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Employers perceive the order of certification of employees as a formality. Regulations intended for commercial organizations, were not issued. Certification is required only for employees of the organizations designated in the laws of the spheres, legislated the process of verification of knowledge and skills of employees of the budgetary sphere (teachers, doctors). Meanwhile, the findings of the certification may be grounds for termination of the contract with the employee. On how to conduct the appraisal process, will write next.

Certification of teachers.

Goal, the accreditation rules

To analyze the work to identify strong and weak points in the knowledge and skills of employees, solve problems and improve the efficiency of the company as a whole is the main task of certification of employees.

Understand when and who needs to be certified, as should be the procedure:

  • With the publication of the document on the modalities of the process must specify which employees are required to pass the test of knowledge and skills.
  • Certification is to notify employees thirty days.
  • Employees are familiar with the reviews for the week.
  • Definitely formed a Commission conducting the evaluation.
  • Certification consists of three stages: preparatory, main and final.
  • Certification of the compliance office is required by law, in the other is held by order of the Director.

Who's certified mandatory?

Mandatory attestation is required for the following groups of workers:

  • Civil servants of public institutions.
  • Employees of municipalities.
  • Railway.
  • Employees of the organizations of electric power industry.
  • Person responsible for the safety of navigation.
  • Aviation personnel.
  • The Employees of high-risk facilities.
  • Leaders of unitary organizations.
  • Working with ionizing radiation.
  • Working in organizations associated with the storage and elimination of chemical weapons.
  • Employees of educational institutions.
  • Medical personnel.

More details in legislation, standards and rules of certification of pedagogical workers and physicians responsible for education and health respectively.


Calculation and payment of sick leave

Calculation and payment of sick leave

Sick Pay provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in particular TC and FZ No. 255. In addition, some rules are governed by the provisions of the civil code. Any employee upon the occurrence of a certain disease should contact a health f...

Appraisal Types

There are several types of certification:

  • Another is required. Periodicity: once in two years for managers, every three years for employees.
  • An increase in job ladder.
  • At the end of the probationary period.
  • When you move to another unit.

Screening of employees occurs on a continuous basis, and the list of positions that need to be certified, delivers the head.

Methods of assessment

Methods performance appraisal there are many, but apply only a few:

  • Classification Method. Selection of employees is conducted according to the criteria which have been approved in advance.
  • Method of ranking. Is to evaluate employees on their merit or abilities.
  • Evaluation scale.
  • Open the certification. Used to estimate the characteristics of the employee.

The Results of the assessment for the right to take a position

The result of the certification of the employee for the offices can be as follows:

  • Certified candidate fits the position.
  • The Employee will match the post with the obligatory implementation of the recommendations of the Commission.
  • Employee does not match the existing position.

Be Sure the certification Commission shall summarize and submit to management a report on its work.

Certification of employees of public institutions

Municipal employee.

Check the knowledge of the servicemen, employees of law enforcement agencies and civil servants are based on administrative documents on the organization of certification officers and warrant officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, about the order of certification of employees of customs bodies of the Russian Federation about carrying out of certification of civil servants of the Russian Federation and other regulations taking into account the peculiarities of a particular type of public work.

Certification of employees is carried out on a regular basis, once in three years. Sometimes possible certification out of turn.

A responsible person of the authority of municipal government, define the periods of verification of knowledge and skills, are lists of employees subject to certification and appraisal schedule.

Validation is carried out at the Commission meeting in the presence of the appraisee officer.

On the basis of documents and materials appraisee, the answers to the questions the Committee members evaluate the level of training of the certified employee in a compliance position, potential capacity, including the promotion.

Certification of aviation personnel

Today, there are Federal aviation regulations, approved by order of Ministry of transport dated 12.09.08, No. 147. Rules define the requirements for aviation personnel. Candidate for a certificate are set the following requirements:

  • Age;
  • The list of knowledge areas;
  • The
  • Minimum of practical training.

The Rules do not contain requirements for candidates when certificates have secondary vocational or higher education, except for professional services of air transport.

Many airlines have a policy on the employment of crew members with the requirements of the secondary vocational or higher education. These terms are fair, since General education is not enough to meet the requirements to specialists of this level.

Rules for the certification of teachers

In the Fall of 2013 in the field of pedagogy certification of workers had actually been suspended. But in the summer of the following year came into effect the regulatory document on the organization of the process of certification of employees of institutions providing educational services.

The Process of verification of knowledge provides the following types of teacher certification:

  • To secure the opportunity for employees of educational institutions to take their positions on the basis of verification of their professional knowledge and skills.
  • Certification of educators, at their discretion, to confirm the categories.

Not certified employees of educational institutions, classified as faculty.

the professional development of teachers.

The Modern version of the order (after changes) of certification of pedagogical workers for the offices involves checking teacher's Commission educational institutions. Certification is based on assessment of pedagogical activities of staff in accordance with the order of their certification.

The Exceptions are the workers:

  • Having proven categories.
  • Have a short work experience on current work in the organization carrying out certification of employees (less than two years).
  • Are pregnant, on maternity leave.
  • Missing at work for more than four months due to temporary incapacity for work.

According to the regulations on the attestation of employees of educational institutions, testing for confirmation of the ability to hold positions is carried out independently by the Commission.

The Commission is conducting certification, can be created from employees of the institution, which operates pedagogical employee, subject to passing of certification, and the representatives of collegiate bodies stipulated in the Foundation document of the institution.

For the certification activities of the teaching staff at each employer contributes to the attestation Commission view that contains the following information about him:

  • Personal data.
  • The name of the current job status.
  • Date of registration of the labor contract.
  • Degree of education and qualification in teacher training.
  • Information on additional teacher education profile educational work.
  • Date the order of certification of the employee.
  • The Results of previous appraisals conducted.
  • Confirmed factual information assessment of the employment qualities of the employee, his professional achievements on the implementation of functional responsibilities entrusted to him by the concluded employment contract.

After the consideration of the submission by the employee of an educational institution has the discretion to provide in-formed the Commission for information, best side to accentuate his teaching activities for the time period from the date of the previous certification of employees of the organization or from the date of commencement of the work.

The Employer must inform the employee of the educational institution with the following documents under the personal signature:

  • Orders of certification of pedagogical workers, lists of employees, subject to certification.
  • Graphics assessment, placed not less than calendar month before the date of the appraisal.
  • Presentation.

The Act is signed by the employer and at least two other responsible individuals in case of refusal in acquaintance with the view in passing of certification of pedagogical workers.

Verification of knowledge of teachers

Validation of professional knowledge is at the Commission meeting with the participation of the appraisee officer.

In the case of the arrival of the certified employee in day of carrying out of certification of employees of the organization at the meeting of the Committee for objective reasons, the check is moved to another day. The schedule is changed. Responsible employer acquaints the employee of an educational institution under the signature of not less than a month before the new scheduled date of certification of pedagogical employees. In case of absence without a reasonable excuse a Commission checks in the absence of the employee.

According to the results of certification of employees of education specially formed educational institution, the Commission voiced the following reasoned decision: matches or does not match an existing post certified officer.

the Mandatory certification of teachers.

The Reasoned decisionsupposes to be formed by the Commission in the absence of the certified employee by open vote of a numerical majority of the members of a specially organized Commission. For certification the teaching staff, a member of the Commission, shall not participate in making decisions on your issue.

In cases where most members of the Commission, attend the meeting, took a positive decision on the possibility of the employee to take the available position, the employee pedagogical sphere admits a corresponding current position.

The Results of verification of knowledge and skills of the employee of the educational institution, directly attend the meeting specially organized Commission, communicated to him orally after collecting the outcome of the General vote of the Commission.

The Order of certification of employees for confirmation of the possibility to take the teachers position does not require registration of the special appraisal sheet.

The results of the validation of knowledge and skills are recorded in the document. It is signed by the Chairman and his Deputy, Secretary and the remaining members who attended the meeting of a specially formed Commission. The current tenant holds a legal document with performances, information about teachers defining their pedagogical career. Executive Secretary of the specially formed Commission of the educational institution not later than two working days from the day of validation of knowledge and skills forms a copy of the record containing the following employee information:

  • Personal data of the certified employee;
  • The name of the post;
  • The date of the meeting specially formed Commission of the organization;
  • Purpose of certification of employees;
  • The results of the voting members of the Commission;
  • Adopted by the Commission formed by the companies reasoned decision on the conformity of the post at decertified.

The Employer shows the employee the pedagogical sphere the excerpt from the Protocol under handwritten signature no later than three working days after it was written. Extract is stored in a personal card of an employee of an educational institution.

The Order of certification of pedagogical workers does not require saving the results of the certified employees to confirm the possibility to occupy certain positions in the transition to work in another organization. New employer has the right to certify these newly arrived workers in the General rules at your place of work subject to the conditions stipulated in the appraisal process of employees.

Specially formed Commission recommend to the employer the possible appointment of individuals to posts of employees in the teaching profession on the basis of results of certification of employees. These people may not have special training or the required seniority work in the field of education, but to have the required practical experience and knowledge to the qualitative performance in full assigned to them of labor obligations under the proposed contract.

The Tenant, having the desire to accept the worker's position in pedagogical sphere of the applicant who does not have the required specialized education, but which, in his opinion, has sufficient practical work experience and theoretical knowledge and is able to perform work in the position, has the right and opportunity to obtain the necessary recommendations to apply to a specially formed Commission, the mandate of which includes a help function to make decisions on such labor issues. The role of the Commission will be a motivated assessment of the capabilities of the applicant to perform the job duties taking into account the existing experience in educational institutions.

The Device to work in these cases due to the anticipated discharge employee's duties. The employer in such situations in order to verify the future employment opportunities of an employee can include a paragraph on the availability at the conclusion of the employment contract of the probationary period on terms stipulated by the labor legislation.

The position of the employee in the educational sphere can be accepted by graduate education institutions who receive education, but applying for a borrowing positions not completed a degree, only with a probationary period.

The Negative results of check of knowledge and skills of the discrepancy of the worker a pedagogical sphere of position can be a motive for termination of the contract pursuant to paragraph three of part one of article 81 of the Code. Termination of the contract on the grounds is not conclusive. It is possible, if there is no possibility to transfer the worker with his consent in writing to have the tenant work. Proposed can be vacant post or the work corresponding to qualification of employee of the educational institution and the vacant lower position or lower-paid job that a worker can fulfil in the framework of the health status according to article 81 of the Code. Take special note that the translation requires written consent of the employee for the transfer.

In addition, it is not allowed to terminate the contract on grounds of non-employee for available positions, that is, inunder part three of article 81 of the Code, with employees from the number of individuals, prescribed in article 261 of the Code. For example, you cannot terminate an employment contract with the employee, having a child with a disability under age, with the formulation of the mismatch positions, as well as in other cases provided by the labor legislation of our country.

As for the workers whose qualification does not meet the standards of the training referred to characteristics of education or the relevant subject which is taught, or activities in the educational institution, it can not be a reason for termination of the contract with them because of their inconsistencies existing posts or assigned activities due to lack of qualifications. Termination of an employment contract is possible upon confirmation of discrepancy post the results of their assessment.

The results of the knowledge test in order to confirm compliance officer of the educational institution they occupy positions on the basis of assessment and teaching activities, the employee has the right to appeal.

The Order of certification of medical professionals

Certification of medical personnel.

The Right to carry out activities in the field of medicine in our state are citizens with specialized education and accreditation certificate (two years ago were required to have a certificate). The government is trying to monitor the activities of medical staff. Obligatory for them is professional development on a regular basis. It should be held at least every five years for the entire period of employment of health of the employee. It's always training in educational organizations providing for the examination and issuance of a special certificate.

In contrast to the mandatory qualification attestation of health workers category is free will. It affects not only professional, how much the material side of employment of medical staff. The presence of the category gives you the opportunity to obtain higher earnings. For certification the evaluated level of knowledge the exam is held.

Certification of employees of medical institutions.

The Order of carrying out of certification of employees is regulated by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation defining the manner and procedure of assignment of categories.


  • Specialists with higher medical education certificate according to the list of posts from the order of the Ministry of health of Russia from October 7, 2015
  • Specialists with secondary education in the medical field is certified in accordance with the list of posts from the order of the Ministry of health of Russia from April 16, 2008
  • Professionals from other higher education positions according to the list approved by order of Ministry of health of Russia from December 20, 2012

The category is valid for five years from the date of publication of the administrative document on its consistency. To take the exam in the following category specialist may not earlier than three years after receiving the previous one. For each category of them sets out the requirements to a specialist with a medical profile.

A Certification of medical workers is carried out by experts within the special Commission. The exam consists of several stages:

  • Expertise. A report on the activities of the expert in the professional field. The report is sent to the applicant in the package of all required papers for attestation and is estimated by experts making a reasoned conclusion.
  • Successful completion of testing is considered when performing seventy per cent of jobs.
  • Interview.

The Result of the evaluation is the Commission's decision on assignment or nepristoinyi category. In case of disagreement the decision can be challenged in a public authority or a special organization within the calendar year.

When you assign a category issued administrative act. The medic shall notify the Secretary in writing.

Certification of workers in the medical field on the category is a test, which measures knowledge of the theory and practical skills of the physician, necessary in his work. Certification differs from a mandatory qualification that is voluntary. Its presence gives the specialist benefits, primarily of a financial nature (an increase in pay), then the upgrading of the post in the assignment of the following categories. This is the main motivating factor for the medic.

The Process of gradual transition from certificate to certificate is extended in time by five years. Certificate certificate of doctor or nurse changing in the period when the deadline of the old document.

Legislated that health workers should regularly raise their qualification level not less than once in five years. It is a prerequisite for the activities of professional health workers. Refresher training should not be confused with certification to the next category. This is a voluntary request of the employee. Once you assign another category to the nexta medical worker can apply after the three-year period. Every five years to prove their right to the existing category or to the next one.

the Mandatory certification of medical personnel.

To prepare For the test during certification or obtaining a certificate of vocational ability can be trained and test their knowledge in real-time at special sites. There are lots of them. We first need to define the test job a certificate or a category, then include your education and pass the test.

There will be given fifty jobs. You can restrict the time limit or not to limit, the time limit in order to be able to think, to pry the answer to a difficult question. At the end of the testing result will be shown your score and all the questions that you gave the correct or wrong answer.

To pass certification, you must submit the required documents with the application to it of the opinion of his supervisor or any other medical Director about your professional work, with indication of existing awards and marks of difference stamped by the institution where the health worker.

To get the second category, the physician must have the experience of more than three years, and higher – at least seven.

The Attestation Committee considers all brought instruments and writes his expert opinion. Testing is carried out. The Committee members talk with the candidate on the category and shall render its decision on awarding or nepristoinyi category. If the Commission denies the physician in assigning categories, it can appeal in a period of one year.

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