How to get from Novorossiysk to Perm: methods, cost, characteristics of each vehicle


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If you look at the map, we can see that the distance between the cities of Novorossiysk and Perm is a straight line without difficult forks in the road. Transport between two points excellent. Both localities are on the territory of Russia. All of this suggests that you can easily get from one point to another. It is important to choose the right vehicle.

train Perm Novorossiysk

The hard way

The Most difficult way to overcome the route Novorossiysk – Perm – your own vehicle. This is due to the big distance between the two points. Will have to be more than a day, which, of course, is problematic for any driver.

Novorossiysk Perm

During the trip will have to cross the large towns, namely: Rostov-on-don, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Kazan and Izhevsk.

Along the way observed a qualitative way, it allows you to keep your vehicle safe.


If you want to quickly get from Novorossiysk to Perm this way, then on the road two drivers need to unite and in turn to drive a vehicle. If this is not possible, you need to think out all the stops, including the hotel overnight accommodation, cafes and toilets. You must print the map on paper and take with you the modern gadgets that can help ease the path.


The Exact cost of such a trip can count only the driver, given the road he will move the price of gasoline in the region and the fuel consumption of a vehicle.

The Most comfortable way

The Most comfortable way to travel is the train Novorossiisk-Perm. The stations are located right in the Central part of the city, respectively, can be easily reached by taxi, car or public transport. The total journey time is 2 days 12 hours. But this vehicle, this gap is not terrible, because in the train you can sleep, eat and walk.


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Perm Novorossiysk route

In the forward direction moves the route number 325E, it is preferred by all travelers. He goes there once in three days at 21:22. This time may change, so you should carefully monitor the information on the website of Russian Railways.

There are several options for transfers, but to move from one point to another in this way is unwise.


In the summer time increasing number of passengers wishing to travel in this way. It is recommended to make ticket purchase in advance. You can buy it in cash Desk of railway station of any city or on the official website.


The Minimum ticket price is 3500 rubles. This figure may increase depending on the place in the train. Child ticket can be purchased at a low price.

Fastest way

What you can get from Novorossiysk to Perm in just 11 hours? Only on the plane! Unfortunately, direct flights between these two points no. You can reach the appointed place only one way-runs in the city of Yekaterinburg. For many passengers, it may seem too long to stop that takes more than 5 hours. During this time, you can eat in the approximate cafes, sleep in the lounge or enjoy the local beauty.

Novorossiysk Perm schedule


It is Worth considering the additional time will be needed to get to the airport. The starting point is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Central part of the city. Fortunately, before them regularly serviced by public transport. Due to weather conditions the flight might be cancelled. Unstable is the schedule from Novorossiysk to Perm, you should Refine it, by calling to the administration of the company.


The Ticket for this kind of transport can only be purchased at the box office. It is recommended to do this no later than one week prior to departure. The approximate cost per person is 6700 rubles.

A list of the most unreasonable options

You Can guess that because of the large distance between Novorossiysk and Perm there is no direct flight bus. You can think of moving that way, but you will need to make more than five transfers. The total journey time is 36 hours. It will have to spend more than 3000 rubles.

To Use a taxi as silly, as few people agree to move in this direction, and if you volunteer there, then he will have to pay for the road in the two sides not less than 7000 rubles.

Novorossiysk Perm

It is estimated that about 50 days will be required in order to be able to walk from one point to another on foot. This method is completely no cost. However, hardly anyone dares to use it.

It is Recommended to overcome this distance by checked by many tourists vehicles: car, plane or train, they are the most reliable, comfortable and safe options.

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