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How do I output the horseradish from the garden? This question is raised by many land owners involved in gardening. It is hardly surprising, given the fact that horseradish is growing fast. It has huge leaves, reaching a height of one meter, and strangles the surrounding culture. In fact, all gardeners know that to get rid of this plant is not so easy. If you have suffered the same fate, then get ready for a long struggle, which did not win a single to get the horseradish from the garden

Hell – the plant is useful

This one will not argue. By itself, the horseradish-like plant is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. For example, in his thick juice of the roots contains an antibacterial substance lysozyme, found in tears and the human body. But it begins to break down with respiratory illnesses that can make the human body more vulnerable. So it's easily possible to fill the horseradish juice. Doctors advise to use it during the outbreaks. Besides, hell – a plant that contains much more vitamin C than the fruit of a lemon. We can also detect in it the magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, sulfur and potassium. But if all of these discoveries add to what the hell it needs no care, it is not surprising the fact that he just allow to grow on the site until such time as its reproduction will not be a serious problem. horseradish plant

Why the output of the horseradish from the garden difficult?

It is a plant that reproduces root system. Seeds had not. The roots of the young plants are located at a depth of approximately 30 centimetres under the ground, and the old fuck can go up to three meters. Of course, if the soil allows. Also the part that is under the ground, spreading horizontally. The older the hive, the longer it side roots. Usual hoe from hell can not get rid of. After all, if you leave the ground even a small piece of root it will sprout and will give birth to a new hive of useful weed. In addition to weeding, there are other ways to remove the horseradish from the garden. But they require some work, so don't expect too speedy resolution of your problem.


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Fighting hell with the aid of chemistry

In the struggle to the plant, some gardeners use chemical. Of course, not all of it is prescribed. But still they exist and are applied successfully in practice. In the destruction of hell in your area can help remedy the ‘Glifos”. With this drug, you need to spray the Bush every day, before their disappearance. Wilting of plants occurs up to eight days. Possible re-shoots. In this case, you must perform the procedure again.

Another chemical tool in the fight against weed is a “roundup”. The procedure for its use is somewhat different from the use of the drug “Glifos”. The roots of horseradish pipetted. They bore small incisions. Means ‘Roundel" is typed into the syringe and then injected into the holes. Possible to remove the horseradish from the garden

How to destroy hell in the garden with saltpeter?

We All know that nitrate – nitrogen fertilizer, stimulating plant growth. But is it possible to bring to hell with the land? How! With the emergence of the Bush the leaves need to constantly pick off. And with the onset of June, the remote place of the greens should be thoroughly watered with nitrate until the first frosts. Thus, the plant is stimulated by the fertilizer will not have time to get ready for the cold and continues to operate. As a result, it will die. But sometimes this procedure has to be repeated next year.

Handy tools

How do I output the horseradish from the garden by other methods? Since it is a photophilous plant, and to fight with him perhaps on the basis of this criterion. Simply immerse the bushes fucking in the darkness. For this you need a material, it is not passing through the rays of the sun. This can be slate or roofing material. The fit and any other material. Importantly, the light isolation characteristics of the plant was complete, without any gaps, even the smallest ones.

If you want to get rid of weed in the shortest time possible, but don't want to resort to chemicals, you will need to know how to get horseradish from the garden, with ordinary table salt. There are two ways of its use in weed control. In the first method pipetted roots of the plant, the top leaves incision. The tops are removed. Incision sprinkled table salt and is laid back land. The second way starts the same. The roots of the plants dug out, the leaves are incised and removed. Then the recess is filled with salt solution. The procedure can be repeated several times. But still need to be watered in moderation, otherwise you can pickle the to destroy shit in the garden

How do I output the horseradish from the garden with the pitchfork probably many know. Only in this way using unusual equipment. We'll need forks for digging the earth. Them to hook pre-excavated root system and extracted fromsoil. It is possible to repeat the procedure.

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