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Every person who buys a car needs to do its registration in the traffic police. It is necessary when purchasing new or used cars, as well as no matter whether the seller of natural persons or legal entities. Check the vehicle is in the traffic police, and regularly in the rules of the process are made different changes. Therefore, every car owner needs a good understanding of what actions they should execute to put the car on the account.

The New rules in 2018

At the end of 2017 was introduced numerous adjustments relating to car registration. They relate more to the introduction of new technologies. Therefore, the registration of the vehicle must be performed while accounting changes:

  • If in 2018 the car is not equipped with a special system of automatic navigation in case of an accident, for example, the system “ERA-GLONASS», it will not be allowed to register, and this requirement is intended for the producers of cars that when creating machinery should provide for the availability of these systems;
  • Car owners no longer have to spend a lot of time and effort to purchase a mandatory insurance policy, as it is possible directly on the website of the chosen insurance company to issue a document, and then purchased documentation is printed and provided to the traffic police when you stop the machine;
  • Introduced new standards to be used when calculating the cost of insurance policy, so the price depends on the number of offenses on the driver side, so if you have a throughout the year a lot of accrued fines or the withdrawal of rights, it will negatively affect the cost of insurance;
  • Maximum rate of CTP is three times the size of last maximum value of the policy;
  • More is planned in 2018 a smooth transition to electronic passports the vehicle, so the owner's information will be one hub that will allow drivers to present employees of traffic police of PTS, therefore, in itself sufficient to have only SV-in about registration.

Thus, the procedure of registering and buying insurance policy has been simplified. Soon every car owner will have only the registration certificate of the vehicle, and information about other documents employees of traffic police will be able to receive electronically from various databases.


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vehicle registration penalty

How to book an appointment at the police?

For setting the machine on the account are advised to make an appointment in the traffic police. This will prevent the need for long waiting in the queue. To perform the process in different ways.

You can Sign up in one of two ways:

  • A telephone call to the desired separation of traffic;
  • Via the website Services.

Each method is simple and available for every car owner. Most important to use the offers of the portal, so there was a discount to pay the fee.

How to make an appointment by phone?

If you plan to register the vehicle, you can use the record at a specific time in the desired subdivision of the traffic police. To do this, perform these steps:

  • Initially it is necessary to go to the official website of the traffic police;
  • Select the section called “Contacts”;
  • Is the desired subdivision of the traffic police, where you want to apply the citizen for the registration process;
  • Click "Contact information";
  • Select the paragraph motor vehicle registration;
  • Next the screen displays all the phone numbers that you can use to book an appointment or to obtain additional background information;
  • At the specified phone number must call and make an appointment at a convenient time.

At the appointed time required to come to the division of police with a statement and other documentation on the car. In this case, the registration of the vehicle in the traffic police will not take a lot of time that you have to spend while waiting for their turn.

How to make an appointment via the portal of state Services?

Another option to make an appointment at a specific subdivision of the traffic police is the possibility to benefit from the unique advantages of operation. To do this, perform these steps:

  • Initially, you have to register on the website, confirming their identity;
  • Next, using the login and password is required to log in to the portal to access your personal account;
  • Enter search text: “the registration of the vehicle";
  • On the page that appears, select the desired service that is represented by a record in the traffic police for setting the machine on the account;
  • Specifies the personal information about the citizen, which include name, date of birth, gender and contact details;
  • Select the STSI on the map or from the list;
  • Button is pressed, allowing you to select the day and time of admission;
  • Evidenced by the application.

At the appointed time not only the citizen himself must come to the Department of traffic police with the necessary documents, but also need to provide the car for inspection.


Registration Rules

The Procedure depends on whether bought a new car or supported. Thus included some conditions:

  • When buying a car in the salon when requiredthe design of the registration certificate of the vehicle to obtain an additional registration marks;
  • If you select a used car, which previously consisted on the account, you can saved for him the signs, therefore, are not required to pay the fee for their creation;
  • The registration process takes no more than 10 days, and this period starts from the moment when the machine was issued to the new owner or have changed personal data about the citizen.

Before you actually purchase a specific car should pay attention to a thorough inspection to make sure that the registration will not be able to experience different problems. So the car should not be stolen. Its technical condition must be perfect, as otherwise it will be impossible to pass inspection and get a diagnostic card, required for processing of insurance policy. It is also important to ensure that there are no restrictions imposed by police officers or other public authorities, as under such conditions the impossible registration of the vehicle in the traffic police.

To Check the machine is quite simple, since it is enough only to know the VIN code. Further, this information is entered on the official website of the traffic police, which allows to obtain the desired information.

the state duty for registration of TS

How is the registration process?

The Procedure is quite simple so does not take much time. Most important to exercise through the state body registering the vehicle. It does not have to spend time filling out the application in STSI. Are only simple steps:

  • Initially, you have to register on this portal, which will have to confirm your identity;
  • Next enter the username and password to enter the system, which will allow you to open a basic personal account page of a specific user;
  • Select the section that prompts you to register the car;
  • Button is pressed, on the basis of which is the electronic service;
  • Is filled in correctly the application for registration of the vehicle, and to make sure only accurate and correct information, so it is recommended to check with the data available in the official documents of the applicant;
  • Need to make the data contained in the passport, the title, the insurance policy and STS, as if seeking a representative, that additionally indicates the presence of a notarized power of attorney;
  • Select the unit of the traffic police, where you will receive a certificate;
  • Defines a convenient date and time of visit of the institution;
  • Next you need to wait until a well-formed application will be considered;
  • Notification about acceptance of the application and confirm the dates of attendance will be sent to the email indicated during registration on the portal of state Services, and the information will appear in your account on the website;
  • Office addition will contain a receipt that allows you to pay a fee.

For registration in any case have to pay a fee. If you use the payment portal of public Services, the state duty for the registration of the vehicle is reduced by 30%. Therefore, to use this site not only convenient, but also profitable.

the number of the certificate of vehicle registration

How to make a statement?

Much attention has to be paid to the correct formation of the statement. It is divided into several separate units, each of which has its own purpose. If you are registering a new car, then enter the information:

  • Personal data about the owner;
  • Information about the car;
  • General information.

In the end, be sure to put applicant's signature and date of the document. Allowed to be assisted by a representative, if he has a notarized power of attorney, but is required to complete the statement of information for the citizen. If changes were made to the vehicle, then fill the corresponding block of statements.

What to do in the appointed day?

Specified In the statement, the day must arrive at pre-selected subdivision of the traffic police. Definitely need to get a car that's getting on the account. The procedure of registration of the vehicle implies that the vehicle owner must present the documents:

  • Properly printed the registration statement, which was filled on the portal of public Services;
  • Original title;
  • Insurance policy;
  • A receipt confirming payment of the registration fee.

Quite often the citizens have problems with the preparation of the statement. This document is a standard and simple in the formation, so below you can examine the sample. The registration of the vehicle without application is impossible, so you have to understand the rules of writing.

the registration statement TS

In division of traffic police it is necessary to wait only when an employee of the institution at the designated time will cause a citizen to register.

Looks whether the car?

Certainly, the employees of traffic police inspect the car for compliance with the essential requirements. For this you define:

  • Does the existing car VIN ID to the ID specified in title;
  • Is the machinewanted;
  • Identifies all restrictions that might exist on the car.

If the check results will be free of any violations, it is car statement on the account. Based on this, the car owner receives the license plates and certificate. The driver will need to attach numbers to the car. The number of the certificate of vehicle registration is unique, and it is to be paid into a special database of traffic police, therefore, on the basis of this information, personnel will verify the validity of the documentation the driver of the car.


Placing the machine on the account you want to pay a fee. It is advisable to perform this process through the state Services portal, which will save 30% of the price of services. The total payment amount consists of different parts:

  • Registration of signs – 2 K rubles (1400 RUB through public Services);
  • The results of room for trailers or motorcycles – 1500 RUB (1050 rubles);
  • Providing STS – 500 rubles (350 rubles);
  • The results of PTS – 800 RUB (560 rubles);
  • Making different adjustments in the existing PTS – 350 RUB (245 rubles)

If payment is made in division of the traffic police, it will have to pay a lot more money than if you use the portal of public Services. The registration number of the vehicle is a significant combination of numbers on the basis of which the owners can prove that they put the car on the account. Therefore, it is important to keep the certificate and present it when necessary to employees of traffic police.

vehicle registration certificate

How fast the process is running?

Registration is for one day, so it is enough just to provide employees with the selected division of traffic police of the application and receipt of payment of fees, to make the information in the database.

After inspection of the vehicle is issued discounts on hotel rooms.

Effects of the management of an unregistered machine

Registration is required within 10 days after vehicle purchased. In practice, many citizens violate this requirement, and therefore operate the machine without setting it to the given deadlines. On the basis of article 12.1 of the administrative code imposed for such violation punishment:

  • Imposition of a fine in the amount from 500 to 800 rubles;
  • If the second violation is detected, it increases the penalty to 5 thousand rubles, and such punishment may be replaced by deprivation of driving license for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Apply the above penalties only after the employee of traffic police who stopped a car will reveal the absence of registration, if after the purchase the car was more than 10 days. In the absence of registration of the vehicle the fine is paid without fail, and for a repeated violation the amount of the payment increases significantly. Therefore, every car owner should take care to promptly execute the process.

vehicle passport

If the buyer of the car does not have rights, he can entrust the management to another person, who must fit into the insurance policy.

Thus, each vehicle purchased must be registered, what is its registration in the traffic police. The process is fast but must be exercised within 10 days after the purchase of the machine. For that you have to pay the legal costs, and to reduce the size of payment it is recommended to Deposit funds through the state Services portal. At the same service have the option to make an appointment at the right unit of police that will save man from having to stand long in the queue.

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