How to choose a belt grinding machine: the best models and manufacturers


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The Final surface treatment of various parts and structures often involves the use of abrasive materials. The construction market today offers a lot of effective tools for grinding Stripping. Even high-performance models are becoming more affordable to ordinary house masters. Such tools, in particular, concerns a belt grinding machine (LSM), which uses as the working abrasive surface of the emery cloth.

What is LSM?

The Device consists of a housing, inside of which contains a compact engine. The tool dimensions usually small, which leads to its ergonomics and ease of use. The functional part is represented by two rollers, which are arranged on the ends of the structure. They fixed abrasive tape. The tasks of rollers are separated. One of them acts as the master (drive) and the second allows you to adjust the transverse positioning of the canvas. As a target material it is necessary to consider the wood – with her such devices handle it more efficiently than metal or plastic. Thus, the average characteristics of a belt grinder for wood in 1 second removes material from the workpiece layer with a thickness of about 1 mm. you Can use the tool in the cleaning of surfaces from paint coatings to upgrade coverage.

Selection on the main characteristics

Belt sander Ryobi

The speed of the roughing or grinding will depend on the capacity of the motor. Fundamentally there are two categories – models 500 and 1200 watts. You can say it is the representatives of domestic and industrial groups, respectively. Power capacity 500 W is suitable as an adjuvant for irregular finalize the details. Model with capacity of 1000 W are used in industries and in the construction industry. High performance allows qualitatively and to examine in detail the surface of the blanks a long time.


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The Next important parameter-the intensity of movement of the tape. Determine how the operation will be high-quality and uniform. On average, belt grinding machines operate at speeds from 500 to 700 m/min While important is not the maximum processing speed, and the ability to configure different ranges. In some cases it may be sufficient 200-300 m/min, and the excess speed will not allow to gently remove a very thin layer.

What to consider in the feature set?

From the useful and constructive additions are the following:

  • Smooth start-up. At the time of inclusion aktiviziruyutsya function minimize the current that allows you to start the treatment with a sharp movement, and with a gradual ramp-up.
  • The Bounding box. Since the tool includes providing manual force on the workspace, the operator is difficult to sustain the same height of cut layers throughout the area. Therefore, to control the maximum depth of belt grinding machines are equipped with special constraints.
  • Dust extraction. In the process, inevitably include large amounts of small chips and wood dust. To timely eliminate and prevent the spread of waste, some models allow you to connect to instrument industrial vacuum cleaners. They suck the dust formed immediately after its release.
  • Maintaining a high speed. The ability of the tool to sustain a stable working rhythm when you enable the high-speed rotation of the rollers.

Tips for selecting the tape

band Sanders

In Fact, in the choice of tool will not be superfluous to initially focus on the optimal size of the abrasive consumable. Have a value of two characteristics-the length and width. As for the former, it expresses the total length of the fabric, which is wound on rotating rollers. Depending on the model length varies from 400 to 600 mm on average. During operation, this parameter will affect the vehicle's ability to deal effectively with long workpieces and the durability of the fabric with the point of view of wear. Width directly affects the area of single coverage of the target surface. For example, narrow boards, it is advisable to handle the tape, the width of which is 65-75 mm large format Sheet material, by contrast, is more effectively served by a band at 100-110 mm. you can Now proceed to review specific models of belt sanding machines. The ranking presented below demonstrates the most successful machines from the best manufacturers on the market hand tool.

1st place - Makita model 9404

Belt sander Makita

The Japanese firm regularly takes top positions in ratings of sales that can be explained by the high quality, functionality and reliability. These characteristics are appropriate to apply to the sander 9404 modifications, the cost of which is about 14 thousand RUB Tool is provided by the engine at 1010 watts, supports up to 440 m/min and is equipped with a dust collector. Among the competitors belt sander Makita this version may have the highest build quality, the balance of power and functionality. Users, for example, speak positively about adjusting the speed and maneuverability of the device. Among small ergonomic advantages mentioned a long cord, comfortable hand grips on the handle and having multiple plates in the base set (of cork and graphite).

2nd place- model PBS 75 A Bosch

Belt sander Bosch

German manufacturer is Makita direct competition, offering by and large similar as products. In this case, is considered a tool less high-end. If the above machine is suitable for semi-professional use, the PBS 75 A will soon have a place in the household. On this hint, and the average cost models to 8 thousand RUB Over the same amount the owner receives the power potential of 750 W, whereby the rollers are accelerated up to 350 m/min. Which operations can perform belt sanding machine with such capabilities? Production practice shows that the machine copes well with mopping flooring, by removing old layers of paint, etc. And, again, the stability of the workflow and stamina-the characteristic features of it tools Bosch and Makita. Chinese counterparts and when more power is unlikely to guarantee the same high quality of grinding while keeping your own technical resource for a long time.

3rd place- model Ryobi EBS800

Belt sander Vaping

The Solution for simple problems in the household. Firm Ryobi is not as well known compared to the aforementioned manufacturers, but its products deserves attention, as it combines decent power with an attractive set of options and low cost. Model EBS800 with the motor at 800 watts and a speed of 300 m/min available in only 4-4. 5 thousand. the characteristics of the previous versions are very close, so what's the difference? As already noted, the belt sanding machine of this class initially lose premium counterparts as components. This option is less reliable and durable, although the convenience of physical treatment to show benefits. Must have and limitations in functionality. Camera EBS800 devoid of soft start, support peak loads and adjust the speed.

4th place- model «Energomash LSM-76/900”

Domestic development for domestic use and also with a small price tag – about 4 thousand. a Feature of this model can be called an unusual combination of power and maximum rotation speed of the rollers – 900 watts at 250 m/min. This means that the sander focuses on cleansing rough metal surfaces-sheet metal, car body, a variety of surfaces, equipment, etc. Users indicate the good performance belt grinding machine «Energomash», its low weight (3.2 kg) and easy adjustment. The disadvantages include the severe vibration and noise. The vibrations just do not allow for the fine grinding of small parts.

Belt grinder Interskol

What manufacturer to prefer?

The higher the grade sander, the more sensitive the operation, it is possible to lay. Therefore, the power tools from companies such as Bosch and Makita should choose for professional use. This group should include brands Elitech, Hitachi and Metabo. If the tasks perform simple Stripping of small areas, can be limited and entry-level models. This segment is mainly represented by Russian...

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