Beautiful Sicily. Resorts and attractions


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Sicily is one of the largest Islands in the Mediterranean. From the Italian mainland it is separated by a narrow Strait. The island is washed by three seas and surrounded by smaller Islands on all sides.

The Mild climate, stunning nature, ancient architecture, wonderful local cuisine attract travelers from around the world to the resorts of Sicily. On the island there are many places that are worth visiting, having been here.

Sicily tourismSicily is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the mafia. Despite the fact that it is a long time in the past, local residents are happy to support the necessary atmosphere. Many restaurants, cafes or eateries in their names mention of belonging to the mafia. Sicily, resorts which are famous all over the world, it becomes even more mysterious and alluring. Small town of Corleone is considered the main place, where is the mafia.

There is Hardly a man to not hit Sicily. The resorts of this island beckon with beautiful beaches where you can spend the holiday. When choosing a hotel, you must pay attention to the views of the coast. In some places the sand predominates, somewhere pebbles or rocks. Hotels in Sicily is mostly home, cozy and very welcoming.

Besides beaches, the best resorts in Sicily ready to offer travelers a rich excursion program. Depending on the interests and preferences you can choose an active holiday or sightseeing. The main cities that you must see on the island - Palermo, Siracusa, Agrigento. For young people and companies perfect town of Taormina. This place is considered the most cheerful and noisy, which can not fail to please active and cheerful young people. For families with children are more suitable options - Agrigento, resorts of Sicily


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Sicily, tourism which does not leave anyone indifferent, also the famous mount Etna. It is a magnificent structure of nature is one of the jewels of the island. Some travel companies offer trips to the volcano. When planning this stop, you need to pay special attention to security and the necessary level of training.  

A Lot of great things attracts tourists of Sicily. Tourism, architecture, nature and one of the main features of the local cuisine. About the magnificent food of the Italians become legend. No trip here will not pass without gastronomic delights and tastings. The local cuisine is very diverse. It is supplemented by various products and plants which were brought here from nearby countries: Greece, Spain, mainland Italy and Africa.

resorts in Sicily on the map

The climate of the island allows you to grow tangerines, spices, melon, eggplant and sugarcane. Sicily, resorts which is surrounded by three seas, is famous for its seafood and fish. One of the most beloved and popular swordfish. Kitchen Sicilians are also rich in a variety of pastas, meats, variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, sweets. In Sicily be sure to try the tasty local ice cream.

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