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What instrument measure capacity? The question is quite relevant, as at present, electric network is available everywhere. Without electricity does not work practically nothing. Not surprisingly, this has led to the immense popularity of the devices measuring the indicators of such networks. Important fact - the power measurement can be done only in watts. However, in some cases there is a need of translation of watt to kilowatt. Most often this is done for convenience of calculations.

General description of electrical networks

Power is one of the three key parameters, which characterizes the electrical network. This parameter reflects the amount of work done by the force of the current for one unit of time. It is important to understand that the total capacity of all enabled devices in the network must not exceed that which is supplied by the vendor. If this happens, the possible negative consequences since the failure of the equipment to short circuit and subsequent fire. In order to avoid such troubles, was invented by the power meters, which are called wattmeters.

power meter

It is important to understand that in the DC circuit to measure this parameter it is possible and without the use of this device. To do this, use multiplication. Multiply the values of voltage and current in the circuit. However, to do the same method in an AC circuit will not work. For such networks was invented measuring instruments.

Usage instrumentation

The Main sources that use these aggregates, steel workshops, engaged in repair electrical appliances. Actively use the power meter in electric power industry and mechanical engineering. Another quite common model steel appliances. The main buyers of such products were electronics enthusiasts, computer owners, or just people who want to save on electricity.


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radiation power

One small fact. In some cases you need to convert watts to kilowatts. Most of it is done in industries where power is so great that, if you measure it in watts, the values are too large. When translating units of measurement, 1000 WATTS is 1 kW.

Most of the devices are used for such purposes as:

  • Determination of the capacity of the individual unit;
  • Testing of the entire electrical circuit or its parts;
  • Health monitoring devices;
  • Electricity consumption of all connected devices.

Brief description of the types of devices

It is important to start with the fact that before you begin to measure typically measure current and voltage. Based on the selected measurement method, subsequent transformation and output the data, there are the following types of measuring devices and tools, such as digital and analog.

Analog types of devices differ in that they have a semicircular scale and a moving arrow. They are also divided into two smaller groups - recording and showing. These devices reflect only the active power part of the circuit. The measurement device is in watts (W).

measuring instruments

Digital power meters (wattmeters) can be used to measure both active and reactive power. Besides the machine, the functionality is much broader, as his scoreboard displays indicates not only the power and force of current, voltage and power consumption in time. Another advantage is that the output values can be performed remotely, i.e. the operator's computer.

The Essence of analog devices

If to speak about devices of analog type to measure power, the most accurate and commonly used steel fixtures electrodynamic system.

watts to kilowatts

The Principle of operation of this power meter is based on the work of the two coils. One of them is characterized by the fact that she is not moving, its resistance is small, and the number of turns. But the winding, on the contrary, quite thick. The second instance of the reverse of the first. That is, the coil moves, the thickness of the winding is low, but the number of turns is rather large, which resistance is also increased. The connection of the device is parallel to the load. In order to avoid short-circuit between the inner coils of the device, the device is provided with additional resistance.

The Essence of digital devices

The Principle of these power meters is more difficult than the previous type. The reason for this is that power is not measured directly. The heart of the device lies in the fact that first produced a preliminary measure current and voltage. In order to spend, you need to consistently load to connect the current sensor and parallel to the sensor voltage. Made these units can be on the basis of thermistors or transformers.

domestic meter

Instantaneous value, obtained by analog-to-digital Converter, are transmitted to the microprocessor available to the meter. This moment made the necessary calculations in order to obtain the value of active and reactive power. The final results of all measurements are given on the display of the device, and to display the devices connected to it. Optical power is not measured by these types of instruments.

Household devices

To date, quite common and convenient device in everyday life was the power meter, which can measure the consumption of electrical energy in the house. This model is a portable version of the device, by which measured capacity at a single site. This makes it possible to calculate the material costs that will be spent on electricity, if you leave the work network with the same parameters.

optical power

This device is quite handy if you need to plan the expenses, and will also help to optimize some sections of the home circuit.

Household power meter

This unit applies to digital devices group. In appearance it strongly resembles an adapter or an adapter that has the display indicator type. In addition, on the case there are several buttons that control the operation of the device. The main purpose of this device - registration and display of the results of the power consumption of any household appliance that connects to the network through it. These parameters quite a lot, and it's not just power consumption. If you enter a specific rate, the device can even show the quantity of material resources, which will be paid for the work of this device. It can also record the radiation power.

what instrument measures the power


In addition to the usual indicators, this device is able to record values such as peak power and peak amperage. In addition, there were some other functions. The device also shows the current time, can work as a regular real time clock. Another possibility is the use of the device - sound alarm that only works when the device begins to consume more power than the user will set it manually.

Buttons available on the device, can be used to manually configure the functions of the device. You have the option to set the maximum allowable radiation power, put the cost of kilowatt per hour, etc.

In terms of operation, this device is very simple. For it to work you need to connect it to the network, that is to plug it in. Next, you need to connect the plug of the test device to that household meter. Display of all parameters of the connected device will start automatically.

Of the main parameters of this device are the fact that you can connect to almost any appliances. Maximum total power of devices should not exceed the figure of 3600 watts. You also cannot exceed the value of the current in 16A.


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