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Vacuum Cleaner today presented for sale in a wide range. Sometimes, to choose such a device can be difficult. If you ask such a purpose, it is necessary to know what should be paid attention to. This will allow you to choose the best robot vacuum or a handheld device.

Species the device

Today, the most common standard household vacuum cleaner, which have included housing, accessories, hoses and nozzles, and engine block and compartment for dust. These devices operate from a network, but you can meet exceptions. Notable among them are the horizontal units, which refer to a series CordZero, presents a well-known consumer manufacturer LG. These devices have a built-in battery and not tied to the socket, which facilitates cleaning.

good vacuum cleaner

Quick cleaning

If you have small children or animals, quite often the hostess feel the need to use portable vacuum cleaners, which are models designed for quick cleaning. This may relate to the time in the kitchen something was spilled or contaminated furniture.

Such compact vacuum cleaners are in demand from motorists. Quite often they are rechargeable or network, including operating from a voltage of 12 V. as the main their advantage is the willingness to work at any time, as well as small size. Such models are useful in the household.

the best company vacuum cleaner

Vertical options

Continuing with the good vacuum cleaner, there are vertical model. Most often, they are rechargeable options, however, can be purchased and instances that run from the network. When compared with horizontal models, we have described there is a vertical bar, the center of gravity which is located below.


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If you are the owner of a small apartment or just renting a private room for you is ideal battery model, the working time can reach 60 minutes. If we are talking about maximum power, the use of such a device can for half an hour. The amount of dust does not exceed 1 liter, and suction power, as a rule, small.

Feedback on some models

If you are looking for a portable cleaner, it is possible to choose LG VS8401SCW. Inside the inverter set the motor control type is mechanical. Consumers often choose equipment with cyclonic filters, this applies to the described device. The device frees the surface from dust using a fine filter, called a microfilter.

Maximum power consumption of this unit is 90 watts. Users state that this device is very convenient to use, because it weighs quite little, weight is 2.8 kg. The device looks very interesting, including for the reason that the hull is painted red.

best vacuum cleaner models

Bag vacuum

When consumers are trying to choose a good vacuum cleaner, they often pay attention to the brand Philips. The standard model of the manufacturer is FC8385/01. Inside has a traditional bag for collecting dust that is still prevalent today. The maximum power consumption of the device is 2000 watts. The device weighs slightly more compared to the above, the equivalent weight of 5.9 kilograms. However, consumers claim that this does not affect usability.

what vacuum cleaner is best for home

Variety of dust collectors

If you are interested in a good vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay special attention to what kind of dust they have. Today the most common models are those equipped with removable reusable dust bags. From time to time the user will have to clear them of debris.

The Amount of dust depends on the model. If we are talking about the battery option, then, as a rule, this indicator is not so great and reaches 1 liter. But the horizontal standard models the amount of dust sometimes is 6 liters, while the minimum number is 3 liters. Most often, these dust collectors are installed in devices with cyclonic filtration system. A good cyclonic vacuum cleaners are equipped with several cameras, which is the screening of sewage. If you want to get the result, more clean air, we should choose a model with dozens of cyclone chambers.

If you need a vacuum cleaner, the best model is to consider even before purchasing the product. As practice shows, bags for dust collection, though still relevant, but from the acquisition of models they better just give up. This is due to several reasons, including additional expenses for the purchase of supplies.

best robot vacuum

In the market you can find and vacuum cleaner that is equipped with aquafilters. As the main filter element in this case is a liquid. Such models are best to buy allergies, asthe equipment will be capable of providing high degree of purification.

You have to be prepared for the fact that such devices are somewhat larger due to the fact that the tank takes up more space. They are heavier, especially with water, and more noise during operation.

If you decide on what vacuum cleaner is best for home choose, you need to pay attention to the fact that the cleaner with Aqua-filter is not cleaning the device. Latest variety of home appliances is a separate category, however, you can purchase and a vacuum cleaner-a hybrid that is able to use a removable dust bag or the dust container if necessary.

Customer Testimonials

If you want to choose a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag, you should pay attention to the model VITEK VT-1834. This device is standard, control type electronic. Cleaning is done at the expense of the fine filter, power consumption is 1800 watts. You should be prepared for the fact that the device has a very impressive weight, its mass equivalent to 8.7 kilograms. However, this feature is characteristic of all vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter. This can be attributed to the model PHILIPS FC8952, which today is very common among buyers. Type of control - mechanical, so you have to pay less compared to the above option. Such a device is 13 000 rubles, and a HEPA filter 13-th degree of purification. And weighs this unit is somewhat smaller, its weight is 7.5 kg. Consumers often choose this model also for the reason that it refers to the standard type. Additionally, it is necessary to mention the point that the consumer has the opportunity to choose one of two colors: black or blue.

vacuum cleaner reviews which is better

Suction Power

This parameter is in the process of cleaning can not be called permanent. Everything will depend on the degree of filling of the dust bag and the nozzle position. But this is not a complete list of the factors that can influence the aforementioned characteristics. However, if you choose a good vacuum cleaner reviews, which you can read in the article, you still need to pay attention to this feature, which is quite often specified in the instructions.

As a rule, in the passport it is possible to find the maximum possible suction power, which is capable of Assembly. Choosing equipment for cleaning of the apartment, it is best to pay attention to those options that have high suction power lower power consumption. From vertical, portable and robotic vacuum cleaners, which are powered by batteries, the first indicator is rather small and does not exceed 200 watts. However, this will be enough to maintain cleanliness in the apartment. If the device includes the turbo brush, you will be able to guarantee the quality of everyday cleaning.

If the apartment has carpets with high pile, and shedding Pets, then as normal the suction power for the conventional vacuum cleaner will be increased in the range of 300 to 400 watts. If you want to choose the best vacuum cleaner with the highest degree of suction, it is possible to pay attention to models in which the said parameter is reaching up to 500 watts.

Reviews of vacuum cleaners with low suction power

Choosing equipment for cleaning your home, you can pay attention to the vacuum cleaner Electrolux Ergorapido ERG103 10.8 V, suction power not exceeding 200 watts. This device is controlled by mechanical system, and a cyclone.

Consumers quite often prefer this type of equipment for the reason that it has negligible weight, weight in the range of three pounds. This portable device is very compact and will fit onto any corner of the small apartment. To purchase the unit for 8000 rubles.

When Considering the best company vacuum cleaner, can not distinguish the brand Samsung. If you like the company, then you can purchase the standard type of vacuum cleaner brands VCDC20DV. Cleaning of surfaces produced by cyclone filter, you can count on the eleventh degree of cleaning HEPA system. Suction power of this device is the same as in the above models, but weight slightly more. However, according to consumers, it repels them and makes a choice in favor of other models. Unit weight is 4.6 kg, and to pay for the unit have only 6500 rubles.

best robot vacuum


Thinking over the question of which vacuum cleaner is best to choose for your home, you should pay special attention to the noise level. Many consumers want the equipment worked as quietly as the apartment is home to an elderly person or small child. In this case, you will be able to provide a quiet cleaning, making the right choice.

As practice shows, the vacuum cleaner with a bag for gathering dust, quieter compared to container counterparts, this is due to the design features. If you choose vacuum cleaners reviews (what is better, this will allow you to understand) you need to read before going to the store. If you are interested in an indicator of the level of noise besmellah devices, it is important to know that they give out about 82 decibels. If to compare with the first of the described assemblies, thatthe figure they have ranges from 60 to 65 decibels.


When consumers ask, what is the best model of vacuum cleaner robot, they often mention the device brand “Panda”. If you decide to purchase for your home such an unusual device, you can use the experience of many buyers. By the way, these vacuum cleaners can operate even in the absence of the owners, which is very convenient. This is due to a special programming system that allows you to run the device at the specified time.

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