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Rostov – it is a unique city in the South of the Russian Federation. It is famous not only historical buildings and a rich cultural and architectural heritage, but also unusual and even mystical island, which is located on the don river, in the city limits. It is called the Green island (Rostov-on-don), and the length is only 4 km in length. So far it is great interest of specialists in the anomalous zones, and people have mixed feelings-admiration and inexplicable fear.

green island-Rostov-na-Donu

Some information

A Very long time in its place was a settlement with the private sector and manicured walkways. Today it is a resort area with two streets (District and Island). Most of the remaining and existing hotels located along the circular ring. Here in lies the coastline.

The name of the land was due to the fact that all of its territory surrounded by vegetation, fruit trees and berry bushes. Some glades can be spotted blackberries. Everywhere grow willows, sedges and tall poplars. Green island (Rostov-on-don) requires reconstruction, the streets are broken, and the paths with the paths littered with trees.

Therefore, the best transport for getting around the area is by bike. Despite a certain isolation and solitude, the band still come. Especially this piece of land huge popularity in the summer. Here picnics, mass bathing and festivities on the coast of the don. In season, whole beach is crowded with tents and cars.


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And it is clear - tourists looking for solitude with nature. And those who scare «wild» guests can stay in boarding houses, and children to determine in the camp. All companies is fenced and is guarded round the clock. Comfortable environment and varied leisure activities will be offered each recreation. Green island captivates at first sight and green island

Anomalous zone – myth or reality

Speaking flattering words about this picturesque area of Rostov, it is impossible not to mention the mystical side, which is haunted by the townspeople. A lot of mysterious legends, myths and fairy stories going around this place. Green island (Rostov-on-don) excites and frightens the minds of the people.

Probably nobody will remember when it is this small piece of land became abnormal area. Rumors and nothing unsupported arguments plagued the island, even before we learned about UFOs and flying saucers. According to information sources, almost every second resident observed an unusual radiance over the island, but some saw dark figures moving along the trees.

An incredible amount of creepy stories and tall tales were invented about the Green Isle (Rostov-on-don). According to esoteric and psychics, this land is a portal to another space. Others argue that previously there was a secret laboratory, where he conducted terrible experiments. However, all these mystical rumors are not confirmed officially, so trust them or not – an individual matter.

From the real mystics are the only “evil” mosquitoes and flies, and twisted trees which in the dark resemble ghostly silhouettes. Some look frighteningly wetlands with protruding driftwood. Whatever the legends may written and not heard society, citizens still prefer the countryside. Green island – it is able to escape from “paw” bustling metropolis and find solitude with nature. By the way, to get here can be anyone on a pontoon bridge.

Stay on Green island - what to do?

green island

Clean water, sandy beaches, abundance of vegetation, the solitude and the absence of industrial plants deceive people. On the weekend everyone wants to go here, to barbecue, to protect itself from the working aspects and just enjoy the pristine environment. The shore is filled with fishermen and the water a fish.

Summer resort. Green island has on its territory, including children's camps, as “locomotive”, “Dream”, “a Breeze”. “a Whale” is the most popular hotel. Every hotel rents boats and catamarans, sport and fishing equipment.

About 4 years ago was built a large water Park called Water Land, consisting of open and closed areas. Even an adult, once here, it becomes a child. In the entertaining water complex many slides of different sizes (safe for kids), trampolines, attractions. There is a games room with plastic balls, a terrace with comfortable sun beds and a cafeteria.recreation green island

Hotel “a Whale”

This is an old hotel, renovated repeatedly, very popular among foreign tourists. At a reasonable cost, you can spend time in the lap of nature with comfort. Its doors open only in summer. Here come the newlyweds to spend time together, where no one and nothing can stop and divert.


Cozy wooden houses, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, cannot fail to please the eye. Each cottage has a small but very cute rooms with air conditioned, household utensils and furniture.base green Isle


Guests can Relax on the landscaped beach and pool with an artificial waterfall and geyser. Offering rentals of catamarans, yachts and boats. You can rent a boat, take fishing gear and go fishing. On the property there is a Parking lot.

Includes bath, chipped wood, spacious area to play football. Taste delicious dishes of café Bungalow. Experienced chefs will prepare dishes on the grill or barbecue. The menu is a large collection of alcoholic products and desserts.

At the finish to list all the advantages and amenities of the hotel - come and see for yourself. Invites you to relax couples, active people, honeymooners and nature lovers tourist base. Green island is a Paradise shrouded in mystery and natural harmony.


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