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With increasing levels of urbanization, more and more appears willing to go away for the weekend or on vacation away from the noisy, dusty city, from unnecessary conversations and a large number of acquaintances.Ozerninskoe reservoir

Away from the crowds

Where? Nature, in the woods, to the pond. For example, people who want a little diversion from routine work, it is his purpose to elect Ozerninskoe reservoir. It was created in 1967 by the dam on the river lake. Since this place is a favorite place of recreation for residents of the capital and suburbs, and it's no surprise. Clean air, forests and a large number of fish – a dream for the avid angler.

The reservoir Stretches for 29 km, its Width does not exceed 2 km, and a heavily indented Coast, there is a large number of bays. The depth map ozerninskoe reservoir suggests that the bottom is uneven. There are many shallow areas – not more than 3 m. the Maximum is 20 meters. And the average depth is 5-7 meters. The very bottom consists of clay, sand and silt.

What to do?

Construction of the dam was the beginning of the creation of fish farms. Here is populated by trout, carp, eel, Peled, carp, sturgeon, Bester. Of course, now hardly anyone can say for sure whether found in this pond these types, however, the fact that fishing here at any time of the year successful – it's a fact. Ozerninskoe reservoir allows the lovers of fresh fish soup to catch a white bream, pike, Zander, perch, roach, skimmers. That's the only fishing here is possible only under permits for a fee. In addition, there are some rules of control over execution of which is strict enough. For example, you can not bring live bait from other water bodies in the winter are allowed to have only 5 zherlits for one fisherman is not allowed the use of boats with gasoline engines.ozerninskoe reservoir, campingPerhaps it is because of such strict rules, the fishermen do not remain without a catch neither winter nor summer. So it's definitely worth to come to Ozerninskoe reservoir. The camping allows you to choose a place away from other tourists. While those who do not mind the society, and those who do not like the “wild” the rest can stay at the fishing camp “Romanize”. In General, you can rent a boat and to buy itself a ticket for fishing.


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Where the path-way keep?

If you talk about where Ozerninskoe reservoir to go to the West of the Moscow region. If you have your own car, it is necessary to send on Novorizhskoe highway. Turn Ruza and to go further in a straight line to the reservoir (near the village of Romanica).map of depths of the ozerninskoe reservoirIf my "iron horse" no, you can use public transport. By train from the Riga station to the item of “city” and there – by bus No. 37 to the stop “Romanize”. Or at the Tushino bus station to take bus 400 or 450, drive to Ruzy, change to 37, 30, or 5 bus and get off on the same stop “Romanize”.

In General, if you had a couple of days off, and you want to hold them for the benefit of soul and body, you should definitely go to the Ozerninskoe reservoir. Breathe in the fresh air, relax from the hustle and bustle and eat freshly caught fish.

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