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If you have ever engaged in work on facing wall surfaces or floor tiles, then you should know how to use the tile. With this tool you can change the product to the desired size. This method is the most common high quality and noiseless manipulation eliminates the formation of large amounts of dust and do not imply the need for master training.

The Need of the tile

how to use the tile

In rare cases, the tiles can be laid without cutting the material, more often professionals and home masters have tile, which they can use at any time. If you are already engaged in similar repair works or plan to elevate the surface tiles, you should choose the most appropriate model and learn how to use the tile.

As you know, glazed ceramic tile is made of baked clay, and on top of it is covered with glaze. Production technology is very simple: clay receives a certain shape, dried to fix the volume, and then applied to the surface of the glaze. In the manufacturing process, the product is baked under high temperatures, whereby it acquires strength, aesthetic appearance and durability. Ready-made tile undergoes the bending deformation, but remains fragile and breaks easily. These qualities become the head of the selection method of cutting.

Usage instructions electric tile

how to use tile manual

If you have a question about how to use an electric tile, you can be sure that this tool with diamond discs allows you to achieve the best results and achieve high performance. Using it you can cut any tile, granite or stone, each of these materials can have a certain hardness and shape.


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Using an electric tile, you get the smooth rounded edges that differ from the acute, formed in the course of the use of traditional tile.

Additionally use this equipment with the pliers, this will allow the notched cut-outs high quality. Unattended to write this device you can not, as in the process of Troubleshooting. The master must use safety goggles and individual protection from noise. If you notice sparks or problems and excessive noise, you should stop using the tile. Before using a water tile, you should consider whether the freely spinning wheel. Cold-water bath must be filled with water and the disc should overlap by three inches.

Components of the tool

how to use the tile

The Main electric elements of the tile are:

  • Cutting disk;
  • Platform;
  • The bath water.

In the process, the water will flow on the knife, extending its life and reducing the amount of dust. The cutting speed will be affected by the pressure force, which depends on the composition of the blade material and the density of the tiles. At the first touch the disc to the tile, the pressure should be light. Next you should increase it, and by the end cutting reduce it again.


how to use the manual tile

It is Important before you start to fix well product, this will help to eliminate vibration and prevent binding of the blade. If you are concerned about how to properly use the tile and extend its life, you must remember that tile baby will be supplied to the tub and mix with the liquid. Once the water will become dirty and get to the cutting wheel, it will reduce the lifetime. Therefore, of great importance for the quality of work is the replacement of the dirty water.

If in the course of work you will notice that the tiles had rolled over to one side, it may cause skolkov. Sometimes tile and is tightened under a working drive and discarded to the side. In order to avoid this, the experts pressure on both sides of the tile. Sometimes it helps to avoid jamming of the blade in the cut.

Additional guidance on the use of electric tile

tile nippers how to use

Many novice masters are wondering about how to use the tile. If you have already started the operation of the tool, you will notice that the drive is able to withstand a certain amount of wet slices. For the reason that working surface falls pottery, it provides for periodic cleaning. This can be done by cutting old sand molds for brick. The blade should be removed and flipped, providing its rotation in the opposite direction. This method cannot be used when the blade has the stamped direction. Once the blade is completely worn out, you can make the change, and to the life of the drive was a long one, you need to select the blade depending on the material that will be raspylivatelja.

Usage manual stationary tile

how to use an electric tile

The Most popular tool for cutting tiles and porcelain tile is considered a manual, the package in which include:

  • Handle;
  • Frame;
  • The carriage with cutter wheel.

To use the equipment on the surface of the tile with a pencil should be marking. Then the tile is located on the surface of the bed, so the markup coincides with the cutting direction of the cutting wheel. The incision should be held under slight pressure. It is important to feel his strength, the tile was not crushed, and the groove is quite deep. This will allow you to break the product on a cut. These movements should be carried out once, otherwise the edge may be uneven.


tile roller how to use

How to use tile manual, everyone should know master that you plan to do the tiling. In the next step the arm should be brought into active position to disengage the edge of the product. Sure the tile movement should be broken after a cut. Cut pieces should have a width of 10 mm or more, otherwise the cutting quality will not work.

Expert Advice

When using the manual tile must pay attention to the mounting and condition of the roller, it should rotate freely and be smooth. The movement of the carriage with the cutting wheel needs to be as smooth as possible, and should eliminate the jerks, the element is equipped with a bearing. Bed should be smooth and clean before beginning work, while the handle should be checked for mechanical damage.

Before you can use the tile hand, you need to wet the product in water, easier cutting and a drop of engine oil that should be applied to the line of the future incision. The use of manual fixed tile suitable for thick and durable ceramics with average volumes.

Recommendations for the use of the roller tile

Not very convenient and is considered the most primitive roller tile, which is not too dense and hard ceramic. If you have a tile roller, how to use them, you have to learn prior to start of work. The technology involves coating the surface of the product lines, please use a soft pencil. Tile is on the Board or plywood, can be made after one incision. On tile, the master must push evenly, trying to create a deep groove from one end to the other. To separate the tiles into two parts, you must place it on nails and a little push. How to use a manual tile learn not difficult to purchase this instrument at the lowest cost in comparison with analogues, but it is suitable only for cutting piece of material.

Instructions for use of the tile-tongs

In the sale today, you can find tile cutters, how to use them will be described below. Using this device it is possible to implement a simple breakdown. The device features low cost and small size, as to carry with it a certain amount of work in the home without much difficulty. As in the above cases, the manipulation should start with the markup, where you want to hold a cutting disc fixed on the instrument. If to compare the given element with the same on a conventional glass cutter, it is large, it allows a deep cut in ceramic tile.

To produce a crack to the edge of the product start Curling. Forming a small angle, wide plate must be placed on the front surface of the product, whereas the Central part should be placed on the fold line over the furrow. The master should gently squeeze...

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