The Trip To America. The Advice Of Seasoned Travelers


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America – the only part of the world divided into two continents. If Latin America is written very much such a huge country in North America, as the US remains a white spot for travel agencies.  Despite all the difficulties and visa problems, every year thousands of Russians visit this country. Many of them involve large opportunities for active recreation, unique natural areas, the beach and various attractions.

The United States is among the countries with high income levels and therefore, it is especially urgent problem for the tourists to see more while spending less. Try to figure out how best to travel to America and save time and money. First of all, you need to choose a method of transportation. The best of them – the car ride, because America is – a nation on wheels, and all other modes of transportation is simply impractical.

In order to achieve the purpose of his journey: as you can see, a trip to America needs to be carefully planned. Developed details of the route will help save not only time and money but also the nerves, which on the road is equally important. On the Internet quite a lot of information about the United States, you need to know how to get there places to clarify the mode of operation and the cost of tickets to enter. To avoid problems of redundancy motels and camping for the night through the Internet or a travel company, you will not need to look for accommodation, when the eye clump together.


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The Peak season for tourists in the US are in the summer months, however, experienced travelers advise to visit the Northern part of the country in the autumn, and the Central and southern spring. Coming to America at this time will avoid the tourist crowds, but still give the opportunity to receive significant discounts on airfare and other travel services. Climatic conditions will also be much more comfortable, for example, instead of the sweltering heat of summer in the Grand Canyon is in the spring enjoy the blooming of the surrounding vegetation.

The Trip to America will be much more profitable and more fun if you are not traveling alone, but in company. From reduced transport costs and overnight. In addition, there are annual passes to national parks (one pass is valid throughout the country), this pass entitles you free admission to reserve everyone who is in the car along with its owner. Thus, the pass pays for itself after visiting a few reserves, and their total number in the United States about 390. Spend the night on the road is not in the city centre, and closer to the edge, you will not only spend less money but also save travel time.

Get Up in the morning early, to sleep and be lazy will be at home, in this case the actual expression “Time – money”. Every extra hour will allow you to get closer to your destination, and you can more fully enjoy the sightseeing. In addition, before arriving in the popular tourist areas, you will escape the crush in the big bulk of tourists who will gather here later. About the food. Stay in America, held on wheels will leave you more experience if you won't waste precious time on visits to restaurants. Look for places where there is a buffet (buffet) where you can quickly eat and for a fixed amount to consume any amount of food, only to make anything. In extreme cases, you can be content with eating sandwiches.

Gasoline it's best to refuel on the road, in cities, gasoline is usually a little more expensive. The cheapest gasoline in the States of Texas and new Mexico, then the price of gasoline constantly increasing, it is necessary to consider tucking the gas tank again. And another important tip: save your energy, don't overdo it, remember that your trip to America was primarily associated with the release. Try to observe the usual mode, and any Hiking remember to bring water, sunscreen for sun protection and a hat. Happy travels!


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