Tikhvin. The attractions of the ancient city


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The Town of Tikhvin is located in the Leningrad region. Its population (as of 2009-th year) is sixty-thousand people. Tikhvin, the attractions of which are known far beyond its borders, is one of the largest transportation hubs of the region. He is also a cultural and industrial center.

The Town of Tikhvin. Attractions. Monastery

The Tikhvin Uspensky monastery is an architectural object of great interest to all lovers of antiquity. Its construction begun under the decree of Ivan the terrible, was completed in 1560. The Holy cloister is located on the shore of the Tikhvinka – the local river. The main relic of the monastery-the icon of the Hodegetria Mother of God. It currently attracts many pilgrims. In 1943, the miraculous relic had been taken out by invaders in Pskov. The German soldiers gave it to the representatives of the Orthodox faith. Then, the icon visited Jablonec, Libau, Riga and Chicago. In 2004, the Shrine was returned to the monastery.Tikhvin sights

Tikhvin. Attractions. The house-Museum of N.. Rimsky-Korsakov

In 1844, the year the building was the birthplace of the great Russian composer. Unique building has survived to this day. At home, you can see how designed all the provincial noble estate built at the dawn of the nineteenth century. The building has the status of a state Museum. The staff of this scientific and educational institution engaged in restoration, research, acquisition and storage of materials included in the core Foundation connected with life and creative work of Rimsky-Korsakov.


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Tikhvin. Attractions. Ricanska chapel

The Building was erected in 1787 by the architect M. A. Shurupov. The building completes a four-sided tent with a bulbous cupola. Currently, a unique architectural monument open to the public. Now the building was renamed the chapel of Alexander Nevsky.the town of Tikhvin sights

Tikhvin. Attractions. “Veps forest”

The Territory of this natural Park protected by the state. It is situated on 190 hectares. Due to the existence of “Veps forest”, it becomes possible to ensure protection of this unique nature, a detailed study of the Vepsian culture and history, creating a comfortable recreational conditions. On the territory of this natural Park and research is an important element. Constantly organized programme on environmental education of locals and tourists.

No less interesting is the Museum “Veps forest”. The first part of the exhibition represents all that is connected with the nature Park. The second acquaints tourists with the lifestyles of people that inhabited these places many centuries ago. The Museum can only be accessed accompanied by a guide. The exhibition is located on the second floor of the local administration.map of Tikhvin with the sights

Map of Tikhvin sights and attractions includes another interesting place. It is a Museum located within the walls of mother of God monastery. In it tourists can find more than twenty thousand exhibits, which most fully characterize the culture and history of Tikhvin.

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