Dining table oval sliding: advantages and disadvantages


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Dining Table oval sliding – furniture, usually for respectable people who prefer the classic style of the interior. Classics have always been popular, and even now it has not lost its popularity. Specifically with regards to sliding tables, the main feature is the possibility of countertops to transform from round to oval by additional insertion.
dining table oval sliding

A Distinctive feature of this furniture – the solidity. After all, these countertops could be seen earlier in the homes of aristocrats and nobles. Today, the opportunity to feel like a wealthy man accessible to many. However, the cost of such element of the interior is impressive at times and makes the purchase not available to everyone from 10 to 100 and more thousand roubles (and a natural tree is not less than 30 thousand) – that is the true price of furniture such as dining table oval extendable. Italy and many other countries produce very expensive products, but the build quality and material is excellent. In fact, this countertop will last forever. This table will be used by grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

And how many dining table oval sliding at any cost, his presence in the kitchen will not go unnoticed by guests. Round tabletop with elegant patterns or forging will definitely give style and comfort to your home and will accentuate the warm atmosphere. Gather at the table the whole family will love.extendable dining table dining wooden oval


Of note is the fact that dining table oval sliding due to its special design can be transformed either into a round or elongated shape, thereby allowing to sit for it is much more people. For example, if to you suddenly came to visit a few people, you will always have the opportunity to seat comfortably all of them at the same table.

Besides convenience, table extendable dining wooden oval – furniture made of all-natural, 100 percent eco-friendly material. So after buying it you will not be afraid of emissions to air of any harmful toxic substances, as is the case with some of the tops in China. Another important advantage of the use of natural wood is its durability. As we have noted, this table can last a few decades, and even after many years, he will be safe and sound, and will look like new. Of course, this is only possible when the surface is processed periodically with varnish.


The Main disadvantage of this countertop is its weight. To transport the table, even from one room to another, maybe just 5-6 people. So if you are a fragile housewife, and the family has no strong men, choose a model from a less solid wood than oak, for example, pine.dining table oval extendable Italy


But in General, the sliding oval dining table – a very good option for the kitchen, which always emphasize the solidity of the house and give it an aristocratic appearance.

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