alternator repair

There are some negative aspects that sometimes make you give up consumers from purchasing a diesel generator. It concerns the point that these units can cost from 20 000 to 1 000 000 rubles. But experienced users emphasize that initial investment quickly recouped. One cannot ignore the rather significant inconvenience to be faced by the buyer in the process of operation powerful diesel power plant. Minus expressed in the noise of the work, this implies the need to allocate for the unit a separate room. In addition, the room should have a quality Soundproofed and provided with forced ventilation.

Reviews about diesel generators

diesel generator boar

Gasoline generator “hog” can be purchased at a lower cost, which ranges from 3 000 to 50 000 rubles. In rare cases, for individual models will have to pay more. Such devices can easily handle small loads in the conditions of a country house, which has a huge number of appliances. According to customers, the price of the generator will depend on the characteristics of the engine, power and mileage.

Gardeners Choose petrol devices also for the reason that if necessary they can be easily moved to any place, units of this type are mobile and compact. As practice shows, their work is not accompanied by a high level of noise, therefore the unit can be placed in a room that has no additional insulation. If you still can't decide whether to buy gasoline generator "Vepr", then you must consider that the level of noise is 50 decibels. Diesel counterparts, this parameter can reach 100 decibels, while the minimum threshold starts from 80. Gasoline generators “hog”, the price of which minor and two times less compared to diesel, may be needed only several times per season. So if you buy such equipment, you will not be so sad that the device hasn't shown its potential.

Power Specifications

gasoline generator boar

Before you make a choice, you must consider performance. If you are interested in this option, you should know that the power range for gasoline units ranges from 0.6 to 7 kilowatts. If there is a need to supply electricity to a small country house, that will be enough of the device 1 kilowatt. This type of equipment will be able to pull a modest lighting, refrigerator, TV, a small gas boiler, and well pump low power. If you can't limit yourself to the benefits of civilization, and in a country house far more electrical appliances, it is best to purchase a gasoline engine, whose power starts from 3 kW.

Features diesel power devices

welding generator boar

If you are the owner of a country estate, which is fully equipped technically, gasoline generator do not succeed. For advanced a country house it is best to choose diesel generator “hog”, whose power is 10 kilowatts.


generators Vepr price

Whatever reliable was the equipment may need repairs. The original master will have to determine the fault and possible reasons that led to this. It is possible to choose the right method of Troubleshooting. If the plant starts, but doesn't show voltage, then the cause can be an overload of power. The method of fixing the most common is the inclusion of the machine or replacement of a fuse.

The above condition may occur due to damage to electrical wiring. In order to verify this, it is necessary to analyze how solid all the wires as well as reliable contacts. Quite a long time if you use the generator, repair of the equipment may need in the process of operation. If the damage of the windings Troubleshooting can be costly, especially for expensive models. The experts in this case recommend to buy a new device. If you notice the characteristic smell of burning insulation, it may be a damaged wiring harness that is connected to the generator. You'll be able to replace the cable or disconnect faulty appliances. If you recently purchased a generator, repairs shall be made in the service workshop.

Overview the petrol models

When you finally decide to buy a power plant running on gasoline, it is important to pay attention to the rated power, which will depend on the final cost. Selecting the model ABP 1,5-230 BX, you will have to pay 30 800 rubles, while the power of this option will be 1.5 kW. From gasoline stations of the brand ABP 2,7-230 INPUT capacity equivalent to 2.5 kW, and the cost will be equal to 42,000 rubles. In the first and second cases, the triggering is made by hand and powered equipment from the mains voltage 220 volts. If you need more powerful equipment, it is possible to pay attention to the ABP 7/4-T400/230 BX, this model is 111 500 rubles, and the voltage is 380 V. the Power is equal to 7 kilowatts.

Features welding generator

Welding generator "Vepr" presented today in a wide variety, least powerful model is ASPD 180-5/230 VYA, to pay for which will have 182 600 rubles. As with the previous models, the device is powered by a network voltage of 220 volts. While the capacity is 4.5 kW.


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