Winter and summer holidays in the Kemerovo region: from skiing to catamaran


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For anybody not a secret that the nature of Kuzbass has magical powers that help to get rid of many ailments and relax. Mountain ranges, sparkling rivers and springs of ice, but it's tasty water, and intoxicating to stupor air have a magical effect on people. And if we add here and incredible beauty of the landscapes, then it is safe to say that the Kuzbass – amazing place to visit. On this site you will find a variety of hotels and resorts ready to take in his chambers, tired of cities.

stay in the Kemerovo region

Useful sources

The Huge popularity of holidays in the Kemerovo region. Rich fragrant scent of pine trees in the air, high mountain ranges, rocky cliffs and fantastic untouched nature help people to fill your body with new strength. Enhanced immunity, treatment and prevention of skin diseases, respiratory problems and cardiovascular ailments – all of this offer to the tourists motels, resorts and other vacation spots in the Kemerovo region.

Kuzbass is famous for its sources of mineral waters and deposits of curative mud. Some of them are located in the Kemerovo region. The largest Deposit of mineral waters found in the valley of the river, called the Upper TERS. This place produced popular and very useful for drinking a drink called “Tersinka”. The second field is enriched with mineral salts water is located near the village of Borisov. Here release a bottled drink of the same name.


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places in the Kemerovo region

Who Wish to improve their health

Not surprisingly, near the springs are the institutions which offers not only high quality but also very rewarding stay in the Kemerovo region. To those, no doubt, can be attributed sanatorium “Borisov”. Here guests can not only relax, but also to improve their health. With diseases of the digestive system, skin, nervous, genitourinary, endocrine, cardiovascular and other systems, helping to fight the best doctors in the region. Similar institutions throughout the region there is a great variety. Anyone can buy a ticket to any resort.

recreation center in the Kemerovo region

Mountain Shoria

Not only to combat various diseases directed recreational services. It also presents many opportunities for outdoor activities. In the Kemerovo region hosts many resorts and tourist centers that offer their customers various options for summer and winter time. Very popular among fans of snowboarding and skiing enjoys such a place as the Mountain Shoria. Winter on the territory of the region laid a lot of trails for skiing and snowboarding. It is noteworthy that even beginners will find gentle slopes for learning. They come to the aid of a professional instructor from a specialized school. More advanced skiers can hone their skills on extreme tracks. Any necessary equipment will give you a rental.

"three rivers” – the recreation center in the Kemerovo region, which is located in the region of Gornaya Shoriya in a picturesque place at the river Pitas and MRAs-su. It can accommodate up to twenty people. Tourists expect snowmobile trips, skiing the slopes of the mountains, ice fishing, excursions. It's safe to say that in Mountain Shoria offers the most full-bodied winter vacation in the Kemerovo region. In the summer for sightseeing and fishing are added rafting and swimming in mountain springs.

stay in the Kemerovo region in the summer

Recreation “New GA”

Like blood vessels, numerous rivers pass through the territory of the region. Almost every body of water sheltered on its shores, a boarding house or sanatorium. Recreation “New GA” lies in a picturesque birch grove, located in a quiet backwater of the river GA. The area is ecologically clean. Intoxicating fresh air helps get rid of stress, relaxes and fills the body with new strength. Here you can relax with your family or noisy company. It is easily accessible from the regional centre-the journey takes less than an hour. Fishing, riding ATVs and Snowmobiling, swimming in the river, Hiking in the woods, sitting by the brazier, holding festive events and many other entertainment offers travelers recreation “New GA”. At any time of the year is happy to provide a cozy room tired of everyday city life travelers.

stay in the Kemerovo region

Holidays on nature

Another place to promote recreation in the Kemerovo region, is a tourist base “Hippo”. This object with three sides surrounded by mixed forest. With the fourth it is washed by the water of the river Tom. The absence of any extraneous noise helps the travelers to fully experience the splendor of nature Kuzbass. Badminton, fishing, tennis, baths, and a large gazebo for gatherings... Here is the perfect place to spend not only weekends, but also holidays.


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