Crystal Flora Beach Resort 5* (Turkey, Kemer, Beldibi): rooms description, services, reviews


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If you are planning to spend an unforgettable holiday with family or friends, consider the option of resort Crystal Flora. It is a modern establishment that meets international standards. Here is like for those who love peace and tranquility and for those who like active pastime.

Hotel Crystal Flora: room description

Comfortable environment for living is one of the most important components of quality rest. At the resort Mimosa you will be offered the following options for accommodation:

  • Standard apartment with an area of 19-26 sq. m can accommodate from 2 up to 4 guests. The Suite consists of a bedroom and a bathroom and a private balcony or terrace. The room has a bed, a sofa bed. Instead, it can be a bunk bed for children. 6 standard category rooms specially equipped for guests with reduced mobility.
  • Family room has an area of 37 sq. m. it consist of two bedrooms and can accommodate four guests. Bedroom for adults with a large bed, a Desk, couple of chairs and has access to the balcony. Room for children is Equipped with twin beds or bunk.
  • "king Suite" - a luxurious apartment with area of 55 sq. m. They include a spacious living room with soft furniture and bright cozy bedroom with a king size bed. features a private furnished terrace.

Albatros 5

Amenities in guest rooms

Everything you need to create a comfortable and cozy home atmosphere, there are guest rooms in resort Crystal Flora Beach Resort. The apartments will be available to you include:


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  • Mini-bar with drinking water, soft drinks, beer and snacks;
  • Makeup mirror with lights;
  • Built-in Hairdryer;
  • Air-conditioning system;
  • Smoke detectors to ensure fire safety;
  • Landline phone with international line;
  • Card key;
  • Wireless Internet signal;
  • Satellite TV;
  • A safe with a combination lock.

crystal flora food


Quality drinks and delicious food will be provided for guests at the resort Mimosa. Food produced in such establishments:

  • "Aspendos" - main restaurant. Guests Crystal Flora get a full four meals at the buffet line of the table. It also operates a late night snack.
  • BBQ restaurant flora offers Mimosa 5* offers a wide range of dishes cooked on the grill. It is meat, seafood, and vegetables. All meals are served in a relaxing atmosphere on the outdoor terrace. To the dishes you will be offered a fresh beer or an aromatic wine.
  • Mexican restaurant "La Fiesta" offers you to taste traditional dishes of Latin America. The range of institutions like spicy food lovers. Atmosphere maintains a truly traditional music.
  • The beach club is one of the favorite places of guests Mimosa. The school is open in the morning and offers guests a choice of Breakfast options, traditional for different countries.
  • Seafood restaurant "Starfish" will delight you with a wide variety of seafood caught in the Mediterranean sea. The food is complemented by a quality wine, and a romantic atmosphere creates live music.
  • "azure" is a Mediterranean restaurant will please you with delicious, nutritious and at the same time healthy dishes. The main emphasis is on fish.
  • "Ottoman" is an establishment specializing in traditional Ottoman cuisine. This place is a must visit for those who want to fully experience the diversity of Turkey.
  • Lounge bar will delight guests Mimosa 5* confectionery and flavored hot drinks in the evening. At night you can eat sandwiches.
  • The Snack bar will gladly serve visitors who want to snack in the afternoon. The school specializiruetsya on salads and burgers.
  • Pool Bar is a great place to satisfy your hunger between meals. In front of your eyes chefs prepare fresh cakes, pies, and dumplings. And in the afternoon you will be treated to delicious Turkish ice cream.
  • Beach-bar starts at noon. If you don't want to go for lunch in restaurant, enjoy delicious pizza or salad right on the beach.
  • Café Turk specializiruetsya on the fragrant, invigorating coffee. There are also a wide range of other soft drinks.
  • Five bars with alcoholic and soft drinks in different parts of the site.



The Resort Crystal Flora Beach Resort 5* can be compared to a small tourist town which has everything necessary for travelers. That's what infrastructureyou can enjoy relaxing at the hotel:

  • Garden with recreational areas;
  • Catering establishments;
  • Wireless Internet in the territory;
  • Free Parking;
  • Luggage storage Luggage;
  • Currency exchange point;
  • Round-the-clock reception Desk;
  • Private Laundry;
  • Business centre;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Banquet halls;
  • Mini-market with round the clock work schedule;
  • Shared lounge with comfortable sofas and a plasma TV;
  • Gift shop;
  • Beauty salon.

Albatros entertainment

Hotel facilities

Deposit of carefree holiday is a quality service. The highest standards of service are guided by staff Crystal Flora. The service presents the following items:

  • Individual diet menus;
  • Food and drinks in the room;
  • organization of tours;
  • Ironing and washing clothes;
  • Courier services;
  • Hire of vehicles;
  • Transfers.

Hotel Crystal Flora: entertainment included in the cost of the tour

In the process of relaxing leisure plays sometimes a decisive role in making a General impression about the institution. Entertainment in Crystal Flora Beach Resort rich and interesting. You will not have time to get bored. In the price of the hotel includes such leisure activities are available:

  • Gym;
  • Tennis court with hard surface;
  • Darts;
  • Table tennis;
  • Water Polo in the pool;
  • Water aerobics;
  • Morning exercise;
  • Basketball;
  • Beach volleyball;
  • Turkish Hammam;
  • Private beach area.

hotel crystal flora

Paid entertainment

Some of the entertainment available to hotel Crystal Flora Beach Resort 5* for an additional fee. The list of paid options as follows:

  • Games room with computer machines;
  • Billiards;
  • Bowling;
  • Table hockey;
  • Water fun on the beach;
  • Surf lessons for guests with international licence;
  • Lighting for tennis court;
  • Rent tennis balls and rackets.

Additional information

If you choose to stay this hotel Mimosa, do not be lazy to read more information regarding stay in the institution. Here's what information you should pay the most attention to:

  • Exit hotel is possible after 14:00 and guests must check out before noon;
  • Extra beds for children under 12 years are free of charge.
  • Prohibited Pets;
  • Guests can pay for services received with the help of plastic Bank cards;
  • Upon registration with the provided credit card which was used at the time of booking (otherwise will have to pay the full amount for your booking in cash);
  • Check in is possible only upon presentation of a valid ID with a photo;
  • Additional requests made during booking are to be made at the discretion of the hotel based on the possibilities that may incur additional charge;
  • Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited, in accordance with the legal regulations of Turkey;
  • Alcoholic beverages are served only in glasses (bottled drinks are not included in the All inclusive concept and is available for an additional fee).

crystal flora description

Positive feedback

Modern tourists know what advertising avenues, as well as information on the official websites of hotels you can't always trust. If you have doubts about the quality of the stay in the hotel Crystal Flora, our hotel reviews will help you make an objective picture. That's about any positive aspects to indicate comments of the guests:

  • On site lots of greenery, and therefore, even in the hottest weather it is nice to be (plenty of shade and oxygen);
  • The beaches are comfortable and clean;
  • Despite the fact that resting in the hotel at the same time a huge number of tourists on site is quite crowded;
  • In the menu of a buffet presented a huge number of fruits, vegetables and herbs;
  • Excellent animation program that will provide fun for outdoor enthusiasts and do not disturb those who want to spend timecalm;
  • Good quality of cleaning;
  • Convenient location of the hotel relative to the sea, tourist facilities and urban infrastructure;
  • Near the hotel there is public transport stop, with quick connections to Kemer and Antalya;
  • Reception staff will immediately respond to all the comments and requests of the guests;
  • On site there is a mini zoo where live rabbits and many varieties of birds;
  • There are many paths for walking and Jogging;
  • Swimming pool well looked after, regularly cleaned, and because the water is always nice and fresh;
  • The restaurant menu is very diverse, not enough vacation, to try;
  • On site lots of fruit trees, which are very beautiful in bloom;
  • Friendly and helpful staff;
  • In the menu, the buffet quite a lot of dietary dishes, from which you can make children's diet;
  • A small "bribe" the staff at the reception will select the perfect room that meets all your requirements;
  • Good working security, which excludes the presence on the territory of strangers;
  • BBQ restaurant, guests have the opportunity to prepare their own meat or fish on the grill;
  • On the beach there are sunshades, which can reside those who don't like to sunbathe;
  • A lot of bonuses for the newlyweds (romantic room decoration, fruit basket, free restaurants a La carte).

crystal flora beach resort

Negative feedback

Do Not always stay lives up to expectations. So, some of the claims have with travelers and resort to such institution, as Crystal aura (Kemer). That's what negative aspects it is recommended to know in advance:

  • The rooms almost does not catch the wireless Internet signal, and on-site quality not the best (it is better to buy a card of the local operator and use the mobile Internet);
  • In the lobby quite often I'm turned off air conditioners;
  • Lighting in the rooms is very dim, to read before bed may be problematic;
  • Barber shop on site is open only one day a week, so if you want to refresh your hairstyle, it is easier to find a salon outside of the hotel;
  • sun loungers on the beach you have to take before Breakfast, because later it's impossible to find a free place;
  • children's pool no slides (but they are on the beach, in the sea);
  • On site the whole day playing mournful music, which does not contribute to the relaxation and fun;
  • The bars there are no imported drinks, local and not of high quality;
  • In the sea rocky bottom, which you have to buy special shoes for swimming;
  • Sellers of stores obsessive offer their products on site and on the beach;
  • Bad in the Laundry wash towels;
  • On the walls in the rooms, some spots and cracks (rooms in need of cosmetic repair);
  • Outside the hotel looks abandoned and some Neuguinea;
  • In the "off season" half the restaurants and other hotel services not working, what the guests not pre-warn;
  • In the gym little gym, some of them in working condition;
  • in cold weather the water in the basin is poorly heated, and therefore can bathe in it only the most brave;
  • in the main restaurant on hand constantly a queue (especially if we are talking about dishes of meat and fish);
  • Up to two hours nights in the adjacent hotel plays loud music that prevents the rest;
  • Even if you leave the maids a tip, you dont get them figures out of towels;
  • In the reception is not enough people to handle a large flow of people;
  • Poor sound insulation in rooms (can hear everything the neighbors are talking);
  • The rooms are very close, the guests always stumble on the furniture;
  • Despite the fact that the contents of the Minibar included in the room rate, the maids do not restock drinks, while you personally do not ask about it;
  • In a lot of mosquitoes, and mosquito nets on the Windows is not provided (also animals not given);
  • Prices for the services of the SPA are highly inflated, and their quality does not match the five star status of the hotel;
  • During the disco playing old music, which is not conducive to rousing dances;
  • Regardless of the number of people staying in the room at all given only one key.

Overall impression

Choosing to holiday resort Belek (Turkey), do not flatter yourself his five-star status. This is perhaps the most modest hotel of the entire network < / span>Flora . The first thing that catches the eye is the old interior (and it is outdated not only physically, but also mentally). Not everybody likes animation. In General the hotel is quite decent. Quality food, cleanthe sea and the well maintained green area create excellent conditions for a quiet vacation.. The convenient location makes the hotel an excellent starting point to explore local attractions.

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