Replacement rights when changing names. What documents you need to provide?


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Replacement rights when changing the names is quite ordinary process, which is familiar to many. Because the change of initials of people happens frequently. Mainly it concerns women. After marriage or divorce, as a rule, it is necessary to change the law. But is it necessary? How is this process? Is it possible to avoid the replacement? In what all cases, citizens have to change your driver's license?

Do I have to change

A few years ago, replacing the names of the rights were considered an optional process. But what are the rules in Russia are in 2016? Many simply are not interested in changes, and then face serious problems.

The Thing is that from 5 Nov 2014 in the law there have been some changes. And replace the rights with a change of name for any reason is now a mandatory process. This is indicated by the Federal law №196 "About safety of traffic".replacing rights if you replace the names

If you are replacing a driver's license, be prepared to suffer a certain punishment. You can usually get off with a fine. The size is from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

When you change the right

Replacement rights when changing names is not the only reason you need to exchange document. There are rules that indicate the reasons for the implementation of the change driver's license. 2014 this:

  • Changing personal information (name, surname, patronymic);
  • The expiration of the document;
  • Damage;
  • Loss (for example, theft);
  • Rights issue with false data.
  • If there are medical contraindications.

From Here you can figure out what the name change is an important reason for replacement of a driver's license. Why? This change personal information about the driver. So, ownership change is mandatory.


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What was the situation a few years ago? Prior to the changes adopted in 2014, replacing the names on my driver's license is not required on a mandatory basis. It was enough to carry out the process at the end of the validity of the previous certificate of the driver. And this term is still equal to 10 years.

But how did women, to confirm the authenticity right? It's very simple - it was enough to carry the document-base name change. Would even copy. Preferably notarized. Not too convenient, but no one required a driving license.


What are the features you should pay attention? Many are interested in what terms is the replacement of rights when changing names. To answer this question difficult. After all, you need in the shortest possible time to carry out the process of the exchange of driver's license.replacement rights when changing the names of traffic police

In fact, there are no significant restrictions on this account. You can not change the law until, until their expiration date. But this is only the case if you are not planning to get behind the wheel.

But if you want after the wedding or divorce to get behind the wheel, you should hurry. After all, driving a car needs new driver's license. So after about a month you have to deal with the task. As soon as a complete list of documents required for the replacement you have on hand.

To Pay or not

How much is the replacement rights when changing names? Stamp duty in such case provided. Some do not know how much it will cost them a driving license in 2016. The preparation of the population?

More recently, the state fee was only 800 rubles. But now the payment has increased several times. To get a new voditelskaya law to replace the old, you will have to pay the state for 2,000 rubles.replacement rights when changing the name of duty

Where to transfer money? They are transferred to the account submitted by the traffic police in your area. In this service it is necessary to transfer the state fee. Be sure to save the receipt (in original). It is still useful!

Substitution Rules

Some are frightened of the upcoming paperwork. Therefore it is necessary to know how the replacement rights with a change of name. You can make a short sequence of actions that will go national. Nothing special from the person is not required, but to prepare for the process beforehand. Replacement driver's license boils down to:

  • The collection of documents;
  • Undergo a medical examination;
  • Payment of registration fee;
  • Submission of the application;
  • Obtaining new identity;
  • Changes in the car insurance policy.

As you can see, nothing special about it. But the collection of documents and the medical Board is able to bring some inconvenience. This is especially true of the second. Even if you recently got a driver's license, if there is a change of name, replacement of driving licenses will still require citizen new examination by doctors.replacing rights with the names

About the Commission

It is therefore necessary to examine in more detail the medical examination necessary to obtain rights and to replace them for any reason. There is a certainform in medical institutions, which is issued to the population during the passage of a fee for receipt of the document. A citizen should be required Prouty:

  • Otolaryngology;
  • Terapevt;
  • Oculista;
  • Hirurga;
  • Nevropatologa;
  • Psichiatra;
  • Narkologa.

This process Usually takes a lot of time. Therefore, citizens must pass examinations in private clinics. And after this it remains only to look at the substance abuse and mental hospital. In some medical institutions, drug experts and psychiatrists available. Not so important exactly where you'll pass inspection. Most importantly, to have a reference telling about your health. The absence of even one doctor in the document - the basis for the denial of the exchange or the issuance of a driver's license.changing the name on my driver's license

Where to go

Suppose you have collected a list of certain documents (specific lists for different cases will be presented later). But now where to take them? Now the population there are several variants of development of events. Where to go if you need a replacement rights when replacing names:

  • Traffic;
  • The portal "public Services";
  • The MFC.

As you can see, there are several options. Many are advised to come personally to the traffic police in your area. So you will be able to significantly speed up the process of exchange of document. But no less a demand for the service "public Services". But MFTS are not yet too popular to the population in exchange of a driver's license. After all, when you call here you will need to additionally wait for some time to obtain new rights.

MFC and traffic

Now specifically about how to act in a particular case. How is the replacement of rights when changing names? Traffic police as DCP, helps to very quickly deal with the task. As already mentioned, at the address in the multipurpose centers will have to wait a certain period of time (weeks) to get a new document. Here is a list of the requirements of the securities and for similar traffic, and for the IFC. You will need:

  • Passport
  • The old law;
  • Pictures (3 by 4 format, colored, 3-4 pieces);
  • Medical certificate (copy);
  • Payment system confirming payment of the state duty for the replacement of rights;
  • Marriage certificate or divorce papers (with copies of, or otherwise change the data base);
  • A statement on the replacement card (the form given in the DCP or the traffic police).

More nothing is required from you. Pay special attention to your photos. At the moment, do not use the old images. The maximum lifetime of photos and documents - 6 months. If you have photos taken more than six months ago, you cannot use them when exchanging a driver's license. The newer the photo, the better.replacement rights after the change of name


What else is accompanied by substitution rights when changing names. The documents that were listed previously, you need only to citizens of the Russian Federation. But foreigners are in some circumstances able to replace your driver's licence, in the case of new personal data. What you should pay attention to?

That foreign citizens have the opportunity to put the idea on replacing the right to life only when they have a residence permit in Russia. To apply them in the same organs, goes to the country's population. Only the list of documents is slightly different. Foreigners should bring:

  • ID (copy);
  • Certificate of registration or registration;
  • A foreign passport (copy notarized);
  • Photo (glossy, 4-by-6 format, 2-3 pieces);
  • Medical certificate of the established sample;
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee.

More than anything from a foreign citizen with a residence permit on the territory of Russia do not require. How much is stamp duty for what is replacing the names of the rights? The same as paying citizens of the Russian Federation - 2,000 roubles. Additionally, the traffic police or the IFC, the foreigner must fill in the application form. Don't forget that.

The Portal "public Services"

If you do not want to personally contact the relevant authorities to change the driver's license, you can use the Internet. Or rather, the portal "public Services". Here you can not only change the law, but also to pay fines. In General, this service was invented specifically to make life easier for the population in questions of registration and receipt of certain documents.

Replacement rights when changing the names via the portal "public Services" is very fast. For starters, you must have activated account on the service. If not, you will have to register and wait for activation. As soon as the opportunity arises, authorize the "public Services".

Then you can act in several ways. The first is the use of search strings. Write "replacement driver's license" and click the start scanning services. Then in the window that appears select the appropriate line. The second option is the choice of services by using the menu. Go to the "interior Ministry", find there the appropriate item.

Next, click "Get service". After that you have to choose your region of residence, provided the operation and the reason for the replacement document.The next step is filling out the application. It is exactly the same as in the traffic police, but only in electronic format. By the way, if you fill your profile on "public Services", certain information about you is put in the fields automatically. Will only have to add the form data is missing. Don't forget to make a note of the medical report.replacing rights with change of name

All that now remains is to upload your photos. Their must be some - personal and signature image. You can send your application for processing. You will set a date for a visit to the traffic police for a driving license. Don't forget to pay the state fee for the exchange of the rights. Preferably by the time of the application have to execute a task and upload an image of your receipt. The original bring in the traffic police.


There is one last matter of concern to the population. Does not involve any replacement of the rights with the change of name certification? Or, as they say, examinations for a driver's licence?

Fortunately, no. No matter how much you weren't behind the wheel - a month, a year or a few days. To confirm your driving skills, enough to bring the old law. Neither practice nor theory do not give up, if you change a driver's license because of a change in personal data. Fear of exams is not worth it. Replacement rights after the change of name - ordinary matter, which should not scare anyone.

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