How to set road signs? Installation of traffic signs: rules, GOST


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The Importance of road signs cannot be overemphasized. It is not difficult to imagine what will happen if we don't improve norms and rules for the movement of all participants on the road. Of them all you need to know: pedestrians and drivers, cyclists and bikers. This will allow road users to choose the safest and most comfortable mode of travel and, possibly, in some cases, save lives.

Traffic signs

the Rules of the road were written with blood, and their neglect, a violation is a Prime example of irresponsibility, and in some cases even a crime.
The Rules for the installation of traffic signs according to GOST divided into 7 groups:

  • Preduprejdali;
  • Przepisywanie;
  • priority;
  • banning;
  • ;
  • information and the index;
  • Additional information.

When installing road signs, for example, character, as well as the throughput, the illumination of the roadway, terrain features, and weather conditions this site and the information passes a pointer and how it is visually perceived by the drivers. The sign usually features on the right side, facing traffic. This is done in order of the warning information to the driver can correctly evaluate the situation and in time to take a number of measures and manipulations, until the end of the vehicle.

road signs installation

Outside the cities, villages, towns, for example, warning signs erected on the road so that the movement at the standard weather conditions for the area can see them and distinguish at a distance of 150-300 meters. The presence of trees, shrubs, buildings and communications is also taken into account, because nothing should stop you to see important information. It should be noted that the improvement of road traffic signs in settlements in most cases the same, namely at a distance of 50-100 meters to the dangerous section of road. Act as a special service, taking into account that the speed of movement of cars on a country road is higher than on locality.


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General rules of placing of road signs

The number and types of installed road signs with the territorial location of the road meets a guide road of the organization that supports this part of the canvas. It should be noted that all pointers are strictly according to the scheme of installation of road signs, a certain standard in order to avoid confusion, which is possible in the case of inexperienced or novice drivers.

Example layout of characters

installation rules of road signs GOST

In the General regulations clearly stipulates that billboards and banners are made in such a way as not to obstruct signs, which are located on the right side of the roadway, it is done for public convenience, so it was easier to pay attention to them. If necessary, the location on the right side should overlap their presence and on the opposite, left side of the roadway. It is also recommended to place signs at approximately the same level from the base for ease of perception.

Seasonal signs and the performance of the web for signs

As a rule, installation of road sign is dictated by the emergency situation in the territory, nature and terrain, traffic and other hazards, especially when it comes to some limitations. The number of characters is governed by the relevant instructions. On the overlooked member of the movement segment of the roadway can have three characters, but this figure takes no account of duplicate and other signs. The main task of road maintenance services - to establish or eliminate the cause of the obstacle or limitation.


For Example, in the case of seasonal signs or those that arose as a result of objective reasons (road repair) once they no longer need, must be time to get off the road.

As mentioned above, the management of the traffic organization determines the location and number of signs, based on the emergency situation of this area and the terrain. On roads and highway signs, typically placed on the roadway, but if it is a mountain road, the location is generally outside the curb. There are separate rules for location and installation of road signs: for example, the distance from the blade to it is regulated in the range from 0.5 meters to 2 meters.

Signs without lighting

If the roadbed is not equipped with a permanent lighting, make use of signs with self-illumination or retro-reflective. It is noteworthy that the duties of employees of road service includes a periodic verification of the suitability of the characters with their fixation with moving vehicles, reconciliation of test data with recommended settings.

diagram of the installation of road signs

A Large number of signs installed in accordance with the rules and regulations for their placement before a particularly dangerous stretch of roadway. The special attention is paid both to the review of terrain, which the road passes, and sufficient and timely appearance of road signs.

If trees, shrubs, communications hinder him or hide, the owner of the traffic organization on the territory of which it is made, is obliged to take action. If in this area the transport of paintings was an accident caused by poor visibility, in practice it is extremely difficult to attract traffic negligent organization accountable.


Every road sign has such characteristics as area, which you can extend or shorten according to the rules and regulations. The area of the sign is regulated by the respective plates in the direction of decreasing, and with repetition after every intersection in the direction of increase.

installation of road signs prohibiting

If you specify the length of the dangerous section of the roadway independently is challenging, the road service shall decide on the installation of the sign, warning of danger and forbidding certain types of actions in the area.

According to the instructions for installation, dismantling of road signs, marking of the roadway and the service road are made road organization that corresponds to the area of the canvas. But if you want the sign to install at the time of construction of the object, for example, in this situation, the road organization is powerless to do anything about it.

Are illegal characters

Traffic police test and monitor, and installed informative signs, that is, make monitoring their technical condition. Installation of road signs in the settlements made in accordance and in strict compliance with traffic patterns, and, of course, her plan is to be approved at different management levels and responsible agencies.

installation of road signs in localities

Not by chance is now affected by this issue. Often have to deal with arbitrary self-installing prohibitory road signs without any coordination and approval of the relevant authorities. It is clear that such actions limiting the rights and freedoms of citizens, are illegal.


It Happens that the tenants of houses can supply the “Entry”, even though outwardly, it usually may differ from the standard definition in the rules of installation of traffic signs according to GOST. The only correct action in this situation – to pay attention to this glaring fact, road inspection, and they, in turn, needs to take a number of steps to visit the area with the illegally installed sign, remove it and find the perpetrators.


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