How to make a fire without matches: ways. How to make fire without matches?


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You consider yourself a modern man? Really believe you on the shoulder any difficulty and problem? In principle, we can assume that it is. Only, as practice shows, the average person can be proud of its omnipotence only as long as it leaves its usual habitat. Check?

Section 1. How to make a fire without matches? The relevance of the question

how to make a fire without matches

The 21st century in the yard. We have learned to fly to the moon, with the help of Internet you can find almost any information, and foreign languages can be studied, without leaving your computer. This is called scientific and technical progress.

How about more simple, but vital things? Whether you reflected sometime over whether modern man can survive, say, in the wild? If he knows how to make a fire without matches or how to build at least temporary shelter from the rain? Sadly, but the answers to these questions are likely to be negative.

Generally, if you look at the statistics, you find that most of the urban residents can not light a fire even with a cigarette lighter, and about different ways of making fire and not guess.

That is why about the survival of the school should not be forgotten. You never know when it might come in handy. There is a perception that every man should know how to make fire without matches, but our current advice is to listen and women. Agree, this is the most important skill for survival.

Section 2. Enumerated the main methods of solving the problem

how to make fire without matches

How to make fire without matches in the forest? Is it even possible?

It is Absolutely clear that any moisture or dampness would ruin the undertaking. Here, it would seem, to argue about. Even the youngest schoolchild knows that in order to obtain a forest fire without matches or when they are used (at this stage it does not matter), you will need a dry cloth or leaves, is useful, by the way, ropes, gauze, shredded bark or dry moss, etc., Let me note that this is only a minimum set of components. That is to say, the most accessible to the simple inhabitant.


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From a scientific point of view there are four main methods that allow you to solve the problem:

  • Chemical;
  • Textbook (through the lens);
  • Using a friction force;
  • Solid.

Now let's talk about each of them in detail.

Section 3. Chemical method

Probably, since high school most of us remember that the flammable mixture may cause the reaction of potassium permanganate and glycerin. If you have access to these components for “cooking” fire, act boldly! In this case, you solve the problem related with how to make a fire without matches in the field. Enough 1 g of potassium permanganate, poured into a prepared cloth, and a couple drops of glycerin. But I would like to warn: as soon as the drip glycerin, faster remove the hand, because the fire will immediately devour proposed “gifts”.

Section 4. How to make a fire without matches. For a long time, but reliable and well - known method

Through the lens of glasses, binoculars, telescope, convex bottle, aquarium, or other shaped glass to focus the sun's ray to create a fire. For example, the Robinson Crusoe of the well-known and beloved childhood books to how to fire without matches (some matches and a lighter can be on the island?!?), diligently used the glass of the clock.

Section 5. Ready to work hard? Tiresome way

You Can make a fire by friction, although it is very tedious and not always yielding the result class. To start of soft wood made the bow, but the role of the bowstring can easily do a rope. “Drill” will make any pointed stick. Support should be done from dry wood of solid rock, for example, pine or oak.

The Source material is first debarked. Then you want to drill in it a hole 1-1,5 cm deep, and carefully impose its tinder. The drill bit need to wrap the string, insert one ring into the hole, around tightly lay tinder. Only then, securely holding the drill with his, you should use the right hand to quickly move the bow. This should be done perpendicular to the drill bit. Important: to avoid damage to the palm, between the drill bit and by hand put a fabric insert, can be replaced with tree bark. Once the tinder zatleet, it should be good to inflate and put firewood that is harvested in advance.

Section 6. Hard way

how to fire without matchesFor this method the material can be any stone. Fairly easy to spark with a steel knife or other metal objects. The success of these classes hard to predict, because everything depends on luck and very dry base for a fire.

Section 7. “Diligence and a little effort”

fire without matches

This proverb, it is recommended to use those who, despite everything, decided to learn the science of how to make fire without matches.

Should be warned that making fire by friction method – the most difficult method. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.

In General, there are various methods to obtain fire by friction. However, the most important aspect is the type of wood used for the plates and the spindle.

Spindle called a stick, which you will spin to create friction between her and the Board. Juniper, cypress, aspen, willow, cedar, walnut is considered the best material for the plate and spindle. To use wood for making fire by friction, and in principle any other, the wood should be that exceptionally dry.

Section 8. Method hand drill

Frankly, it is the most primitive but also the most basic and heavy. All that is required in this case is wood, tireless hands and determination.

a fire without matches in the woods

Pitch sponk nest. As tinder material, flammable by a spark, it is best to use:

  • Birch bark;
  • Dry grass;
  • Pine needles;
  • Wood shavings;
  • Tinder (crushed and dried mushrooms);
  • Waxed paper;
  • Fluff the wool;
  • Burnt cotton cloth;
  • Spruce cones.

Make an incision, cut out a small indentation on the plate. Under this cut is worth putting the bark to catch the ember, friction. Start to rotate by this spindle in the recess. As a rule, it should be about 50 centimeters in length, for this method to work properly. Rotate the stick between your hands until an ember.

As soon As seem to spark, quickly transfer it to prepared sponk nest. Blow gently on him, all ready – a fire is burning.

Section 9. Method of fire of the bow

Considered the most effective way of producing fire, which is based on friction. In this case you will need to use a bow and drill.

Make a tight bow. To do this, pull the stick rope, belt, lace. Then make a hole in a dry tree. Next fast and long spin the shaft in the hole with a bow. In the end, you should get the black powder. As soon as it will spark, it must be transferred to the tinder.

Section 10. Flint and steel

fire without matches

In General, it should be noted that this is an old and reliable fallback for those who don't know how to make fire without matches in the forest or in open areas.

In principle, a good idea – it is constantly taking a hike with a flint. Because matches can get wet and be useless. And you can still get a spark from a piece of flint.

The Ideal option remains the tinder-box. Besides, you can always improvise by using quartzite and the steel blade of any knife.

But that's not all. According to experts, be sure you have a charred piece of cloth that can be replaced with a dry piece of mushroom, birch bark.

  1. Pick up the stone and fabric.
  2. Put a piece of stone between thumb and index finger, while the edge should be 7 inches.
  3. Securely hold the fabric with your thumb and the flint.
  4. Start to strike sparks. To do this, hit the steel or the blade of the knife on the flint a few times, you will see that sparks will fly on the cloth, causing a glow.
  5. Put the cloth with a spark in tinder and gently blow to ignite the fire.

Section 11. Use the lens

the methods of production of fire

All methods based on receipt of a fire with lenses are the most easy. Before you build a fire without matches, just need to focus sunlight on a particular place.

For this purpose, suitable also:

  • Magnifying glass;
  • Points;
  • Binoculars.

By the Way, if you add a bit of water on the lens, the light beam will become more intense. Try to tilt the glass so that fokusirovka...

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