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The Layout of the kitchen in a private home – it is much more rewarding than the design space in terms of standard and small apartments. Private houses are mostly built on individual projects, and the design of functional areas can realize the most informal and creative solutions. So, what are the plan features a spacious kitchen?

Design kitchen in a private home. Which style to choose?

Most Often the large kitchens of country houses do not tolerate urban high-tech style, which is more focused on small urban space. The large cottage is ideal natural wood and country, as well as the original ethno style with a variety of stylized accessories. Classics are also well suited as a stylistic direction, in this case, it is necessary to maintain the area in bright colours, with the obligatory presence of expensive furniture in simple shapes. Layout of kitchen in a private home


The Design of the kitchen in a private home is not without plan coverage. As a rule, in country houses there is a sufficient number of large and spacious Windows, so the working area for the lady of the peripheral well naturally lit. In this case, especially when there are high ceilings in the center of the kitchen hang one large chandelier. If above the work surface is no natural light, in no case do not neglect sconces or spotlights.

Island kitchen – a convenient solution

When family members discussed this question, as the layout of the kitchen in a private home, the options of furniture arrangement should imply the convenient work surface for cooking. Also this area should be unimpeded access from any part of the kitchen. In this case, the best option is to design the island kitchen, where the working surface is located in the center, and numerous cupboards, a cooker, a fridge, sink or washing machine is embedded on the perimeter. Thus, the layout of the kitchen in a private home allows a person to conveniently move to approach the table from any corner of the room, especially if he or she quite a lot of time cooking. kitchen Design in private house


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Everything for the convenience of the home cook

Today's designers are making every effort to facilitate the process of cooking, offering to make the island table and cooktop along with a sink. This option is relevant only if a further stage of the project to calculate the supply of sewer and water drains with pipes to a Central area of the room. As you can see, quite interesting and practical can be a kitchen in a private home. The diverse imagination of designers, however, sometimes limited by the construction project, as well as basic communications. But this problem is solvable if all the little things to consider beforehand.

For very spacious kitchens

To maximize the productive use of a spacious room, a little island at the working area. All in the room such as the kitchen, we can distinguish three zones:

  • Working,
  • Dining room
  • Rest area.

Under the work we have identified a place for cooking and storing food. If you have a large space, you can separately allocate the eating area and rest area, where appropriate to a soft leather sofa and the wall to the LCD TV. If the layout and design of a kitchen in a private home, make it possible to determine the area, then it is quite possible to meet the guests, after all, so the hostess will be much easier to communicate with friends or numerous family. If this part of the room you plan to use as a makeshift living room, you can equip the area with furniture, as well as to build a cozy electric fireplace. The eating area should be located near the window, from which most often offers good views of scenic beauty. the Layout and design of a kitchen in a private home

A Few words about floors and ceilings

What materials it is better to finish a spacious kitchen? If we're talking about flooring, then, of course, in this room a practical expedient to lay ceramic tile. Floors don't need to slide to avoid injury, and purification of the cover, due to the constant dirt, should be as fast and comfortable. If it is not possible to put a nice tile, it is necessary to select another option that meets the above requirements. Due to the high circulation of steam and warm air on the kitchen ceiling is often deposited fat. That is why this part of the room you need to decorate a practical easy-to-clean materials. Out of competition in this matter, and suspended tile ceilings. Also, the layout of the kitchen in a private home should provide a cooker hood and the ventilation system.


Based on the fact that the kitchen often collects the moist air and vapour, it is highly irrational decision could be applied to furniture made of expensive wood. Only if you have a good ventilation system can take the chance to fit the space with expensive designer furniture. A great solution in this case is seen the furniture in rustic style. Rough wooden surface as if for show exhibits roughness, bumps and swirls. And now the Cabinet under the sink is not terrible stains. Moreover, such furniture can be painless for the design to cover an appropriate impregnation, which prevents the penetration of moisture, paints and varnish. a Kitchen in a private home a variety of fantasy

How the shape of the kitchen affects the arrangement of furniture?

When we touch such issues as the interior of the kitchen in a private home (layout, colors), first of all, we mean the standard rectangular room. However, it is not always room in a country house as usual. Also there are a narrow kitchen with an open plan, combined with other living areas and a balcony. In the entrance the kitchen is a particularly acute issue is the proper placement of working areas. In this case, such an arrangement is evaluated not as a disadvantage. On the contrary, to move around the house becomes more comfortable, and the kitchen turns into a sort of center of the home. By the way, if you want the exits to the veranda and into the yard, it is possible to combine the two. a kitchen in a private home layout color solutions

Layout of the kitchen in a private home in the narrow space

Until now we talked about the spacious rooms and their zoning. But not all the owners of country cottages have large rectangular or open rooms. In a narrow kitchen is very difficult to plan something, and also to separate functional zones. But even in this case, the designers offer ideas for better placement of furniture. So, narrow walls will visually slim U-shaped or G-shaped arrangement of cabinets that are best to perform to order. Because the cabinets with a width of 40 cm significantly save the space, compared with the cabinets having a width of 60 cm Instead of the conventional outward opening doors, it is possible to order the sliding. Layout of a private country house

Features square dishes

In principle, special difficulties with zoning square room no, the only obstacle to harmony could be the Windows are not arranged as I would like mistress. In this case, perhaps a distortion of space. And to correct the situation will help the lack of curtains, which is better to use blinds and roller blinds mounted directly to the frame. Shades square kitchen should be calm, the focus in the form of bright spots do only one thing.

Layout of kitchen in a private home, the options for furniture placement

Open space

The Open kitchen should not merge with the surrounding space. So the layout of a private country house (as for the cuisine) is based on stylistic space allocation. In this case, well played out option and a Breakfast bar, also welcomed by the island location.


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