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Today we will try to understand how to make and order a passport in Krasnodar. Where to do it? What features of the process is to remember? Do I need to pay for such an operation? And if so, how much would she cost? How long to wait for the paper? The answers to these questions will be found below. In fact, the abovementioned operation is not the most difficult task. At least for ordinary citizens. Order foreign passports in Russia in all regions is the same. Therefore, the proposed attention of the user is relevant not only for Krasnodar region.passport in Krasnodar


The Passport in Krasnodar to make not so difficult. Especially if you follow some instructions, but about them later. The first is to pay attention to the paper we are dealing with.

A passport is a document certifying the identity of a citizen Russia outside Russia. Need it for traveling around the world. "Zagranku", in contrast to the ID of the civil type, is not a binding document.

Today, you can find some old samples of foreign passports and their new interpretation of the biometric. In the first case exchanging the paper should be 5 years and the second 10. Any of these passports in Krasnodar will be able to obtain without difficulty.

How much?

The Main thing is to create a package of documents and submit the request. But more on that later.get a passport Krasnodar

Some wonder how quickly made the mentioned paper. Modern "zagranku" is issued approximately a month after filing a request for issuance/exchange. But only provided that the citizen has sent a request to the institution for registration. Otherwise, you will have to wait up to 4 months.


The court of record. The instruction on judicial office-work

The court of record. The instruction on judicial office-work

Under court records in a General sense, understand the law regulated the activities associated with registration, record keeping, drug cases and other materials in court. It includes background information search, and also control of execution of act...

State task. Financial support for the implementation of the state task

State task. Financial support for the implementation of the state task

State job government Agency is a special document that establishes the requirements for quality, composition or volume, the procedure, conditions and results of the services/manufacturing operations. This definition is present in article 6, BK. Form ...

Right return of goods of good quality

Right return of goods of good quality

Sometimes in life there are situation when after some time the item becomes unnecessary and want to return it back to the seller. About how to make the exchange and return of goods of proper quality not all know. In such cases, recourse to article 25...

Other terms for the production of a passport in Krasnodar and other regions of the Russian Federation in relation to people with state secrets. They have in all circumstances to wait the willingness of the paper of not less than 3 months.


How much does international passport in Krasnodar? As we have said, the paper is not mandatory. And manufacturer need to pay.

The state Duty for "zagranku" is constantly changing. In 2017 for an adult passport of the old sample need to pay 2 thousand rubles, for children - 1 thousand, and for biometric - 3 500 rubles. Entering information about children under 14 years old "zagrannik" parent costs 500 rubles per person.

Registration Authorities

Where the keyword appears in Krasnodar? About a specific address talk to you later. First, find out what organizations should ask for to make a passport

Passports in Russia are issued to the MFC, FMS, migration departments of the interior Ministry. This can be attributed to the centers of the type "My documents" and one window.

Modern citizens can use the ordering of a document through the Internet. Here comes the portal "public Services". With his help, without leaving home, a person can order almost any paper.


And what papers will be useful when filing an appropriate request? How to make an international passport in Russia?

Kids and adults require different sets of documents. All citizens who received passports of the civil type, must present:

  • Photos (3-4 pieces);
  • Application form;
  • Military ticket (for the male half of the society, if any);
  • Old passport (if he had);
  • The document proving the identity;
  • Help with residence permit;
  • Receipt indicating payment of the state fee.

passport online Krasnodar

Children additionally have to bring:

  • Birth certificates;
  • Ear of citizenship.
  • Reference from place of study (preferably).

Generally, the query in such circumstances is filled with the legal representative. It is recommended that the fee be paid in advance.

Getting on the Network

You Can issue a passport through the Internet. In Krasnodar and other regions of Russia works services "public Services". With it, you will be able to easily translate the idea into reality.

The Approximate algorithm of actions is represented in a similar way:

  1. Access "public Services" and to authorize.
  2. Go to "Public services" - "FMS".
  3. Choose "Request a passport the old/new model".
  4. Click on "Get".
  5. Fill in the screen fields. That was a statement.
  6. Provide a method of producing paper and on the receipt. It will have to be prepared for the paper.
  7. Choose Deposit method as duties.
  8. Specify the account details of the payer.
  9. Confirm the payment.
  10. Finish the request process for the manufacture of "zagranku".

Just have to wait. Once the document is ready, in the "my account" on the "public Services" will receive a warning. With prepared papers to come to the one you specified earlier on and to get a passport. In Krasnodar or any other city is not that important. Importantly, the principle of action is always the same.


Now a more detailed look at how and where to get a passport in Krasnodar. For some locations it is best to ask for help?

For Example, make the request at the following coordinates:

  • Garden, 110;
  • Vasyurinskaya lane, 146/21;
  • Thieves, 177;
  • Blagoeva of street, house 24.

The list of places where you can get "zagrannik", finish is not necessary. However, in these organizations (referring to the migration departments of the Ministry of interior) apply for passport and the new and old samples. And multifunctional centers in all regions of the Russian Federation fully. You could say they are almost on every street. So finding them is not difficult.the design of the passport Krasnodar

If the citizen decides to appeal to the MFC, he will have to in advance know what "zagranku" issue in a particular ward multipurpose center. Because biometric document that is issued not yet everywhere. This is due to the fact that not every FMS and MPs have equipment for fingerprinting. So with the "passports" of a new type can cause problems. But the old passports, they are not.

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