What to feed potted plants in winter at home?


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People, carefully vyhazhivanie small garden on the windowsill, for the most part know the features of their Pets, their preferences in land, fertilizers and irrigation regime. But what to feed the potted plants in the winter, guess not all. Because sometimes you make mistakes, leading to slower growth, lack of flowering or disease of the inhabitants of the sills. Our article aims to help you avoid such mistakes and help to choose the right way to maintain your plantings.what to feed potted plants in winter

General rules feeding

Before you can understand what to feed flowers in winter home, let us recall how this is done in principle. Rules not so much, but remember it is worth it.

  1. Feeding are not made in a dry land! Even in a dilute state they can burn the roots. First, the plant is watered in a little lesser extent than always, and only after a couple of hours given fertilizer.
  2. It is Better to feed the flowers in the evening when the falls are active sun exposure, less evaporation, and the flower can fully get the nutrients.
  3. Do Not violate the guidelines for dilution of fertilizer. More than prescribed in the regulations, the plant to absorb feeding can not, and the roots to burn him quite possible.

what to feed potted plants in winter at home

When to fertilize is not

There are situations in which feeding is strictly prohibited or at least strongly recommended. First, this period of the disease of plants or the time of his attack by pests. First, this problem is solved, and only after full recovery begin delicate support weak flower.


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Do Not fertilize and only purchased the plants: when industrial they are breeding in the soil is entered as many stimulants and minerals that they need time to mastering already existing application. First time to feed these flowers can only be through the month when they will surely take root in your home.

To pause and need after the transplant. If you properly picked up the soil, it contains all necessary for survival and well-being of the plant. In addition, during the resettlement of damaged roots, even if you were extremely careful. Fertilizer in such a situation is not only not absorbed, but can and do harm.

what to feed potted plants in winter

There are special rules about how often and what to feed flowers in winter: in this period the plants are particularly vulnerable, so we'll discuss this in detail and separately.

When fertilizer is needed immediately

If you infrequently recall that the soil for plants need nutrients, water, they cannot survive, eventually you will observe the sad consequences of his forgetfulness.

  • Flowers cease to grow or the growth is very much retarded;
  • The stems are much elongated, becoming thin, brittle and weak;
  • The leaves are small, pale, lose color and droop, often there is them dropping, or the appearance of unhealthy spots;
  • Theoretically flowering plants refuse to bloom;
  • Diseases of plants almost do not resist (if you regularly have to treat them, it's time to think about what you are doing something wrong).

Upon detection of such symptoms will have to fertilize as soon as possible and gently, otherwise you risk to remain without a home garden. If fasting is seen not in season, you will have to break your head over what to feed potted plants in winter at home so that weak plants can absorb fertilizer. In the summer, spring and autumn you can use a universal dressing in normal mode.what to feed indoor plants during winter Lily

Refinement for the winter

The Majority of growers believe that cold fertilize the plants should not be. But professionals think that's not quite true. Of course, changing the frequency of application of fertilizers, in any case are not given growth stimulants; and before to feed potted plants in the winter, will have to think in advance and to change the composition of the dressing. However, to completely stop the support not worth it, especially if your windowsill are blooming plants. Still, I noticed that they spend a lot of effort and pull out of the ground all she can give. So such instances are fed in regular mode until they wither.what to feed flowers winter folk remedies

Other plants is enough to give fertilizer in a much smaller concentration (it is reduced by half) and much less frequently. Once a month would be pretty – and so till the spring.

The variety of plants also depends very much on what to feed indoor plants during the winter. Lily, for example, in this period rests. If you do not live the first year, the aboveground part of her withers, and the underground is gaining strength. The pot is placed somewhere cool in it until the spring just maintain soil moisture. If you just put the onion (autumn), she mastered in a new place, and to March with nothing to stimulate it not worth it. The same considerations apply to all colors having clearly expressed in the dormant period.what to feed flowers winter folk remedies

What to feed flowers in the winter's

A generation of plant breeders care about the health of their Pets, came up with a significant amount of “recipes” what to feed flowers in winter as gentle as possible, but nutritious. The most successful deemed to be the following:

  1. Juice of aloe is known to all. Teaspoon of this substance is diluted to one and a half liters of water. Once a month is applied as top dressing. Suitable for all plants.
  2. Infusion of pomegranate and citrus peels. Need to survive the day. Again, good for all colors.
  3. Skins from bananas, infused for the same time.
  4. Washing cereals (buckwheat, barley, millet, rice), pour water, and use it for irrigation. Perfect mild fertilizer! The same applies to the water, which was razmeshivatsya dried peas.
  5. If there is an aquarium, water from it (when you change) engage for watering plants. Then chemical fertilizers are needed.

Preventive measures: prepare

To not guess what to feed indoor plants during the winter, something that can be done ahead of time. During the spring transplant can make some tweaks that will provide your plants with all necessary until the spring. They will be very helpful if you need a transplant in the fall.

  1. Forest soil. It should take under the oaks, only the top layer. For a year all that it contains, is more than enough.
  2. When transplanting flowers that prefer acidic soil in the bottom of the pot is laid chopped fern.

Choosing what to feed indoor plants during the winter, remember that they need the soil of different acidity. Not worth the shells of eggs to pour plants which need an acidic environment and thick coffee – the fact that like alkaline.


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