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Wood ash is used since ancient times as organic fertilizer. Is a valuable source of potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium, and other nutrients necessary for the growth and development of plants.

How useful is wood ash for the garden? What is its composition? How to use it? For these and many other questions we will answer in the article.wood ash application on garden

The ash

To Accurately determine the composition of the natural substances is difficult, because depending on the age and type of plant burned, he changes. However, Mendeleev provided a General formula of ash, which indicates the percentage of elements contained in 100 grams of fertilizer.

Formula ash

The Properties of wood ash due to its chemical composition, which includes many other elements. Some of them are beneficial to the growth and development of plants, others help in the fight against various diseases. The concentration of these components may be above or below are. However, the following list gives a General idea of what substances and in what proportion is contained in the ashes:

  • Calcium silicate (CaSiO3), and 16.5%;
  • Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) - 17%;
  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2) - 12%;
  • Calcium sulphate (CaSO4) - 14%;
  • Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) - 4%;
  • Potassium orthophosphate (K3PO4) - 13%;
  • Magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) - 4%;
  • Magnesium silicate (MgSiO3) - 4%;
  • Sodium chloride (NaCl) is 0.5%;
  • Orthophosphate sodium (NaPO4) - 15%.

Gardeners use wood ash as a source of lime and potassium. The word "potash" comes from the phrase pot ashes ("ashes from the boiler") and has English roots. This name is due to a long-standing method of manufacture of this fertilizer. Before the ashes were washed, and then evaporated the resulting solution. The obtained precipitate contained potassium carbonate and other salts.ash as fertilizer how to apply


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All the mineral elements that were in the plant, contains unwashed wood ash. Use in the garden this substance helps to saturate the soil with potassium that strengthens plant stems, making them more sustainable. In addition, potassium greatly increases the vitality of plants, increases resistance to disease.

The Use of wood ash in the garden allows you to limit excessive plant growth, which is caused by excess nitrogen and prevent too-early ripening fruit, which usually provokes phosphoric acid. Potassium actively participates in the photosynthesis and in the formation of green pigment in the stems and leaves.

Ash from hard wood contains much more potassium than the fertilizer from soft rocks. There is a misconception that it is more caustic and can harm the plant. In fact, one and the other ash is suitable for incorporation in the soil in flower beds, in gardens and orchards.

Prepared with the ashes can be stored in a dry place for future use or to add to the pile or the compost pile. Keeping it in paper bags. If the soil analysis confirmed that on your site too acidic soil, make the ash fall, winter, and early spring. Fertilizer used at the rate of 2.5 kg per 10 m2. ash as a fertilizer for strawberries

Lack of potassium

What your soil lacks potassium, indicates the change in the appearance of the leaves of plants. As potassium moves from the lower leaves up, with insufficient edges of the lower leaves initially turn yellow, then acquire a brown shade. In addition, on the lower leaves appear yellow mottling or spotting.

How often should to make an ash?

Wood ash rascasse soil. It is twice as efficient as limestone, which is often used to neutralize acidic soils too. However, this does not mean that this fertilizer should be used every year. Moreover, the agronomists do not recommend to Deposit it in the soil without testing the acidity of the soil.

Soil Analysis is preferably carried out once in two years. Quite a lot of plants thrive on slightly acidic soils, so the use of ash in large quantities is allowed only for very acidic soils.

A Simple test for the acidity of the soil can be performed independently. It is necessary to take a sample of soil, moisten it with a small amount of rainwater, deionized or distilled water and put it in the soil mixture litmus paper. Its color will change. It remains only to compare it with the color table attached to each set of litmus-paper. the solution of wood ash


Today, many growers use wood ash. Use in the garden involves making it in the compost pile where organic materials contain large amounts of various acids.

Overly acidic material compost pile decomposes more slowly. Made ash effectively neutralizes the environment. If this is not done, the compost will stand out a lot of ammonia, which can harm and even kill people living there, earthworms and other useful soil organisms.

Ash should be spread on each layer of the soil, mowed lawn grass, food waste. The combination of organic material and ash compost enriched with various beneficial organisms that contribute to decomposition. Experts recommend to scatter about a pound of ash per 1 square meter of compost.

Wood ash — this is a real pantry nutrients for all plants. You must know that in regions with a humid climate the soil on lawns, in gardens and orchards gradually zakislate, and to neutralize it will help wood ash. Use in the garden this organic fertilizer will help to increase productivity on your site. properties of wood ash

Ash as fertilizer: how to apply?

It can be used in dry and dissolved form. The wood ash solution – it is a source of minerals. Often it is used instead of water when you soak the seeds to speed up germination. Vegetable seeds kept in this solution for about six hours, then dried and planted in the ground.

To prepare this composition, you need two tablespoons of ash to pour a liter of water and infuse for two days, then it can drain. This solution can be used for feeding houseplants and seedlings. Heavy clay soil on the lawn, in the garden or in the garden can be alleviated, making them wood ash. Saturated with water, clay soil sticks together, forming clumps. Populate it with wood ash at the rate of 5 kg for 10 m2, and the soil will become more friable.

Effective for roses and fruit bushes wood ash as a fertilizer. How to apply it in this case? The dry powder should be scattered in the spring and fall. Under the roses you need to make about 500 grams of ashes under a Bush. During precipitation and irrigation nutrients from fertilizers come in the root system of plants.wood ash rascasse soil

Useful wood ash hardwood and lawn. In its composition the same lime, as ground limestone, which is necessary to improve the appearance of lawns. A large part of lawn grasses actively growing on soils with almost neutral reaction (pH 6 to 7). In this figure the nutrients in the soil become available to plants, they are easier assimilated by the root system.

The Lawn grass, which received a large portion of wood ash is more aggressive than in acidic soil, so they are not allowed in his inner circle with weeds.

Ash as a fertilizer for strawberries

Juicy, fragrant and sweet strawberries are grown worldwide, in different soils, under different weather and climatic conditions. According to agronomists, a good crop of strawberries cannot be obtained without feeding. But every gardener, having heard about the fertilizer, think about how they can be harmful to health. In this regard, many use traditional methods, organic medicines, one of which is wood ash.use of wood ash in the garden

How to use it to fertilize berry bushes favorite? The strawberries are fed either by the infusion of ashes, or dry variety, bringing it under the bushes in early spring. This food increases the number of stems and, consequently, berries. Ash is usually added into the wells when creating a new strawberry patch. A feature of this fertilizer is its long action. It retains useful properties for two years after soil application.

Solution ash

Strawberries are the most often used solution. This glass ash pour a bucket of water before applying the solution well stirred to distribute the ashes, and watered the soil. This composition is nitrogen, because it disappears during the burning of wood. But to make along with it nitrogen fertilizers experts do not recommend.how useful is wood ash for the garden BE: https://tostpost.com/be/hatn-tul-nasc/8662-dra-nyanaya-popel-prymyanenne-na-agarodze-lasc-vasc.html

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