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What are the airports of Kazakhstan? In what cities are they located? These and other questions we will consider in this article. The Republic of Kazakhstan located in the center of Eurasia. It borders with many powers such as Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest in the world and second among the CIS countries. So many interesting to know how many airports in this country.

Despite the fact that Kazakhstan is home to about 18 million people in this country, there are 36 international and domestic airports.

Transnational airports

airports in Kazakhstan

Tourists are incessantly interested in the airports of Kazakhstan. International airfield is considered to be those air gate, where the service and are accepted worldwide transport and customs control point. Transnational Yaroslav Kazakhstan is located near the following cities:

  • Aktau;
  • Shymkent;
  • Almaty;
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk;
  • Astana;
  • Atyrau;
  • Uralsk;
  • Aktobe;
  • Kokshetau;
  • Petropavlovsk;
  • Karaganda;
  • SEMA;
  • Taras;
  • Baikonur (Extreme);
  • Kostanay;
  • Pavlodar.

The largest airfield

Airports of Kazakhstan – amazing buildings of the present time. The terminal of Almaty is the largest in the whole country and listed as the Central terminal of multinational Kazakhstan.

He started to work in 35 year of the XX century and today it receives about 5 million tourists a year, and the day performs nearly 250 runway action. The best air hub among the powers of the CIS, he became in 2012. Today, the air Harbor features two of the latest landing strips, which can accept any type aircraft and are also equipped with innovative technology.


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airports in Kazakhstan city

The Airfield is situated 15 km from the centre of the city, so here incessantly buses. From early morning until late at night through an area of railway parade passing approximately seven routes heading to all parts of the metropolis.

The airport has a taxi rank that is available.

Metropolitan airfield

So, we continue further to consider the airports of Kazakhstan. The airfield Astana, began his career in the 30-ies of the last century with a small square fields with mud brick home of 8 rooms, today is the second busiest in the state, serving for a year about 3.5 million souls. The airfield is equipped with a single runway, but is able to take all kinds of sides, and a day to send to foreign countries, not counting regional flights, more than forty flights.

Airport Astana (Kazakhstan) is famous for the fact that here more than 14 airlines operate regular flights. The infrastructure of the terminal and the terminal meets international standards, and travelers who choose this airfield will always feel comfortable and cozy.

Airfield Aktau

The airports in Kazakhstan? Of the city, near which they are located, are in different parts of the country. So, a small industrial city of Aktau located in the southwest of the Republic in Mangystau region. Although it occupies about 200 thousand souls, transnational airfield located 20 km from the city center, receives four times more visitors a year than in the lives of people.

 airport Astana

The Activity of the terminal with the end of 2007, took control of Turkish investors, which increased the number of airlines and flights, and also significantly influenced the internal mechanisms.

Today, the heavenly berth accepts:

  • Two carriers of the Russian Federation: “Tsentr-Yug” and “Aeroflot” with flights to Samara and Moscow;
  • Three well-known Kazakh airlines – Bek Air, Air Astana and SCAT performing regular flights to Tbilisi, Istanbul, Baku, Yerevan and major cities of the Russian Federation, and domestic transportation;
  • AZAL (Azerbaijan) with direct flights to Baku;
  • Ukrainian UIA on the route Kiev-Borispol and Baku.

The Airfield is classified as B, may make the Il-76, Boeing-747, the so-called "Ana", including light types of boards along with all types of helicopters. There is also a Kazakh military aircraft, protecting the Western frontiers of their Empire. Urban transport service of the territory of the air Harbor there.


You have landed at the airport in Kazakhstan? In which city is it located? And yet it doesn't matter, because all the great Yaroslav of Kazakhstan. Consider the airport of Aktobe, located near the Central streets of the metropolis of the same name, located in the Western part of the country. Here, the annual flow of travelers not more than 400 thousand souls.

airport in Kazakhstan in which city

From 2004 to date, being phased upgrade of the terminal building together with a landing strip.

The Underlying stream of regular flights fill up 4 of the carrier of Kazakhstan on domestic lines, as well as to Turkey and Moscow. Continually accepts two RF carrier on the route to Moscow, Azerbaijan carrier Silk Way Airlines with flights in Xinzheng (China) and Baku.

Other airports

Civilian terminal Petropavlovsk in Kazakhstan conducted after two years of reconstruction can serve any typesAirliners. He takes regular flights only from the capital of the Republic-Astana. In the Eastern region of powers there are two transnational airfield – in the cities of Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk. Both airports served by regular flights within the country and external flights to Antalya, Moscow, Novosibirsk.

Airfield complex Sary-ARKA is 20 km away from the regional and industrial center of the Karaganda region-Karaganda city. Considered one of the largest air gates of the Republic, designed for a throughput of 1,200 people per hour.

In the European part of Kazakhstan is the so-called oil capital – metropolis Atyrau. From here are regular departures not only over power, but also in Istanbul, Moscow, Amsterdam and Baku.

6 km from Baikonur on the lands of Kyzylorda oblast hosted airfield serving the spaceport and included in the list of state register of civil aerodromes of the Russian Federation.

And ethnic Shymkent airport, located in the South of Kazakhstan, today, after a number of updates meets all world requirements for the year and receives more than 440 thousand travelers that arrived on all types of boards.

If you wish to visit this country, try to choose the most convenient route in advance!

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