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Western arborvitae “emerald” is a variety that has a beautiful conical shape. The plant output in Denmark, has a relatively slow growth reaching 10 years height 2.5 meters. The annual increase in the TUI may be about 10 cm above and 5 cm wide. The maximum height of adult plants is 6 meters.thuja Smaragd

Tuya “emerald”: description

The Plant is a coniferous tree. The branches included in uzkokoleikas dense crown, are particularly tenderness, have emerald green in color and located in the vertical plane. The needles are plants green in color, scaly structure. On the tree grow brown cones are rare elongated ovoid forms, which reach 7 mm in length. Thuja “emerald” has its own peculiarity. Unlike other varieties, needles which in winter takes on a brownish color, this plant Krona remains year-round emerald green.

Thuja occidentalis “emerald” care

Most Often the plant is used for decorative purposes. Caring for thuja significant impact may have a place where it will be planted. Look for a plant is easy, and if you follow some tips, its cultivation will not bring much trouble.thuja Smaragd description

The Plant tolerates any type of soil, but luxuriant instance, you will have moist fertile soil, consisting of peat, loam, sand and humus.

To plant a tree will require a pit, the size of which depends on the volume of the root system. To create a hedge should observe the interval between the seedlings to 2-meters, the formation of the alleys between the rows should be not less than 8 meters, the distance in row between the trees - up to 4 meters.


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Before thuja “emerald” will be planted in a hole you need to fill rotted organic matter and wood ash, as well as "NPK". After planting should produce foliar treatment “Appin”.

Mulching is produced using peat, sawdust, compost or wood chips. This measure will allow to avoid overheating and drying out the roots of trees in summer and freezing in the winter.thuja occidentalis Smaragd care

Pour adult plant with the high groundwater table is optional. However, after landing in the first month must be made weekly watering, making for each seedling on 10 liters of water. In the dry period Tuya “emerald” will require watering, which is produced twice a week, thus the single volume of water is doubled.

In dry weather, you must perform a spraying crown of the tree. And to stimulate growth producing times in a month spraying drugs "Zircon”or “EPIN-extra”. For the prevention or destruction of pests and diseases will also require treatment with fungicides and insecticides.

Tuya “emerald” had a nice lush appearance, make pruning and crown formation. This is done with the help of powerful shears, destrega shoots not more than a third of their length. Systematic pruning of the crown will create a beautiful hedge.

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