What is the time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk?


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In this article you will learn what is the time difference Irkutsk and Moscow. In General, how to calculate time zones, and by what criteria? The article will briefly describe each of these cities of Russia, and also studied issues on the measurement of the time zones of the Earth.

Capital of Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia and a city of Federal significance. Every day here come millions of people to solve different questions: business, study - or just tourists from different Russian cities or foreign countries.

In Moscow, a lot of attractions. For example, the Red square, a UNESCO world heritage site. Or the Kremlin, which is surrounded by a brick wall, comprising twenty towers of various architectural forms.

Also notable places that you should visit in Moscow include the Ostankino tower. This TV tower height of 540 meters used for broadcasting radio and television programs. Besides, in Moscow it is necessary to see the State Department store (GUM), which is primarily one of the greatest monuments of Russian architecture of the 19th century.

Siberian city


Irkutsk is a city located in Siberia, with a population of over 623 thousand people. It also has its monuments with a unique style. For example, the 130-th quarter of the city is architecture of the 18th century, the period of the merchants. The building has been recently renovated, there are modern buildings.

Irkutsk oblast is primarily known for lake Baikal, which is located within its borders. It has the world's largest reserves of fresh water. The lake is very pure and contains many minerals. Baikal has a length of 636 km and the maximum depth reaches 1637 meters.


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lake Baikal

Also among the attractions of Irkutsk Museum of the Decembrists is allocated. On the territory of this cultural institution is located the house of the Decembrists-revolutionaries Trubetskoy and Volkonsky. They are represented by objects of everyday life of their families, in addition, it also hosts themed events - "Decembrist evenings".

What is the time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk?


Therefore, in accordance with the world standards for UTC time zones of these cities is equal to:

  • Moscow is UTC/GMT+3;
  • Irkutsk - UTC/GMT+8.

What does this mean? This implies that if travellers are going to go to the capital of the Irkutsk region, they must take into account that the time difference is 5 hours. That is, if Moscow is 15:00 hours, in the Irkutsk already eight o'clock.

Data that will calculate the time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk region, can be found on the Internet. There is a huge number of online calculators or converters that you will immediately calculate the difference in time between cities and even clearly show it as a clock.

As the distance between Irkutsk and the capital of the state, it is about 4.2 thousand kilometers, if you drive in a straight line. Of course, the quickest way is to fly on the plane. The flight time will be approximately 5 hours 20 minutes. Unless, of course, the flight is straight and direct.

flight Moscow - Irkutsk

Every day from Moscow to Irkutsk travel several flights of various airlines such as "the Fleet", "Ural airlines" and others. When buying, be aware that the ticket price will be lower if you book it in advance (one or two months). The next flight cost is higher, and if direct tickets are not, you will have to go with transfers, and this additional time. For example, a flight with a stopover in Krasnoyarsk will take 15 hours!

If the traveler will travel from Irkutsk to Moscow, the time difference the flight will be 40 minutes. Simply put, if people will fly in, arrive at 1:40, but by Moscow time.

So the time zones of these cities: UTC/GMT+3 and +8. In General, what do these abbreviations - UTC, GMT? Consider this question further.



UTC and GMT is the world standard by which we count time. On Earth there are many time zones, you must standardize. To do this, and need some point of reference. So, for example, and calculated the time difference between Moscow and Irkutsk.

Earlier it was used only GMT or the Prime Meridian. He passed through the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London. Since this scale is uneven and depends on the period of rotation of the Earth, in 1970 it was decided to introduce a new standard (UTC), which was more convenient to use and measure time. UTC in English means Universal Coordinated Time.

Now UTC is coordinated universal time. All software use this standard instead of the deprecated Greenwich mean time (GMT).



So the time difference Moscow and Irkutsk region, and more specifically the city of Irkutsk is 5 hours. Or +5 hours, if you look from the point of view of residents of Siberia. Time zone standard UTC or GMT. However, GMT, or Greenwich mean time, operated until 1970. After switched to Universal Coordinated Time, as the most accurate and uniform. Although now the GMT indicator quite often is used, for example, manufacturers of watch movements.

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