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One of the oldest used in the construction materials that used by people for many centuries, is a brick. Since ancient times the method of its production practically has not changed, but today this material-one of the most used in construction. However, with the development of new technologies have developed a new modification of the brick block, of which the most used is the silicate.

block silicate

Advanced material

For people ignorant of building materials, brick is divided into two types: white and red. The red block in professional language is called ceramic, and white represents a block of a silicate. The white block appeared on the market of building materials recently. In this regard, he can not boast of such rich history, such as ceramic brick. Silicate blocks, however, actively catching ceramic according to statistics of application and for several decades they have shown themselves strong and durable material.

Wall silica block used in high-rise and low-rise construction: the masonry interior and exterior above-ground parts of walls, ventilation ducts (to the attic), walls in industrial and residential buildings, warehouses, garages, fences, garden houses. Building codes prohibited the construction of the material bases of the buildings using red brick.

For the execution of works with this material it is important to know the difference between silicate blocks. Their characteristics depending on the structure and purpose determine the scope of their application.

The White blocks are divided into types with respect to two parameters:

  • Structure.
  • Assignment.

Layout blocks

On the structure of silicate brick blocks are:

  1. Full-Bodied – monolithic product in which the number of openings does not exceed 13 %.
  2. Core – the number of voids therein is in the range of 13-50 %, but the optimum voidage in the amount of up to 35 %.

Hollow bricks vary the percentage, number and size of voids in the body. The most common are the following:


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  • Block with three holes, holes with a diameter of 52 mm, emptiness – 15 %;
  • Block with eleven voids, holes, 30 mm, 25 %;
  • Block with fourteen cavities, holes - 30 mm, 30 %.

Holes in the body greatly increase the insulating properties of the material. They also influence the consumption of mortar mixes: the larger voids in the block, the greater the amount of solution required. Walls of hollow blocks need to insulate.

brick silicate blocks


The purpose of white bricks are distinguished:

  1. Construction called ordinary, – full-bodied, with a small number of voids silicate blocks. The characteristics of this material provide high durability and the possibility of mounting bearing walls, columns and pillars, partitions between rooms. This material may be the presence of irregularities, cracks or albicosta after masonry will be covered by trim.
  2. Front – hollow bricks used for exterior cladding. The main requirement to them – consistent color and smooth shape without any damage. They can be covered with decorative imitation.

silicate block size

How is?

Production of silicate blocks is performed by non-fired technology. The material is a product that has the shape of a parallelepiped and is designed for masonry walls. Is used to manufacture hydrated lime-silica or lime-sand mixture as a binder and fillers. These segments are processed by autoclave hardening and pressing.

The Exact composition of the silicate mixture is as follows:

  • Air building lime;
  • Sand for production of silicate products;
  • Sludge believei;
  • Anonye ash from thermal power plants;
  • Slag sand;
  • Fine-grained ash-and-slag mixture;
  • Pigments, resistant to alkalis (chromium oxide);
  • Ordinary water.

Properties of slag and ash are such that they completely or partially replace the quartz sand, which reduces the density of the silicate unit. It helps to improve the strength and insulating qualities. Also significantly – 40 % – reduced consumption of binder component and reduces the time of autoclave processing reduces the cost of production of gas silicate blocks about 20 %.

Blocks can have the original color of raw materials – grey – or to be colored, when at the stage of preparation of the solution is added to the pigment.

characteristics of silicate blocks

The Requirements on the technical characteristics of the silicate unit can be viewed in the following normative acts:

  • GOST 23421-79.
  • GOST 379-95.
  • SNiP 3.03.01-87.

Advantages of limestone blocks, user opinions

The Popularity of this material, according to the reviews due to its many positive properties:

  1. Relatively low cost in comparison with the equivalent from ceramic.
  2. Silicate blocks do not form efflorescence, no matter how long ago or was laid clutch of them. Ceramic brick can notto boast of such properties.
  3. Unit of silicate is more pronounced strength characteristics than the ceramic block, which over time develop cracks and which is beginning to crumble.
  4. Material easy to work with. To make masonry walls of white brick, you do not need special instructions.
  5. This brick is used for construction of partitions on the manufacturing industry, as it has good acoustic properties.
  6. Since the block is made from natural materials, is environmentally friendly and does not emit over time, harmful substances.
  7. Material durable enough: for 50 years of operation without losing its quality.
  8. House of sand-lime block has a finished attractive appearance due to the excellent design qualities of white brick.
  9. By non-fired technology is more cost-effective compared to red bricks.
  10. Despite the fact that the frost-resistant qualities of sand-lime brick loses to other products, with time the situation changed: frost resistance and durability are increased by air carbonation of the material.
  11. Core products significantly reduce the weight of building structures, thus reducing the load on the base.
  12. This material has many varieties, small size makes it possible to construct various architectural combinations.

the house of sand-lime block

Disadvantages of blocks that say consumers

The Disadvantages of this material significantly reduce the possibilities of its application.

Block silicate, in contrast to the block of ceramic, has a weak heat - and water-resistant features. Therefore, as evidenced by the reviews, its use for the construction of bases, buildings, cellars, wells, sewers and other buildings with high humidity levels is not possible. In the water there is a rapid destruction of the material.

The First rows of masonry unit need to perform above the level drop-down of snow-about two feet off the ground, otherwise the walls will collapse. To these blocks is laid with ceramic block or other material.

Also, note that this material is unfit for a laying of furnaces and the erection of chimneys, he is not tempered and is destroyed if in contact with fire.

For the construction of multistory buildings it is still a small product-the unit silicate. The size increase the timing of the work performed.

Classification of blocks

Depending on what elements are included in the composition of the material, the white brick is:

  • Lime-ash – consists of 23 % lime and 77 % ash;
  • Lime-sand-plain white block that is 92% of quartz sand and 8 % of lime;
  • Lime-slag-in its composition of quartz sand is replaced by a porous lightweight slag (approximately 92 %) with the addition of lime from 3 to 12 %.

The Contents of the components can vary in either direction by 2-3 %.

As water in silicate mixture is added as a moisturizing component, that is, the minimum number to achieve the solution forming qualities, the mixture is called stiff: the moisture of the solution is about 8 %.

wall sand-lime block

Size chart

Today, most manufacturers market materials produce bricks of different sizes, including the white brick-block of the silicate. Its dimensions are as follows:

  1. Single – has dimensions of 250 x 65 x 120 mm (D x h x W), average weight-3.6 kg. So the proportion of brick is best for the alternation of transverse and longitudinal placement of the blocks in the masonry.
  2. Single (modular) – has dimensions of 250 x 120 x 88 mm, weight – not more than 4.3 kg. basically, these brick blocks are hollow with a corrugated surface.
  3. Double – has dimensions of 250 x 120 x 103 mm. mostly this block is hollow, so is often used to run light weight clutches.

Variety units

A Variety of the ordinary white brick is a silicate pazogrebnevye unit. This material is a slab with size 500 x 70 x 250 mm with the placement of the side faces of the Cam lock. The need to create this design was motivated by a desire to facilitate the construction of wall partitions and reduce the time of production of these works.

Plate consists of a mixture of water, quartz sand and lump quick lime, is fire resistance and environmental friendliness. According to reviews, thanks to good air permeability in the room creates a comfortable microclimate, the material does not rot, warp, absorbs sound. Also, the product can be built with a double layer to perform the flush-mounted networks and insulation.

silicate pazogrebnevye block


The Main advantages of this material are ease of use, durability and attractive appearance of the buildings constructed from it. Due to this sand-lime block has proven itself among both professional builders and home craftsmen.

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