Abkhazia, Moscow: the new life of the old village


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If you are a lover of stunning beauty, a seeker of new experiences, and gives you special joy warm and cozy atmosphere, your choice should fall to the Republic of Abkhazia. Chernihivka is a local attraction that every year is gaining more and more popularity. This is surprising, because until recently about this place is little known even among locals.

Chernigovka, AbkhaziaHow to get there?

Nottingham is conveniently located 30 km from the capital city of Sukhum. Head for the village of Gulripsh, after the traffic police post, turn left toward the mountains. Before the trip get some empty containers, after all, three kilometers from the turn you will meet the village Margao where is a source of healing water with low mineralization. In this village was born Lavrenti Beria. 8 km from Marchula is a miracle, which is famous for Abkhazia — a month. Taxis do not go to her, so in the absence of personal transport to get better with the tour.

Prague from the height of bird flight

The Picturesque gorge and fancy restaurant “Assir” - what the tourists come in the tale, the home of which was Abkhazia. Chernigovka in the photo that you see in the article, is literally replete with tables, placed in the most unusual places: under a canopy of stones, the water and the top of the gorge. Left for lunch at one of these tables, we can see the beauty of the surrounding landscape, so the meals will leave memories for a lifetime every visitor.

Chernigovka, Abkhazia. Restaurant

Abkhazia Chernigovka photosIn “Essere” it is possible to try dishes of national cuisine. The restaurant is so spectacular that visitors often get lost just crossing the threshold. So refer to the waiters-they will help with the selection table. Recommended order to do immediately, because “Assir” is always full, and quick cooking dinner should not count. Usually have to wait more than an hour. Until the order is prepared, you will have plenty of time to walk and be photographed on the background of the local scenery.


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Local beauty

The First thing that attracts attention is an artificial waterfall. Many travelers say that here they feel the real power of mining energy receive a boost of freshness and the impressions remain for life.

Abkhazia Chernigovka

At the beginning of the gorge the water is hundreds of meters, bypassing on the way the boulders and stones, resulting in some beautiful waterfalls. Abkhazia, Moscow in particular, has a rich world of flora. Will appreciate it by visiting these places! Embark on a mountain site which is a little further from the restaurant, because there you are provided true thrills – not every waiter agrees to maintain at such a height. All the mountain paths the City is completely safe and equipped with handrails, so you can walk without fear. In the depths of the ravine flows a small mountain river, rich in trout. It can be ordered to the table and to be present when fishing.


Abkhazia, Moscow — a place where it is impossible to come without a camera or camera! Sear restaurant “Assir”, a stunning gorge, waterfall, wonderful natural landscapes – these pictures will warm your soul for many years. A magical journey!

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