"Texas sniper" Charles Whitman : pictures, causes of the fire


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Sometimes cruel and senseless at first glance, the crimes are committed by people with an impeccable reputation. A striking example is Charles Whitman, famous throughout the world as “sniper from Texas”. On the question about the motives guiding this person was not able to confidently answer any one of the experts who have studied his case.

Charles Whitman

Childhood and youth of Charles Whitman

The Man who became known as "the sniper from Texas", was born in the family of a successful businessman Charles A. Whitman. Long-awaited first child was born in 1941, and later the couple had two more sons. Charles Whitman was very clever and at the age of 6 years smote all their IQ tests, gaining 138 points, which is considered a good result for an adult. From an early age the boy showed an interest in firearms, however, one is not surprised, because his father had a whole collection, were taught to shoot all his sons and showed how to store a variety of rifles and shotguns and care for them. Was given the family focus and religious education. All the children attended Church regularly and even served there. When Charles was 12 years old, he received the highest boy scout award. In the summer of 1959 Whitman as a volunteer went to serve in the marine corps. His father, this decision did not like very much, but stop he could not.

Charles Whitman the Texas sniper

Adult life "the Texas shooter"

Charles Whitman returned from the army in 1961. For a successful service a young man was selected for a scholarship, through which he was able to enroll in the University of Texas at speciality “engineering”. In addition to the study, Charles found time for various Hobbies: scuba diving, karate, and hunting. Soon, however, my scholarship guy lost because of problems with academic performance and one particular of the offence. Whitman shot the deer and brought the carcass for further processing in student dormitory. As a result, the study had to quit.


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In 1962, Charles Whitman married Kathleen Frances Leissner. After marriage the hero of our story returned to military service. He soon became a corporal, however, long to enjoy the new title was not necessary. Soon Whitman was again demoted to the ranks because of love to prohibited gambling. Military career of Charles ends in 1964. Returning home, he re-enters the University of Texas, choosing this time the profession of the architect. In parallel, he has also to find a part time job. Not having found anything better, Whitman arranged a collector of accounts. Then Charles has worked in the Austin national Bank, and at the time of committing their horrific crimes was employed by the Cental Freight Lines.

Charles Whitman photo

I saved them from the torment of…

July 31, 1966 the family of Aitmanov was just a normal day. Charles took Kathy from work, they was found with his mom, and then went to visit friends. Then the wife of Whitman left for work (night shift), and he sat down to write the suicide note. In this letter, he talked about the fact that trying to maintain sanity, but sometimes he himself cannot understand. After writing the letter, Charles went to his own mother and killed her by strangling and attacking with a knife in the chest. Near the body he left another note, which talked about that very much loved this woman and found no other way to spare her all the suffering of this world. After committing the murder Charles came home, his wife was already asleep. He also killed, causing three stabs in the chest. Not to say that these killings Whitman made spontaneously. He thought of everything, even called the wife and mother, warned that they were both sick and can't come in the required change.

Charles Whitman

Shooting at the University of Texas

Early on the morning of the first of August 1966, after killing his wife, Charles Whitman began preparations for his terrible crime. He took a big suitcase, put inside a few weapons, ammo and other necessary things. Waiting for 9 o'clock in the morning, Charles moved his Luggage into the car and went to the nearest gun shop. There he bought several firearms, and then went to Texas University. Around 11.30 Whitman, pushing the wheelbarrow before him, entered the building of the educational institution, a student which he was. The killer was wearing overalls. Randomly met a friend he explained that he is going to clean the sewers. Purpose Whitman was an observation deck on the top floor of the tower of the University. On his way he spoke with several people, representing a full carelessness. The first victims of Charles were visitors to the lookout and woman, an employee of the University, tracking the order during the tour. Making sure that live is gone, Whitman barricaded himself on the court, won a starting position of a sniper had taught him in the army, and opened fire.

Victims of "the Texas shooter"

The First victim of Whitman was the child who was still in his mother's womb. Cold-blooded killer shot in the stomach located at a great gestation Clare Wilson. As the shot was fired from a height of 27-th floor, no one in the area had never heard his sound. The bullet hit the target and shattered the baby's skull. The woman was eventually rescued. Next Charles Whitman continued to shoot randomly all persons on University square. He killed 16 people and wounded 32.

Charles Whitman causes

Police Action

The Police quickly enough found out that in the tower of the University of Texas is a sniper shooting people. However, a quick solution to neutralize and apprehend the shooter was not accepted. Originally had put a cordon of people stopped to put on the square, where he was the first victim. This measure did not bring the desired effect. "Texas sniper" was not taken aback and began to aim at the people who are at a greater distance from him, fired a series of shots at those who were outside the local supermarket. Since the shooting was carried on top of a rifle with a telescopic sight, killing power shots only increased. However, those who were at a distance of 2 kilometers, Charles only wounded.

Texas sharpshooter

The Arrest of "the Texas shooter"

13.24 the police finally managed to get to ill-fated lookout. Seeing the police, Charles Whitman, the "Texas sharpshooter" fired a series of shots in their direction and not missed. When the police pointed a gun at him and offered to surrender, he also resisted, with the result that he was shot. Charles Whitman died as a result of eight gunshot wounds.

H Whitman

Interesting facts

The next morning, Charles Whitman, a photo of which appeared on the front pages of local Newspapers, posthumously became the most authentic local «star». This horrific story has shocked all citizens of America. Experts immediately started investigation. Having thoroughly studied the biography of the killer, checking his contacts for the last time, they found no reason and motives for committing such crimes. Why so much hatred, why one morning nice and respectable young man began to shoot randomly at strangers, what would make Charles Whitman? The reasons for this incomprehensible act. The very same "Texas sharpshooter" in their suicide notes spoke about the problems with understanding of yourself and the mood swings, as well as willing to conduct an autopsy of their own body after death. During the medical examination, Charles was discovered to have a brain tumor. According to the experts, this pathology could really provoke mental problems. Interestingly, shortly after the shooting at the University of Texas have created a special SWAT unit, whose functions are reduced to fast response in emergency situations when the police is unable to disarm criminals on their own. It is believed that the incident in Austin motivated the authorities on the organization of the law enforcement Agency.


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