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To make the interior more luxurious, the need to buy expensive furniture or accessories. Often enough to do yourself any decoration, which will transform the room. Original curtains from beads can be easily assembled with your own hands, you only need accuracy, perseverance and patience. The nuances of making presented in the article.

Why the finished factory products are not so popular? This is due to the price of the products: often the purchase of raw materials cheaper. In addition, when independent work is possible to realize own ideas.

Popular products

Collection of beautiful curtains of beads you need to buy something from the following list:

  • Beads from materials such as acrylic plastic, stone, crystal, glass, wood, bone;
  • Decorative crystal;
  • Small items which can be executed hole;
  • Bugle beads.
curtains of beads

If you want to do something original, allows the combination of different colors and textures. Importantly, the result was not tasteless, pretentious. The curtain needs to be a home decoration and not a hindrance to free movement thereon.

String curtains with beads can be different:

  • Arch;
  • In complex asymmetrical composition;
  • Smooth crystal rain to the floor;
  • Curved semicircle;
  • Panels with ornament.

These products can make the interior original. And what is the best option to choose depends on the style of the room.

Areas of use

Curtains made of beads are more suitable for window openings. But with the right approach you can transform with their help, any zone in a residential area. The product may be useful in the following cases:


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  1. Suitable curtains of beads in the doorway, if he is passing. Threads need to collect both or one side to avoid occlusion of the passage.
  2. Decoration of doors, walls, niches.
  3. Decorating the chandeliers.
  4. Zoning of the room into functional areas.
  5. Addition of light curtains from textiles.
string curtains with beads

Though often perform window and door curtains made of beads, but in fact, they can be used for decorating other parts of the rooms. They are used in bedrooms, baths, living rooms, kitchens.

Curtains of beads can be used to highlight some areas, making this accent. This option is suitable for all rooms. Importantly, the design, the color of embellishments suited to the interior.


Depending on the main material you can choose from the following styles:

  • Glass curtains, ideal for eclectic and retro preferences;
  • Sea stars, seashells, colored stones ideal for lovers of marine developments;
  • Jewelry from wooden beads choose for the interiors in eco - friendly and country style;
  • Fans of romance can choose shades of flowers and hearts.
curtains thread with beads

When selecting harmonious colors should not only consider the compatibility of colors, but the specifics of the premises:

  1. To the North dimly lit rooms are more suited to the warm shades – beige, orange, gold, green.
  2. Children's room is desirable to decorate the rich colors – red, blue, yellow.
  3. If the room illumination is strong in the South rooms, it is advisable to use cool colors-purple, blue, purple.

To run the interior curtains of beads with the effect of the flowing water, the designers suggest to select the transparent parts of different diameter. Suitable teardrop-shaped products.

How to care

Factory and home-made products do not require special care. It is only necessary to periodically clear them of dust. If there is heavy soiling, you need a soft rag and mild soap solution. Exceptions are wooden products that need to be cleaned with a slightly dampened cloth and then dry with a paper towel. You should not use strong chemicals.

door curtains made of beads

Features products from wood beads

For doorways often used curtains of wooden beads. These products are suitable for the interior in the style of ethno. These curtains can give the room a sense of African flair. For this purpose small and large beads of different shapes and colors.

These products can be performed independently. Installing curtains on a door, you must be ready, they will be confused. It is necessary carefully to unravel, so as not to damage the threads, and then hang it in its original form.

Decoration fabric curtains

Beads can used for decoration the fabric of the curtains. To do this, you can sew small glass around the perimeter of the product. Fits the décor of the same color that will help to focus the details of the curtains. But you can use different colored beads, completing the likeness of the embroidery.

curtains of beads photo

The Collected beads tassels fixed at the bottom of curtains, creating a continuation of the original. This type of scenerysuitable for products up to a length of the sill and shorter. Therefore, if the house is the curtains, they will be easy to transform, if we use the matching beads.

What you need for the job?

As you can see from the photo, the curtain of beads in the interior look great. For quick Assembly it is necessary to perform the following work:

  1. Measure the parameters of the opening or area on the wall that will be decorated.
  2. Determine the magnitude and characteristics, outdoor performance beads to create a sketch that will allow you to calculate the right amount of materials.
  3. If desired, run a bead rolling panels can take a special scheme, for example, used in cross stitching.
  4. To Select the appropriate type of attachment.
  5. To Buy materials stock.

The curtains-strands of beads hung straight, at the tip of each element must be a Bob, for example, the bead is larger or the same size but of different material. For stringing acquire the line, the parameters of which are determined by the nature of the selected material: the harder the composition is, the harder it will be. Great examples are silk or nylon thread, braided cord, elastic band, metal wire.

curtains of wooden beads

The Original look of the rope and hanging items with satin ribbons. In these instances, large items and are strung at a considerable distance from each other. To hold the part on the basis of can be applied one of the techniques:

  1. Using the special metal clamps, krinov about their fixed parts and lock with the pliers.
  2. Using knots on both sides.
  3. Due to the formed loops – 2 times the fishing line threaded into the channel and tighten.

The First 2 methods are considered more reliable, with them there is a guarantee that the picture will not stray. 3 in the case of parts moving, there is a possibility of correction of the ornament, but can be ruined the original idea.

Fabrication and consolidation

You Must select a convenient mounting structure in a window or doorway. Typically used cornice with curtain rings. Often used strips with holes through which the fishing line is skipped. If you want to record every ready thread separately, it is desirable to hammer in a jamb of a small stationery carnations with beautiful hats. The mobile is 1 way – then the curtain will quickly withdraw and move to a convenient place.

curtains made of beads in the doorway

As an example, you can use a rack and pinion connection and on its basis to consider the process of Assembly of a product:

  1. Rack for products that are installed on the door exceeds the width of the opening to 10 cm Between the holes should be 1.5 times the diameter of the large applied beads. Indent the edges of the frame is 5-6 cm
  2. To ensure the image is accurate, it is necessary to pre-compile a sketch with the layout colors, fine beads and the distance between them.
  3. You Need to cut the fishing line the desired length, and if you will use looped or nubby attachment, the allowance should be from 60 cm
  4. Assembly, you should run the bottom.
  5. The process of filling the fishing line is fixed to the rail, and then the composition is mounted in the opening.

Curtains made of beads are original addition, which is well suited for any style room. A variety of colors, textures and materials helps to emphasize the interior. To decorate the room according to your taste, it is desirable to make these curtains yourself. The original composition is able to decorate the room and make it cozier.

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