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Vityazevo over the past few years has evolved from a nondescript village in the beautiful resort town. Here is successfully developing infrastructure and construction of new modern hotels. Hotel "green Plaza" in Vityazevo opened in 2012 and since then takes guests at any time of the year.


The Hotel is located a 10-minute drive from Anapa airport. The road from the railway station takes no more than 15 minutes. Directly the Plaza hotel in Vityazevo is a Beautiful passage, 3.

Vityazevo hotel Plaza

The Hotel is placed in close proximity to the embankment "Paralia", where all the cultural life of the village. The complex is located on the first line.

The Hotel offers a transfer service for a fee from the place of arrival in the city to the property.


The Hotel occupies a small area. The hotel has 5 floors and unusual angular shape. The building has two separate entrances. The first floor reception Desk. Here the staff is working around the clock.

All the common areas is made in the classic aristocratic style. Lots of glitter and fabrics in the decor. The lobby bar has strict classical furniture.

the Plaza hotel Vityazevo

The territory has absolutely no place for walking, there is no Playground. This is due to location and lack of additional land area around the building. One of the entrances to the Plaza hotel in Vityazevo is directly from the street, which opens onto the promenade.


In the complex are presented rooms of different comfort level and, consequently, different value:

  • Double and triple rooms with a double bed and a single bed, bedside tables, Desk and chair, wardrobe, mirror, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, telephone, safe, shower and toilet, balcony with furniture
  • Double and triple Junior suites with a double bed and a sofa bed, carpeted, safe, TV, wardrobe, Desk and chair, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning, hair dryer, Internet, shower cabin, bathroom, balcony with furniture
  • Deluxe two-room Suite, double bed and a rollaway large sofa, each room private bathroom and shower, TV, air conditioning, wardrobe, Desk and chair, safety Deposit box, Hairdryer, balcony with furniture, Internet.

hotel green Plaza Vityazevo


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At the Plaza (Vityazevo), there are identical rooms on the arrangement and design, but without the balconies. The hotel has 30 rooms.


On the ground floor of the Plaza hotel in Vityazevo p. is a spacious cafe-pizzeria. It serves Italian recipes with original products from that country.

The Cafe has a summer terrace, which is also decorated in the style of Italy. The pizzeria is famous not only for all Vityazevo, but is considered one of the best in Anapa. Here clients are offered a menu of European dishes:

  • Lasagna;
  • Fettuccine pasta;
  • Pasta Bolognese;
  • Caprese;
  • Pizza
  • Risotto;
  • Salad "Nicoise", etc.

Plaza hotel, Vityazevo p

In the lobby of the Plaza hotel in Vityazevo is located lobby bar. It on comfortable classic armchairs at the tables, guests can enjoy aromatic coffee or tea. Here is a modern coffee machine, and presents several types of beverages. The range of tea - about 10 kinds of impressive guests of the complex.

Also on special racks exposed to a variety of desserts and pastries. Food in lobby bar is included in the room rate at the hotel.

The pool and the beach

The hotel has a small pool. It is heated and passes through the layered filters. The pool has special access ladder, small fountains and a hot device.

Around laid special anti-slip tiles. This area is equipped with sun loungers and protective sunshades. There is an outdoor shower for washing feet before entering the pool.

Green Plaza Hotel green Plaza hotel Vityazevo

The City beach is 300 metres from the Green Plaza Hotel. Hotel "green Plaza" in Vityazevo is located on the first line, so the road to the sea takes less than 10 minutes.

There is a sandy beach. It has cabanas. It is possible to rent sun loungers and parasols. On the shore there are a variety water activities:

  • Roller coaster;
  • Riding on a banana and a bun;
  • Trampolines;
  • TIR.

On the beach there are small cafes and bars. They can eat and drink soft drinks.

On the way to the beach you will find shopping stalls with Souvenirs and fresh fruit. You can also buy the necessary goods for a comfortable stay.


In the vicinity of the complex are located various recreation centres. Here you can visit the Dolphinarium and aquarium. Bright show-program with participation of animals will not leave indifferent both children and adults.

The area has an amusement Park. Visitors can ride on modern roundabouts, to emotions on a variety of rides. In the evening the Park is illuminated by thousands of lights and light bulbs, so it can be seen from afar.

Tourists love to stroll along the promenade with its many cafés and restaurants. They can enjoy a delicious dinner, enjoy live music, dancing. In the evening and at night open clubs and discos. Tourists can visit the foam party.

Additional services

At the Plaza hotel in Vityazevo vacationers have the opportunity to:

  • Laundry service (for additional payment);
  • Excursions (you need to agree in advance at the reception);
  • Transfer (order when booking);
  • The order of Avia and railway tickets;
  • To call a taxi;
  • Parking.

The hotel is trained to provide first aid in various situations.

the Plaza hotel Vityazevo

At the request of the vacationers are provided with Ironing Board and iron. It is also possible to deliver food to the rooms from the pizzeria.

Not Far from the hotel is the sanatorium "dune". In it, guests for additional payment can go through the curative and preventive treatments. Also in this area is the Spa hotel "aquamarine". It is possible to pass a comprehensive examination and enroll in Wellness activities. These services are paid separately.

On the whole territory of the hotel complex guests can enjoy free Internet. Speed and quality are sufficient to meet work and personal needs.

The Plaza Hotel in Vityazevo: feedback

On the Internet on various sites there is a lot of comments about the work of the complex. Most visitors are satisfied with the service and have noted the friendliness of the staff. Particularly noteworthy are the employees of the reception. According to guest reviews, the hotel, they are always smiling and friendly.

About the arrangement of vacationers is not so optimistic. They note in their comments that the room is a lot of dust and the furniture has numerous chips. Also a lot of negative reviews about the cleanliness of the carpet.

Holidaymakers complain about noise, which was coming daily from neighbouring hotel. There include very loud music and it is audible until 23:00. Thus, in the room we have to keep the Windows closed.

the Plaza hotel Vityazevo reviews

On account of the pool at guests ' complaints almost there but his small size and lack of areas for children. Beach, according to tourists, is a 20-minute walk away, and not the stated 10. They also argue that often on the shore in the morning, remove debris.

Tourists are surprised that an institution of this level did not include Breakfast in the rate, as is done in other hotels. According to them, the food in the restaurant is tasty, but the menu prices are quite high.

Vacationers are surprised that instead of a double bed two single moves. In this case, a pair of not very easy to relax because of the seam in the middle.

The guests resent the fact that you cannot bring your own food and drinks to the pool. In their comments it is clear that bought fruits to eat in the rooms. But there are positive aspects to this hotel, often held promotions with good discounts for accommodation in any season. Vacationers also say that this situation with the rooms not everywhere. The main thing, competently to make your booking room with Windows that do not overlook the neighbouring hotel. In this case, guests can sleep in silence.


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