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Since ancient times, men are considered as breadwinners, and women – homemakers. And although the modern world is largely turned our ideas about the possibilities of a strong and beautiful floor, primitive instincts still play in modern society an important role.

That's why the weapon continues to attract men no matter whether it is a firearm, or uses the power of human hands. If you don't want to buy it in the store, the weapon could be created with your hands. How to make a bow at home, and will be discussed in this article.

Choose the material for the bow

The Most suitable wood for making the bow are considered as Rowan, hazel, juniper, willow, ash, oak, maple, birch or spruce root. In addition, at the time of the medieval English soldiers made it from yew, what many legends are told.

In order For the production of onions successfully, you must know that are used for the branches of trees, and not machined wood barrel. It's the branch with a thickness of 3-4 cm have all the necessary qualifications and the type of fibers, which in the future will have a positive impact on the flexibility of your products.

It is best to choose billets for onions in the winter. To cut branches is desirable when the street is the cold of 10-15 degrees.

Bow Manufacture

If you don't want just to shoot at a target in his yard, and want to know how to make a bow at home so that he really had a large range of arrows should stay on the simple English version.


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To do this you need two branches, which will serve as the basis for the two shoulders of the bow, as well as procurement under the handle. Note that usually the total height of the bow reaches the scale of your hands, so the length of the forearm should be about a meter.

The bark from the billets to remove should not be. Just paint the ends or cover them with a layer of wax with a thickness of three millimeters, and Express in a room with normal room temperature in a suspended state.

Drying may take a long time. Different sources recommend doing it from three months to a year. But the best would be the term before the summer. At this stage you already know how to make a bow – at home it will take time. So please be patient as well, as did our ancestors.

When the wood fully dries, you should remove it with a bark. Now it's time to assemble the bow and give him the necessary form. To do this, take a Board the same diameter to match the thickness of the shoulders, and attach to her shoulder, using any fasteners – from wire and clips to normal string.

Now we need to understand how to make a bow at home so that it had the required flexibility and power. Currently, there is a method of rapid processing of wood instead of soaking in various liquids or fat. We will use for steaming.

After Stripping the onion acquires the desired plasticity, and to give it the required shape simply. After that, he should be placed in a special form, which will help to keep the necessary bending. Here it needs to be a few days until the dry out completely.

Now we have learned not only how to make bow at home, but learned to do it. It remains only to cut a small notch for the bowstring and pulling it. To the outer part of the bow was more durable, it can be impregnated with hot wax to a depth not more than 2-3 mm. otherwise, the bow can lose its elasticity.

In order for you to use their product for a long time, it is desirable to put on his bow-string only during firing. In addition, it should be stored in room with small temperature fluctuations in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

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