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We Each spend in the kitchen a lot of time. It is therefore understandable the desire to make this room stylish, modern and functional. The thought of drastic change in the usual appearance of the room was visited by many. Custom look to any kitchen attaches to Breakfast bar. Photos on which she is one of the leading elements of the interior, clearly confirm this statement.

bar kitchenClassic stands have a pretty decent height of 110 or 115 centimeters. But what is good for restaurants and bars in the home can cause inconvenience. Manufacturers have long abandoned the standard of the samples, they produce models with a reduced size, which will easily fit even in a small room. But the chairs that are included, has not undergone changes. Their height remained at 65 inches.

Running a bar for cuisine from a variety of materials. There are samples of wood, metal, glass, ornamental stone. Elegant look combined models.

furniture bar counterIs Usually the stand has the shape of an oval, wherein one of the ends adjacent to the wall. But experiments with design have led to the fact that it is possible to find models with a table of any shape: round, clear geometric. Complicated multilevel structure. This diversity allows you to choose the one appropriate for your design concept furniture. Bar, in addition to countertops, it has a dryer rack for wine glasses. Sometimes it built additional cabinets.

A Bar for the kitchen not only brings the interior a touch of novelty, but also solves a very specific practical problem. For example, when combining living room and kitchen it successfully divides the space into zones. In small rooms it is quite a substitute for a dining table. For her it's nice to enjoy a Cup of coffee and leisurely read a magazine. Or heart to heart talk with an old friend, to Breakfast in the early morning.


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bar photoHappy owners of large dining facilities suitable option, in which the bar is mounted in the middle of the kitchen. This method is called "island". The countertop with one hand additionally equipped with a hob and sink.

A Full replacement of the usual table stands wall bar. For the kitchen, similar to the narrow pencil case is a great way to free up some space, since such design can be mounted on the windowsill.

For small space is the corner options stands. They easily fit into modest square footage of the space. Need to find a compact model of the mini format.

Unusual looks movable Breakfast bar for the kitchen. Thanks to wheels, its surface moves along the kitchen countertop, thereby increasing its working area.

While Choosing a ready stance, think about how it will blend with the rest of the furniture. To interior do not conflict in design or colour scheme, better to buy a set, which includes the desired option bar.

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