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The Company Sunrise made a statement in 2003 by opening the first three of its hotel in Egypt. The network is quite actively developing in the local market by building new facilities and by taking under the management of existing hotels.

Today it has more than ten complexes, which are the main resorts of the country. In Hurghada, near Makadi Bay is the hotel Sunrise Select Royal Makadi Resort.


Sunrise Royal Makadi – the handsome hotel, built in traditional style and offering everything required for a great stay, took the first travelers in 2005. The complex is situated at a short distance from Hurghada (30 km), but at the same time, buses and taxis make it easy to get there.

sunrise royal makadiThe Complex is built in a big way. Water slides and five swimming pools for adults and three for children, both heated in the winter, course, not only decorate the area but also provide additional opportunities for recreation.

Number Fund

The Number of rooms is only slightly not reached to 700. Fortunately, the area allowed to place them in small two-storey buildings, so overcrowding is not felt. Even the most modest room in Sunrise Royal Makadi have quite an impressive size. But for convenience, the residence offers different room types ranging from standard to Royal suites with an area of over 100 square meters. 


The Hotel Sunrise Royal Makadi offers the “AI UAI”. For the convenience of living in the now traditional "Breakfast buffet" is organized in two restaurants.

sunrise royal makadi reviewsWell, if traditional food tired during the holiday, you can eat in one of the many restaurants located right on site. The hotel has several restaurants where guests can sample Italian, Greek, Mexican, Asian and, interestingly, Bedouin cuisine. In addition to these, there are several bars and cafes.


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The Hotel is situated on the coast, so to get to the beach, walking along its territory. It should be noted that it is well equipped (hire of sun loungers, umbrellas, towels, sports equipment).

Additional information

As in most hotels in Egypt, Sunrise Royal Makadi animation team, entertaining guests from morning to evening as sporting events and the organization and shows different views.

For a fee it is possible to visit beauty salon and SPA.

For those who like to rest actively, not only to bask in the sun on site, guests can enjoy the following sports: tennis, Billiards, beach volleyball and football and of course table tennis. Well, for guests who could not imagine their life without regular exercise, training in the gym will not lose during the holidays their physical form.

Red sea is a popular place for diving and snorkeling, and water sports and scuba diving make these and other activities available for guests of the hotel. However, such entertainment will have to pay extra.

sunrise select royal makadi resortThe Complex is positioned as a versatile place where to have a great holiday newlyweds, seniors and of course families with children. That is prepared for young travelers, it is worth saying separately.

When making a Booking, you can request a cot. In restaurants for the younger guests there are high chairs for feeding. As described above, the pools, Playground and kids club from 4 years, where there are Russian language experts will not get bored child.

We should say that the hotel is close to Dolphinarium Dolphin World, so you can always find something interesting for both adults and children.

Sunrise Royal Makadi. Guest reviews are

I guess this is one of the few in Egypt that can boast of consistently positive evaluations of their work. Small criticism there is to the work of the waiters, but the quality of accommodation, food and other services is maintained at a decent level, which is confirmed by the numerous reviews of its guests.

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