The insulation for the heating pipes in the open air and in the apartment: specifications, dimensions


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Any pipeline located outside of the premises, require insulation. With the exception of pipelines, which are laid below the freezing depth. Also the required thermal insulation for pipes located in an unheated room. Insulation allows you to maximize the functionality of communication networks and extend their service life. The use of quality insulation for pipes and helps prevent them from freezing, to reduce heat loss of the heating system to exclude condensation.

insulation for pipes in the open air

Why the need For insulation of pipes?

Well-executed insulation allows you to:

  • Reduce heating pipes are unnecessary and unplanned heat loss.
  • To Minimize on the surface of pipes and inside of the insulator, the possibility of condensation.
  • To Provide some temperature on top of the insulator.
  • To Increase the operation period of the pipe by slowing down the formation of rust.
  • To Protect and polypropylene and metal pipes against mechanical damage.
  • Heat Insulation for heating pipes in the open air keeps you warm in winter prevents freezing.

insulation for pipes characteristics

How to choose a suitable material?

Usually the choice is based on the following criteria:

  • Diameter of pipe;
  • The price of thermal insulation;
  • Under what conditions will occur in operation;
  • Length of pipeline;
  • Performance requirements.

foam insulation for tubes

What is the insulation used for pipes?

The Choice of material for the insulation depends, generally, on the purpose line, pipe diameter and operating conditions. The material for insulation must have:

  • Increased heat resistance;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Fire;
  • Resistance to external negative impacts;
  • Easy installation - for those who wish to hold the insulation alone, this is an important characteristic;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Durable.

For the proper conduct of the heating in the house must not only buy pipes and other items, but take care to ensure their functionality. So, in order to communication is thawed under the influence of low temperatures in advance to buy a high-quality insulation for heating pipes. Today a variety of materials for insulation is enormous, but before you determine the final choice, you should familiarize yourself with their qualitative characteristics.


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Most Often, thermal insulation for pipes made of such materials:

  • Polyethylene Foam (PE foam).
  • Foam rubber.
  • Polyurethane.
  • Mineral wool.

thermal insulation for heating pipes in the open air

Available also the insulation in the form of basalt cylinders.

Polyethylene Foam (polyethylene foam)

Currently when the device heating insulation pipe foam finds quite wide application. The ratio quality/price is the best choice. The thermal insulation of polyethylene foam is produced in 2 basic types:

  • Two-meter tubes;
  • Linen.

Material can have a protective coating of polyethylene, aluminum foil, etc.

Polyethylene foam insulation for water pipe has the following characteristics:

- Coefficient of thermal conductivity (at 40 deg. C) — 0,043 W/m*K.

- resistance Coefficient of vapor diffusion — > 3000.

- temperature Range (workers): -80 to +95 deg.

- Flammability Group — fire resistant materials (G1 and G2).

- Scope — heating, ventilation and sewer systems.

- Supply - in the form of a tube.

insulation for pipe

This insulation for pipes has the following dimensions: wall thickness ranges from 6 mm to 30 mm in diameter 6-160 mm.

The price Range is very large. The cost of pipe insulation Chinese production in 5-7 times less than the European, but the quality is much inferior.

This foam insulation for pipes is easy to install. You just need to cut off the required strip, wrap and secure with tape.

Foam rubber

In performance insulation for pipe of synthetic foam rubber greatly exceeds all other types. But the cost is higher. Because this type of insulation for pipe is most often used in the most critical engineering applications that require resistance to very low or high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, fire, etc.

The Main performance characteristics of this material:

- Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 40 deg. is 0.038 W/m*K.

- temperature Range (workers): -80 to +95 deg.

- Group of combustibility of the material G1.

- Scope — air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

- Supply in the form of a tube whose diameter 6-160 mm, wall thickness of the material is 6-32 mm.

- the Material is resistant to UV rays.

Liquid (sprayable, and painting) insulators

This is a relatively new material in construction. There are two main types of liquid insulators:

  1. Evaporation. On the surface they are applied by the sputtering method, using a special device (for example – PPU).
  2. Paint. They are applied to the surface like a regular paint with a roller or brush.

thermal insulation for heating pipes in the apartment

Both variants have the advantage that insulators can be used where the use of rolled types of insulation is impossible or difficult.

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane semicylinders (shell PPU) is a rigid insulation designed for thermal insulation of pipes. It is possible to cover different types of waterproofing is asphalt, foil, foil glassine FPGC, plastic film, etc. One of the main advantages of isolation of this type is ease of installation. For working day a team of 2 people will be able to cover 300 M. p. and more.

Material Characteristics:

- Coefficient of thermal conductivity is— 0.035 W/m*K.

- temperature Range (workers): from -150 to +120 degrees.

- Group of combustibility of the material — G3.

- Scope of application of polyurethane foam — heating system and hot water.

- Supplies— the half-cylinders.

- Size for the diameter is 32-1020 mm: wall thickness - 40mm (or custom) length — 1-1. 5 m.


This material has a high thermal performance. Usually, on an industrial scale, as for its application on a pipe requires a special spray installation.

Penoizol – multiple component liquid mixture, which is by spraying. During solidification of the material formed a tight sheath around the pipe that heat almost does not pass.

insulation pipe size

To say that such material is cheap you will not name.

Mineral wool and glass fiber

This is the most affordable material is manufactured in rolls and slabs.

It is best to use rolled insulation. The material is easy to assemble (you should wrap the pipe in several layers and to seal the structure with binding wire), and also the possibility of using pipe of different diameter.

Insulation for the pipes in the open air with it is carried out by winding and subsequent attachment of synthetic twine or stainless steel wire.

It is Important to remember that the material of this kind should be covered and a layer of waterproofing. On the street it will save him from wetting and loss of properties, and that the room eliminates the presence in the air of microparticles of material.

Thermal performance of the material is very good.

Heat Insulation for heating pipes in the apartment

Needless to say, the cover of the battery room is not necessary. The sections of the heating network located in rooms where a comfortable temperature is maintained, do not require isolation.

Use a heater it is necessary in the areas of heating, which are laid in areas where it is not supported room temperature (e.g. in the basement).

Insulation for heating pipes in the open air and in the apartment on the market of building materials, both domestic and European and Russian manufacturers.

Choosing how to insulate heating pipes. First, consider the thermal performance, then ease of installation.

Only in the last instance, pay attention to the cost of insulation, because that way it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of each invested in the insulation of the ruble. Cheap but low-quality material may be unsuitable and functional, and instead of the expected savings borne by buyer...

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