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Soon the New year! You put up a tree and decided to decorate it... Pull out a forgotten box of Christmas toys, and hung electric lights on the fluffy branches. And all of a sudden, what trouble, you notice that it doesn't work. The lights had burned out one lamp, others remain lit or not lit all. I wonder why? How can that be in this case? What to do? To go to the store for new lights? Option the easiest, but not always feasible. Do not rush to throw the old, because, perhaps, it can be repaired. How to repair Christmas tree garland? Fortunately, they all have templates and easy to device. Next, we will explain how to repair Christmas tree garland if burned out light bulb, broke off the contact wire or not running to repair a garland

What to consider?

It is Important to know in what order in the chain is connected all the lights. How then to find the problem spot? To find circuit malfunctions, you can use a flat screwdriver. If you have not lit one bulb, this suggests that in this case, a parallel connection in the circuit garlands. Repair of the malfunction is not difficult, you just want to replace the light bulb.

Chinese garland

How to repair Chinese garland? It is different because non-collapsible, disposable and has a non-removable bulb. The chain is a garland of four colors, flashing alternately. If not one color, what to do in this case? how to repair Chinese garlandIn all likelihood, burned out one section of bulbs in the circuit. As a rule, it is sealed and a chain of light bulbs in parallel. If it's not one bulb, do the following: connect the wire around her contacts. Then the current will bypass the bulb, not touching her. And your garland will be saved.


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Led fairy lights

The design of the led lights is such that it may fade as a rule, the program, and the diodes remain. And throw a pity... How to fix a garland of led? If the lights do not Shine, then should see everything, where there can be a failure. Check the integrity of the cord. Maybe sealed contact on the chip or burned out the chip itself. how to repair led lightsIf this is a Chinese garland, it is easier just not to bother and buy a new one. But if you want to try your hand and to repair the product, we will explain how to repair the lights. To begin with, check the LEDs. Then carefully inspect as interconnected elements with anodes. Then you want to alter the pattern and connect the LEDs with the cathodes. Instead of the control unit use the starter from a fluorescent lamp. Here's how to fix a garland yourself. If in the process will heat up the resistors, then drill a hole on the casing for ventilation.


Consider the old Soviet products that properly serve more than one generation. They certainly just dispose of it. How to fix a garland of such kind? To make it not too difficult. Using the tester to measure the resistance of each lamp, and thus find to repair Soviet garland Or try alternately, by process of elimination twist turns on the lamp. And since the lamp in the Soviet garlands screwed, and determine which of them is not working, is not difficult. You can use a different method if you still can not find the source of failure. You need to check the wire integrity. You will see there are five soldered wires. If any of them broke, you just have to solder it back.

How to fix a garland: a few more tips

If you have broken light bulbs on the garland faster and easier to change them yourself. But first, unplug the power cord from the outlet. To avoid electric shock, replacement of bulbs is required to produce only with the power off.

The renovation of the garland, if you did not have the right bulbs, it is necessary to cut the failed microemu. And connect the wires manually, or with special connectors. Don't forget to insulate the ends of the contacts!

how to repair Christmas tree garlandRepresent the possible causes of faulty Christmas tree lights:

  • Check the plug, maybe there frayed wires;
  • Connection of the contact with the bulb holder was broken;
  • It is possible, what is the reason for the burned out bulb;
  • It is very likely a blown fuse or failure of the scheme garlands;
  • The problem may be in the controller, if the lights on the garland do not blink and do not work shift patterns;
  • Also wanted to note that if the garland burns out the led, it stops working the whole section. So when you need to solder the led, strictly observe the correct polarity.

That's all I wanted to tell you how to fix the lights, if suddenly will stop burning one light bulb or all of what to do, if you burn cost. Now you know how to repair the damage, and what you need to do.


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