What are plumbing tools? Which company is the best locksmith tools?


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Not every person has sufficient financial means to hire a team of workers and the more expensive contractor that will perform all the necessary work. Therefore, when repairing the apartment to its owner have to do everything myself. In this endeavor, success will be a great experience, some knowledge in the field of construction and, most importantly, multi-function hand locksmith tools high quality. It is important to know that the level of complexity of surgery performed depends on what the professional set needs to be applied.locksmith tools

If you have a good tool you can perform any operation quickly and efficiently. To make the right choice of hand tools, it's not sufficient to only approximate the appearance, name and manufacturer.

Types of plumbing tools

Starting familiarization with the tools, you must first understand their types. There are generally four groups, which are combined certain devices. This classification is necessary to know exactly, as when specific work will need first to measure and then layout and then “cut”. So study more locksmith tools.

Group Names:

1 group – measuring instruments.

Group 2 – tools for the markup.

Group 3 – fit for General use.

Group 4 – assembling tools.manual locksmith tools

Selection Criteria of manual tools

First you need to understand what you can perform with the help of a tool. Simply put, it is good to explore all his available options. Then you need to specify what the maximum load is calculated by this device.

most of the skilled craftsmen and less skilled workers is widely used by professional locksmith tools. But in their Arsenal in addition to modern electric, pneumatic and petrol devices, there are manual devices. In addition, their range did not decrease and even steadily expanding, which once again confirms the popularity of this category of tools.

When you purchase should pay attention primarily on those devices that are most familiar and familiar to the ordinary person. As a rule, no work can be done without them. What locksmith tools, see below.


Suspended ceiling type

Suspended ceiling type "Armstrong": device specifications

Today, for the ceiling finish is applied a variety of different materials. They differ in operating characteristics, method of installation. One of the best options for finishing office spaces, buildings, shopping, entertainment centers are suspended...

Where lay eggs fleas? The eggs of fleas from cats or dogs

Where lay eggs fleas? The eggs of fleas from cats or dogs

Flea – bloodsucking parasites that often penetrate even in those homes where there are Pets. The fight against them will be successful, if you destroy not only the insects but also the eggs of fleas.Who are the fleas?This is the small parasites...

Metal detector to detect hidden wiring

Metal detector to detect hidden wiring

When performing Assembly operations with usable designs there is a risk to damage the internal wiring. Route cables, communication network and even pipelines – quite a common filling of walls and ceilings in homes and public buildings. So do no...

Variety of screwdrivers

So traditional and well-familiar screwdriver it's safe to assume most used tool. Any repair and installation work without her to perform almost impossible. The range of these tools are currently very broad. Industrial production screwdrivers in recent years, much has changed. Due to the selection of the required type, any job can be performed much faster and easier.

In locksmith tools includes several types of screwdrivers that differ in the type of blade, size, and diameter.

  • Flat (premonitive);
  • Cross;
  • Specialized — used when working with splines of high complexity.tools locksmith price


One of the most important devices is the range. She – a mandatory attribute that complements locksmith tools. Its price varies from 100 rubles and above, depending on the size and material used in the manufacture. Most are high-quality metal ruler. It is worth noting that these models have the most accurate scale division.

Measuring equipment can be attributed to the following tools:

  • Probe – a set of steel plates, designed to determine the width;
  • Caliper is a line with movable rods used to measure the external, internal dimensions and hole depth;
  • Micrometer is designed for fine work, since it is possible to accurately measure the smallest distance;
  • Protractor – professional tool used by qualified employees.

Design tool

Locksmith tools, such as pliers, vises, clamps, etc., necessary for any work, even the most insignificant. For example, if you pull a nail or to fix an object, can not do without the clamping devices. This instrument belongs to the group of General purpose.professional hand tools

Varieties of saws

Every self-respecting artist should have on hand at least a few different hand saws. Practical application often find the following:

  • Cross-cut saws with two handles;
  • Luchkovye saws;
  • Traditional saws for wood and metal.locksmith tools names

Cutting fixtures

Metal Shears, files of different sizes must be present in the set of locksmith tools. It is a manual cutting device. However, for more qualitative work could use a grinder, drill, drill. With their help, you can doquite difficult to manipulate in a relatively short time. For example, to drill a hole for the mounting. Such work can be done with a chisel, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

A friend hammer

If you examine the locksmith tools, certainly, the hammer is the most ancient of all known handheld devices. Its purpose, design and operation of knows everyone. Standard hammer consists of two parts: massive percussion part, made of metal, and arms. The rear part of the shock component is called a recoil pad, and front — striker. Hammers are designed for a wide variety of works, so the shape of the dies can be different, for example rectangular or circular.

The Amount of manual building tools currently reaches more than two dozen. Among professional workers are popular kits such brands as Matrix and Bosh (Germany), Force (Taiwan).

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