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Exotic, beautiful and unforgettable country, which opened the way to the New World beyond the Atlantic – this, of course, Spain. To describe in one article all the attractions and features of this corner of the planet just unrealistic, so for the moment we restrict it to the hot regions where the warm sea and soft sand allow you to relax and forget about all the problems. Description of the resorts of Spain the right way to start with the famous Costa Brava, which is located on the Northern lands of the province of Catalonia.description of resorts in Spain

Translated Into Russian language is a beautiful name that sounds like “rocky”. Blue bays of the sea is bordered by high and picturesque cliffs, and the villages are located on hills and rocks. The only downside to this place is that the beach season here ends quickly, because already in late September, the air becomes cool, and the water in the bays is getting cold. Description of the resorts in Spain are located in Catalonia would not be complete without mentioning Barcelona – one of the largest cities in the country. In the summer here, every tourist will be able to fully enjoy a vacation and swim in the warm sea, and in winter it will be interesting to visit the main sights of the city.resorts Spain description

Moving South along the Mediterranean coast, worth to mention about the area called Costa Blanca, which is included in the category ‘best resorts in Spain”. Here the maximum number of hotels in which families from different countries prefer to relax with the kids. The dominant natural feature of the region are the Golden Sands that make the beaches of Costa Dorada a cosy and attractive.


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Accounting for a full description of resorts in Spain, we cannot forget the remote province, because they are the places where you can enjoy summer anytime of the year. Among these – the Balearic Islands, which are located near the East coast of the country in the Mediterranean basin. There is a large land with large cities and tiny Islands on which to retire and enjoy all the colors of nature away from the noise. It's funny that in this area is interwoven among themselves national tradition of Spanish ethnicity, which are full of diversity and energy, and the silence peculiar to the resorts Spain

Continuing the description of the Spanish resorts that are away from the country, “getting” to the Canary Islands. They have pride of place in the waters of the Atlantic. Infrastructure in the region developed at the highest level, the number and variety of hotels, shops, restaurants and other establishments will go crazy for any vacationer. So to find something that will satisfy, be able to every tourist. The main attraction in the Canaries is the black sand covering the resorts of Spain.

Description cannot be considered complete without Asturian beaches that are situated at the North of the country are washed by ocean Bay. Of course, warm weather is here only in the summer months, and it is in this period in this place is incredibly beautiful. The region has no large influx of tourists, so if you want to relax in peace and fully enjoy the traditions of this country, Asturias will always welcome you.

Description of the resorts of Spain does not end here, have a good time in this state can be almost anywhere. Main – to find the most suitable option and enjoy plenty of rest.

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